An Exploration of why you ought to, and why you should not think about a career in Info Technology

This video explains what soft expertise are necessary in details technology (IT) careers.

30 Responses to “Careers in Information Technology”

  • andrewbates1985:

    Great video, thanks a lot!

  • princessjo32962:

    ur a cool guy

  • carlosT3000:


  • danialbrnd:

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  • Allina277:

    I love how there’s so many fields you can choose from. I always wanted to learn everything I can about technology and how things work.


    @coolpilot2001 Why thank you kind YouTuber.

  • coolpilot2001:

    @VOLVORULEZ1995 if i ever meet up with them ill be sure to kick them in the testicles for you.

  • pakistani0keera:

    Wht should i be a programmer or wht
    nd r u tokin abt 70,000 bucks per year or a month??


    Yeah, so, they phone him saying he’s got it. And send me a fucking shitty little e-mail saying you aint got it. AFTER 4 FUCKING WEEKS!!!!!!! So if you do apply, just say “Oh, by the way, I’m going on holiday for 1 week to Dubai, but when I come back, give me the job and fuck everyone else”.
    I hope their business goes bust. That is all.


    If anyone here heres of a IT business called “Northgate IS Solutions”, do not apply!
    They are a waste of fucking time. I was in an interview for an apprenticeship to work there, and some one i knew went on holiday (He missed the interview), I go in, get it over with… I’m still wating 4 weeks later. The person I know comes back, he comes back from a nice holiday, decidedthat was more important than the job. He gets the fucking job. Then they phone him saying he’s got it (READ NEXT COMMENT)…

  • andrew8833:

    I haven’t had enough lol, it’s really good stuff!

  • andrew8833:

    @GhostShadowXII Not really I would say myself, information systems is its own area of discipline, I mean Information systems is more designing databases, knowing what systems to use to store information.

    But they all follow the same general area, using information(data), processing it and then presenting that in a more informative way, that’s all IT is, Information Processing Technology (should be called IPT I think).

  • GhostShadowXII:

    Is information technology and information systems basically the same thing? Does it matter which degree you have when applying for an IT job?

  • love83forever:

    What about consulting/ project managent???

  • CutaiaRoxyay116:


  • tymfelton:

    p.s. I’m still with you after your long “diatribe”. lol. your videos are very entertaining.

  • tymfelton:

    Sir, thank you the video. I love what you say about people who want to get into the business just to make money… you have to love what you do to truly do it well. It seems obvious, but I’ve even had college professors who don’t love information technologies. Where we may differ is that I love Microsoft, and I love programming. I don’t know much about Lynix. Ha, I don’t even thing I’m spelling it right. ever play doom?

  • gina4sho:

    What area did you get your BS, BA, or MS in? Information Technology or Computer Science?

  • ventsintheedge:

    Good stuff, thanks!

  • anawa083:

    Thank’s for your post and to everyone I’m finnlay decided to presue a carrer in IT but i wasted 10 years of my life in hospitality management and wondered what you guys thinsk of itt tech. I’m 33 years old and and I can only give my self 2 years to commit 90% on education before i have to find a job. If anyone has any info or advise I thank you kindly.

  • albeanmagz19:

    when you know Unix, its.. nothing.. haha I love that!

  • elr456:

    @ILikeExoticStuff Does learning IT require being very good with math? What type of degrees do you need to make a decent salary?

  • 93lds:

    5:02 He sais lolol. LOL

  • MrMariolithgow13:

    well am thinking for college in information systems of course information technology!!!

  • captain1morgan:

    Great video — IT is a great career choice. On top of having good technical skills, you will also need to be a good communicator…

    - Dr. Jim Anderson
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    Your Source For Real World IT Management Skills™
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