www.reachd.com Rodney Bartlett interviews Google’s Matt Cutts at Pubcon 2007 in Las Vegas. Matt had some outstanding guidelines for modest business owners and answered a couple of great questions.
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President Obama speaks about the key role tiny enterprise plays in moving the American economy forward and the steps his Administration has taken to aid modest businesses grow and hire new workers in the course of a check out to Woonsocket, RI. October 25, 2010.

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    How interesting to create a video 4 years ago that is still relevant! Google is consistently ahead of the game.

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    How many advisors has Obama gone through in the past 2 1/2 years? Obama is done. Double dip recession coming soon!!! None of his economic advisors have never owned or ran a businees. They have no idea what they are doing. Say hello to government cheese, long unemployment lines, more food stamps and welfare. The middle class is done. China dumped 97% of US government t-bills this week. They know Obama is a joke.

  • MrAppleseed88:

    @cristoretornebiblia total bullshit. that is the kind of shit an fucking banker would say.

  • cristoretornebiblia:

    @MrAppleseed88 It is more difficult for a big business to grow and spot opportunities due to its size, smaller businesses have more potential to make big changes and can also provide job growth.

  • legcaybegins:

    Obama links growth of the economy with small businesses. I think this is great and empowering. As a small business it is easy to not consider the value you can offer to others and the economy as a whole. This empowering can help for motivation.

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    Small business is a waste. we dump 80% of our human resources into small business and it only produces 20% GDP. Big business produces 80% GDP with only 20% human resources. So it stands to reason to get the biggest bang for our buck invest in big business. We have to stop wasting resources that do not produce GDP

  • ruppertknickerbocker:

    @WordsofHarmony Don’t tell me what’s a good argument these Republicans and Democracts are sending your jobs overseas and allowing illegals come over here to steal your jobs and what does the idiots do they still do run around ra ra democrats or ra ra republicans. You idiots will keep doing it until your starving to death and I don’t believe you’ll catch on then.

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    obama is coolest american president

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    @ruppertknickerbocker um…bush jr didnt do much of anything…oh wait..he did…but not anything beneficial…not a good argument…


    @HetAppelMoesje~Are you High? He has no clue what to do….same goes for his staff. Start stacking up on canned goods, and water purifiers.

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    i love obama for real

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    Obama is great guy !

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    All good points that help out the local economy, well done mr. President

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    comment no 8

  • HoldGovtAccountable:

    11/02/10 The voters have spoken. Will Mr Obama and those in congress listen?

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  • uarecheap:

    Both the republican party and the democratic party are run by the same people. Buch was a puppet for big corporate intrests, now Obama is. As George Carlin would say ‘The Government Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You’

  • Athruebelief:

    @ruppertknickerbocker You got a lot of nerve. Far as im concerned your generation has been here long enough to figure out the problems and fix them. Yeah i could see that reaganomics is the answer to all our problems! See reaganomics is part of the problem,and the solutions of the conservatives,to let the viscious cycle continue again. Im sick of all the conservative made recessions. The only real answer is to pull out the Theodore Roosevelt stop to kill the cycle!

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    @Athruebelief Bush Jr got a dot com busted economy from Clinton and it didn’t take him two years and the reason most people forgot it is that Bush Jr didn’t take two years and just cry about it.

  • Athruebelief:

    I just have to say I am appalled at how conservatives today throw around words like socialism, communism, marxism, fascism, etc. etc., using them all interchangeably to mean anything they don’t like or anyone they disagree with. What this really shows me is that right wing talk radio doesn’t really inform or educate people, it only serves to make them more ignorant than they were before!

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