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EconMovies explain economic concepts through movies. In this episode, I use Indiana Jones to introduce the demand, supply, equilibrium, and shifting the curv…
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Global EPS Supply to Exceed 7.97 Million Tonnes in 2016, According to In-demand Report by Merchant Research & Consulting

London, UK (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

During 2010-2012, the global expandable polystyrene (EPS) production witnessed sustained growth, increasing from about 5.83 millon tonnes in 2010 to more than 6.33 million tonnes in 2012. In 2012, Asia ranked number one worldwide in terms of EPS production, with the regional production volume being estimated at over 3.87 million tonnes. In the same year, the combined EPS supply volume of the top five EPS producing countries (China, Germany, South Korea, the USA and Taiwan) stood at almost 4.2 million tonnes. Europe was the leading both EPS exporter and importer in 2012.

The world EPS production will likely follow an upward trend in the years ahead, spurred by the increasing demand for the product from its major end-use sectors, as well as new EPS capacity introductions. In 2016, the global EPS supply is anticipated to exceed 7.97 million tonnes.

Detailed analysis and forecast of world, regional and country EPS markets can be found in the in-demand topical research study “Expandable Polystyrene (EPS): 2014 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2018” drawn up by Merchant Research & Consulting and recently published by Market Publishers Ltd. The report provides a deep insight into the present situation and historical background of the EPS market; offers future industry forecasts; grants access to cutting-edge data showing EPS capacities, production, demand trends, exports and imports statistics, and regional price fluctuations.

Report Details:

Title: Expandable Polystyrene (EPS): 2014 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2018

Published: January, 2014

Pages: 372

Price: US$ 4,500.00

All-round analysis of the EPS market at global, regional and country scales supplemented with valuable data on the historical and actual industry performance is offered in the topical study. The report grants access to a detailed product profile for EPS encompassing essential details on the product properties and characteristics, major applications, manufacturing processes, etc. The study uncovers important statistics on EPS production/consumption, imports/exports and capacities, reviews the recent changes of the regional EPS prices. It illustrates the competitive scenario of the world and local EPS markets, gives profiles of the leading market participants and also presents details on the main EPS consumers and highlights the current conditions of the feedstock market. Additionally, the EPS market short-term future outlook, and a thorough discussion of the market growth perspectives are provided in the insightful report.

Report Scope:

    Granular product profile of EPS including necessary information on the product (properties, major uses, manufacturing process, etc).
    Significant data on EPS feedstock sector.
    In-depth analysis of the global EPS market with a complete set of the industry historical and current performance estimates.
    Statistics on EPS capacity, supply and demand.
    Holistic view at the foreign trade flows along with the recent regional EPS price changes.
    All-encompassing overviews of the key regional and country EPS markets with valuable information on EPS production, demand, exports, imports and capacities.
    Detailed illustration of the competitive landscape.
    All-round profiles of the major EPS producers and suppliers.
    Discussion of the EPS market perspectives through 2018.

More insightful research reports by the publisher can be found at Merchant Research & Consulting page.

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SMC³ Honored by Inbound Logistics for Providing Innovative Solutions that Empower Logistics, Supply Chain Excellence

Atlanta, Ga. (PRWEB) May 02, 2012

SMC³ announced today that it has been named a “Top 100 Logistics IT Provider” by Inbound Logistics magazine. “We welcome the recognition from this leading industry publication—one whose readers can benefit from SMC³’s comprehensive ground transportation solutions,” said Danny Slaton, executive vice president of business and product development at SMC³. According to the magazine, SMC³ was selected because its solutions work tactically to master supply chain transactions, as well as strategically to act as a change agent to drive the enterprise to more closely match demand to supply.

Every April, Inbound Logistics editors draw from a pool of more than 300 companies—using questionnaires, personal interviews and other research—and recognize 100 winning technology providers. “Our selections were based on how transformative logistics IT solutions impact all business activities and drive integration across internal processes, as well as external processes for vendors and customers,” said Felecia Stratton, editor, Inbound Logistics. “As shippers, carriers and 3PLs rely more heavily on the latest and most innovative logistics IT solutions, SMC³ continues to be flexible and responsive, anticipating customers’ evolving needs.”

About Inbound Logistics

Inbound Logistics is the pioneering publication of demand-driven logistics practices, also known as supply chain management. IL’s educational mission is to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and neutralize transportation cost increases by aligning supply to demand and adjusting enterprise functions to support that paradigm shift. More information about demand-driven logistics practices is available at

About SMC³

SMC³ is the leading provider of data, technology and education as an integrated solution to the freight transportation community. SMC³ delivers its core competency—LTL pricing expertise—through collaborative pricing technology that supports end-to-end, ongoing predictability in shipper/3PL-carrier relationships. Best known for its CzarLite®, Bid$ ense® and RateWare® solutions, the company serves more than 5,000 customers throughout North America, including shippers, carriers, logistics service providers and freight-payment companies. The company also partners with leading transportation software developers for complete interoperability. For more information about SMC³, visit

Media Contact

Jean Barnes

Director of Marketing


Office: 770-486-5823

Email: jbarnes(at)smc3(dot)com

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Write-up by Actual Estate Advisor

On any offered day, folks can simply uncover articles and news stories describing an impending bust of the so-called actual estate bubble. Regardless of this gloomy prediction, numerous experts think that the latest slowdown in housing will be a gradual and modest readjustment rather than sharp bust or decline. These specialists think that variables that lead to a sharp decline in the actual estate industry are just not present in the existing financial outlook. In reality, a current study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University noted that “despite the existing cool-down, the lengthy-term outlook for housing is vivid.”

The rise and fall of the true estate industry is topic to the forces of provide and demand, and these variables point to stable and positive growth in the genuine estate segment.

Provide Variables

Limited supply of true estate makes it scarce and usually pushes residence costs up. In contrast, an oversupply of real estate tends to place downward pressure on house prices. Regardless of the current slow down in the true estate market place, factors that impact restricted supply favor continued growth in the true estate industry. Some of these elements incorporate:

1. Builders have readjusted growth plans in regions that have an oversupply of new housing. Over time, any excess inventory is likely to be depleted and equilibrium accomplished amongst supply and demand.

2. The availability of land in specific regions, as nicely land use regulations and associated compliance costs will continue to restrict the supply of new properties.

DEMAND Aspects:

Housing located in regions with high demand tend to be more expensive than houses in regions with low demand. Factors that impact the demand for housing suggests a favorable lengthy-term housing outlook. Some of these factors incorporate:

1. No current evidence of considerable and across-the-board job losses forecasts of fairly low unemployment rates.

two. Long-term elevated demand for second properties, vacation homes and senior housing by infant boomers.

3. Extended-term elevated demand for entry-level houses by the youngsters of baby boomers.

4. Long-term elevated demand for entry-level properties by immigrants.

5. Extended-term increased demand for entry-level homes by second-generation Americans.

6. Forecasts that the outflows and inflows of the U.S. population in and out diverse regions will not considerably impact the general U.S. true estate housing marketplace.

7. Relative stability in interest rates.

8. Continued stability in extended-term property appreciation rates.

9. General, rising rate of wealth across all age groups.


In summary, strong household growth, general rising incomes and wealth, and a stable economy all bode properly for continued long-term growth in the real estate industry. Even though the overall housing outlook is favorable, affordability will continue to be a challenge, as wages, specifically in the lower income levels, have not kept up with housing expenses.

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