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Spirit Detox Himalayan Mineral Salt has Both Culinary and Homeopathic Uses

Bakersfield, California (PRWEB) November 19, 2013

If you’ve been trying to treat your high blood pressure with a low salt diet, wants you to know you might be doing the wrong thing. In a recently published article entitled “Want to Lower High Blood Pressure and Have Better Heart Health? Salt Isn’t the Enemy,” the team tackles one of the healthcare industry’s biggest myths.

According to the article, salt is not the culprit. In fact, the article claims that lowering or eliminating salt could actually harm the body over the long-term. Salt is actually essential for the body to function properly. The article states that salt-restricted diets can actually increase blood pressure.

The problem, rather than being a salt problem, is a processed salt problem, the article claims. Commercial table salt, which is processed and refined, is actually toxic to the body. Instead of eliminating salt altogether, people who are trying to lower their blood pressure should switch from iodized salt to natural salts, like Himalayan or Celtic salts. Derived from the sea, these have a positive effect on blood pressure and the body.

When asked about the addition of the article to the database, Albert Milligan, owner of, indicated “When we really started researching the truth about salt and blood pressure, we realized we had to share it with our readers. Too many people have been given false information.” offers quality pink Himalayan salts to help their customers boost heart health. The article joins the extensive selection of informative health and wellness articles available to readers.

About is an online retailer that sells health and wellness products that focus on natural solutions to today’s health and beauty problems. They provide education and support to their customers as well. For more information visit

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Video with Stock Market Updates Published by Absolute Wealth

Absolute Wealth and the Independent Wealth Alliance

Austin, ,TX (PRWEB) November 24, 2012

The latest market update video from was produced and published by John Carter, and it covers the various stock trends moving into the Thanksgiving weekend.

“We have now bottomed out and it’s time to retrace,” Carter said. “I actually do expect us to roll over and take out the lows, okay. Make no mistake, I do not think we’re going to make all-time highs here.”

Carter discusses some stocks that have held their numbers, and even rebounded after initial losses. He talks through the different ways traders can approach each separate play, and also covers gold and silver.

“The good news is, for you gold bugs, is that gold and silver will rally with the market,” Carter said. “Look for upward prices in stocks, gold and silver, through Thanksgiving week, including this Friday and potentially into early next week. But from there, I am looking for these markets to roll over and sell off, and potentially in a big way.”

Viewers can follow along with Carter as he browses through the stock numbers and data charts, and visually see the very movements and patterns he is talking about.

Comments and opinion sharing is encouraged through all of Absolute Wealth’s social media outlets, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages. Whether they agree with the content or not, Absolute Wealth knows that thoughtful and insightful comments always add to the conversation.

John F. Carter has investment expertise in his blood, growing up with a father who worked as a Morgan Stanley broker. After studying abroad and at the University of Texas, Carter worked as a financial analyst in the retail sector. In 1998 he became a full-time professional trader and later started to seek out other traders and post information online, which led to the launch of, as well as a Commodity Trading Advisor through Razor Trading. In 2006 he published “Mastering the Trade,” a best-selling book in its niche since its release.

Absolute Wealth is an expert team of real investors and advisors devoted to identifying winning strategies for exceptional returns. Members subscribe to the company’s Independent Wealth Alliance for professional investment analysis and recommendations on the latest market trends and progressions. For more information and subscription instructions, visit

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Argea’s New White Paper on Assessing Outsourcing Readiness in Mid-Marketplace Organizations Published On the internet at Outsourcing Venture

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) August 11, 2005 -

Argea nowadays announced the publication of Assessing Outsourcing Readiness in Mid-Market Firms in Outsourcing Venture’s particular on-line section on solving mid-marketplace challenges in outsourcing ( The white paper addresses the key elements of achieving organizational readiness in mid-market place firms for onshore, nearshore or offshore outsourcing. The paper is the most current in a continuous series devoted to outsourcing in mid-industry companies that Argea publishes in the print magazine and online portal of Outsourcing Venture, formerly identified as

There is growing evidence that most businesses have 1 or a lot more serious defects in their outsourcing implementation and management that are preventing them from attaining the full positive aspects which outsourcing is designed to deliver. Ram Iyer, CEO of Argea, said, “These defects are normally brought on by a poor state of readiness to begin outsourcing. In most circumstances, skill, resource and expertise shortages are to blame and these are specially typical in mid-market place companies. With the correct guidance, however, these companies can meet and even exceed the outsourcing performance of bigger firms.”

Businesses in this market sector have been usually underserved, each by outsourcing providers and specialist advisors that can successfully guide them by way of the outsourcing lifecycle. Mid-sized firms face at least a dozen special challenges compared to bigger enterprises and it takes specialized understanding to aid these businesses to successfully adopt and use outsourcing as a competitive tool.

“While outsourcing can uniquely solve company challenges and develop competitive advantage, it comes with risks. The info presented in Argea’s Outsourcing Readiness white paper presents essential risk-mitigation data and tactics for effectively achieving anticipated return on investment,” stated Kathleen Goolsby, editor of Outsourcing Venture magazine.

Outsourcing Venture is devoted to delivering insight into outsourcing and is committed to bringing the most timely and informative intelligence to the outsourcing community. Additionally, the company’s leaders are keen to transfer essential outsourcing knowledge and competency into the mid-market, which has been overlooked in outsourcing education. “We are pleased to have Argea as an alliance partner and proud to publish another Argea paper with strategic content material that is exactly what buyers of outsourcing services need to have to know,” stated Paul Grim, founder and publisher of Outsourcing Venture’s magazine and on-line portal.

About Argea

Argea’s Mission is to assist US-based businesses turn out to be more globally competitive by intelligently selecting and collaboratively integrating global resources and technologies to drive organization efficiency. Argea takes a practitioner-based approach to outsourcing, mainly making use of outsourcing practitioners with encounter at Fortune1000 firms that have firsthand knowledge of the nuances of profitable outsourcing. Argea supplies consulting and outsourcing management services across the outsourcing lifecycle. To uncover out how Argea can aid your enterprise, please visit our site at or email

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