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No Credit Check Auto Loans with Bad Credit and Guaranteed Approval up to $ 35,000 Now Offered by Complete Auto Loans

No credit Check Auto Loans

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Auto loan shoppers who need a no credit check auto loan can now find trusted dealers in their local area online through Complete Auto Loans. Instead of shopping dealer individually and dealing with the frustration of being turned down by multiple dealers, the nationwide lending resource makes it easy for people to get approved with a lender in their local area. The only requirement for approval is that applicants make at least $ 350 per week.

To get approved just fill out the secure online lending application below: – 60 second application

America’s favorite lending resource provides low interest rate loans to people with good credit, bad credit, and even no credit. Their unique lending experience can be provided due to the fact that they’ve been building their trusted lending network for years with dealers and lending institutions who have a history of provided high quality customer service.

Checking One’s Credit Score

Getting approved for a loan is just one of two necessary steps people with bad credit should take. One of the best ways for a person to improve their credit score is to buy a car and then track their credit history. This is why Complete Auto Loans provides applicants with an easy to use Credit Score tool that keeps users up to date on their latest score from all three of the top sources in the nation. A better credit score can save applicants thousands on their next auto loan or home loan. It just takes a minute to apply and people can literally save thousands on their next loan by working on improving their credit score.

Learn More about Complete Auto Loans

CAL is a Seattle based resource is fully dedicated to help its customers acquire national car and auto financing. They design and develop customized no credit auto and car financing, bad and good credit auto and car loans. Voted the best for “Quality Customer Service; Best National Auto Loans Service” by thousands of people, their finance experts focus in providing its customers information and various tools available for different auto loan offers, help them to choose the best that fits their budget as well as the related eligibility guidelines in detail.

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Gait Trainer for Toddlers Designed by Easy Walking Now Offered by

Elberton, GA (PRWEB) March 26, 2013, an online e-commerce company that sells rehabilitation and medical supplies, has joined into a distribution agreement with Easy Walking, Incorporated, to offer their Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer to a more comprehensive consumer marketplace. Headquartered in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, Easy Walking is the premier provider of the most unique and innovative sit-to-stand, ambulatory, full and partial weight bearing gait training walkers available on the market today. With a product line that includes solutions for children and adults, their Up n’ Go® and Up n’ Free® mobility devices come in a wide assortment of sizes and styles to suit everybody’s special needs.

As the leading standard in true gait development, the Up n’ Go® is a dynamic partial weight-bearing device specifically designed to improve specific problem areas such as balance, range of motion and lower extremity strength. The Toddler version helps young users develop and sustain proper gait, and assists them in safer sit-to-stand actions, while also allowing ambulation from a variety of positions. Assisted and supported transfer supplements the user’s own lower extremity strength, and enhances a sense of independence. Hands-free steering and support allows for better control, and a wide area of motion for the ankles, knees and hips leads to corrected gait. With support delivered above the user’s center of gravity, the Up n’ Go® not only partially lifts the user’s weight, but it also stabilizes the pelvis and trunk positioning, enabling dynamic balance and improved posture all while being comfortably and safely supported.

Compatible with most wheelchairs, chairs, beds and commodes, the Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer improves rehabilitation for patients with neurological and orthopedic disabilities and disorders. “We are excited to introduce more consumers to the unsurpassed quality and performance of the Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer from Easy Walking,” said Hulet Smith, OTR/L, MBA and CEO of Rehabmart. “Combining the best attributes of traditional gait trainers with partial weight-bearing lifters, this amazing new device offers the best of both worlds. With a plethora of features to further customize and adjust the Up n’ Go® to your toddler’s own specific requirements or to multiple users, this lightweight and easy-to-use equipment is perfect for use both at home and in facilities such as hospitals, rehab and therapy centers. We are proud to offer this and all of the cutting edge mobility products from Easy Walking to our customers at”


As an Occupational Therapist, the founder of Rehabmart, Hulet Smith, has the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to match the needs of his customers with the very latest innovative products in the field of medical supplies and rehabilitation equipment. As a parent of special needs children, he has a personal interest in finding the best products to improve the lives of those who are disabled and medically challenged. is committed to provide superior customer service, competitive pricing and exceptional product offerings.


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