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Acromag’s New 6-Channel Optocoupler and Interposing Relay Modules Monitor/Control High-Voltage Field Devices

Acromag’s new BusWorks® XT Series multi-channel optocoupler and interposing relay modules

Wixom, Michigan (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

Acromag’s new BusWorks® XT Series multi-channel optocoupler and interposing relay modules connect discrete field devices to measurement & control system I/O modules. The XTA-120V-6 optocoupler modules have six individually isolated 120V AC/DC digital (discrete) inputs to sense on/off levels and provide 5-32V DC logic outputs to a fieldbus input module or a controller. The XTA-MRNO-6 interposing relay module receives 4-32V DC logic-level signals from an output module or controller to switch six mechanical relay outputs. These two high-voltage relay interface modules offer a high-density, cost-effective solution to safely monitor or control inductive and other high-power loads (motors, valves, solenoids, etc.) with control system input/output modules that only support low-level DC signals. Pricing starts at $ 150 for the mechanical relay output module and $ 180 for the optocoupler input module.

“These multi-channel discrete contact sensor and relay output modules offer a safe, isolated interface between high-energy field devices and sensitive control system I/O modules,” explained Don Lupo, sales and marketing director of Acromag’s process products group. “By adding optocouplers and relays, you can use PLC, DCS, or remote I/O modules with 5-24V logic circuits to operate 120V AC/DC contactors.”

The XTA-120V-6 six-channel optocoupler is intended for use with control system digital input modules to monitor contact closures or mains power supply on/off voltage levels. Each channel senses the presence or absence of high-level voltage to determine the status of proximity switches, limit switches, toggle switches, push buttons, contacts, and other devices. Opto-isolators control a mosfet switch for a TTL-level output to safely interface the status of the monitored device.

The XTA-MRNO-6 six-channel mechanical relay is used with digital output modules to drive high energy loads. This unit serves as an interim digital interface to switch high voltage devices at high currents based on digital DC logic inputs. Each output has normally open Form A mechanical relay contacts (SPST-NO). LEDs on each channel indicate the output state for convenient troubleshooting.

Both modules can drive audible or visual alarms. Common uses involve operation of stack lights, bells, whistles, lights, and horns. While the XTA-MRNO-6 is intended for switching AC/DC inductive loads at high currents, the XTA-120V-6 is designed to drive low-current devices such as solid-state relays, LEDs, relay coils, solenoids, and incandescent lamps.

An innovative housing design is only 22.5mm wide and features removable front-facing terminal blocks for easier wiring. All units run off a 12- 32V DC power source at the terminals or through an integrated power connector bussed along the DIN rail that can provide primary or redundant power. Fail-safe operation is supported. Suitable for use in harsh environments, modules operate from -40 to 85°C with 1500V AC isolation and surge/transient protection. They can also withstand 25g shock and 4g vibration. CE and UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2 Zone 2 hazardous location approvals are pending.

About Acromag

Acromag has designed and manufactured measurement and control products for more than 55 years. With a headquarters near Detroit, Michigan and a global network of sales representatives and distributors, Acromag products are sold worldwide. They offer a complete line of industrial I/O products including process instruments, signal conditioning equipment, data acquisition boards, distributed I/O modules, and network communication devices. Industries served include manufacturing, water services, power generation, mining, defense, and transportation.

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PD-LD Introduces New LS-1 and LS-2 VBG®-Stabilized Benchtop Modules

Pennington, NJ (PRWEB) January 22, 2012

PD-LD, Inc. is pleased to formally announce the introduction of the company’s new LabSource series of benchtop laser sources. Two models are at present accessible. The 1st, the LS-1, attributes a single Volume Bragg Grating®-stabilized laser source and the second, the LS-two, attributes dual laser sources that enable it to execute a assortment of distinctive tasks, e.g., dual wavelength light therapy, specialized analytics, etc.

These modules supply a handy, customizable solution at a manageable price tag point. “The modules supply an outstanding performance to cost ratio and a variety of wavelength alternatives, extending their prospective applications beyond spectral evaluation,” said PD-LD CEO Vladimir Ban. Each the LS-1 and LS-2 include integrated drive circuitry and computer software, generating them simply integrated with existing laboratory instruments, and with user-friendly interface and ergonomic style, they offer you rapid set up and ease of use.

“Our style team paid distinct attention to the feedback and input received from our client base and marketplace study in producing this unprecedented instrument” said PD-LD president Uri Abrams. “LabSource has created a quantum leap in design, functionality and the sort of user interfaces supplied as common, far surpassing any comparable products presently obtainable on the market place.” Abrams continued, “ The LS2 model is particularly developed to enable the application of SERDS techniques outlined in our most recent US patent number 7,982,869. We are extremely optimistic about the close to term prospects this new product line gives towards our growth. We already have many units in the market place and our operations group is diligently working on fulfilling the increasing demand for these units.”

The LS-1 contains a single stabilized laser source, although the LS-two functions two closely-spaced dual laser sources –in lieu of a single source – which enables it to positively identify a far wider range of substances. Most notably, it can analyze and determine fluorescent substances that have previously proven challenging or impossible to determine or analyze by way of classic single-source Raman spectroscopy. The underlying dual-source technique, recognized as Shifted Excitation Raman Differential Spectroscopy, or SERDS, represents a significant development in the capabilities of Raman spectroscopy, particularly in field-based settings or in the analysis of natural and/or biological samples.

The LabSource modules are a major new development in PD-LD’s VBG®-based item line “These modules represent the very first completely turnkey VBG®-stabilized products to be offered in the marketplace. They are nicely-suited for customers who wish to have a total laser resolution, rather than working with a group of discrete parts” mentioned Tom DeBerardine, PD-LD’s VP of marketing and advertising and sales.

A lot more info about these modules and other PD-LD items and processes can be located at or

About PD-LD

PD-LD, Inc., a specialty photonic packaging firm, headquartered in Pennington, N.J. is a U.S. manufacturer and assembler of pigtailed and receptacle mounted fiber coupled laser diodes, LED’s, Detectors, high energy pulsed lasers and bi-directional devices for the optical communications, test equipment and medical industries. Named a single the fasted increasing technologies companies in N.J., PD-LD has also been quite successful in establishing a new Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology, with wide applications in a lot of branches of photonic industries. The company provides custom Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) components, VBG stabilized lasers and sub-systems for a variety of applications, which includes Raman Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Medical Instrumentation, High Power Lasers and Displays. PD-LD currently licenses the VBG® technology to other businesses active in the field. The technologies is protected by 20 issued patents, with much more pending. For more data, go to or

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Tom DeBerardine

Executive VP of Sales




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