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World Leaders in Alzheimer’s Innovation to Discuss Progress, Collaboration at DIA Annual Meeting

Horsham, Pa. (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

Without treatment, experts say, the number of Alzheimer’s disease patients worldwide is expected to almost double by 2025 to 34 million people—a startling realization that’s driving global forces to join together to advance research for the debilitating disease before it’s too late.

A number of innovative initiatives hold hope for a promising future in understanding Alzheimer’s, including new ways to implement genome sequencing in research, focus on much-needed support for caregivers and look for novel methods to improve clinical trials. These breakthrough efforts will be discussed on June 26 by U.S. leaders in Alzheimer’s research and regulation in three Advancing Alzheimer’s Innovation sessions at the DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Scientists are now focusing on the interaction of gender, genetic risk factors and biological markers of the disease. Harvard Medical School professors Dr. Rudy Tanzi, director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit of the MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease and recently profiled by The Boston Globe and cited as a “rock star of science” by GQ, and Dr. Reisa Sperling, director of the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, will join a panel of experts discussing collaboration to support research at Advancing Alzheimer’s Innovation: A Call to Action.

Tanzi, leader of the Whole Genome Sequencing Project, aims to propel research to identify the genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease—a vital step in discovering a therapy.

“We are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology to discover exactly how our genes determine susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease,” Tanzi said. “This panel will discuss how this key knowledge will pioneer novel drug discovery efforts and pave the future of Alzheimer’s research.”

Sperling is the principal investigator for the first-ever clinical trial aimed at older people who are at genetic risk of developing Alzheimer’s, but who have yet to show symptoms. Sperling will discuss the new era of prevention trials and the importance of studying the role gender may play in developing the disease. The three-year-long clinical trial, launching in November, will be made up of 1,000 older individuals and is funded jointly by the National Institutes of Health and Eli Lilly.

“It is critical to understand the interaction of risk factors and biological markers of disease pathology as we move forward with the trial,” Sperling said.

Adding to the discussion about innovative approaches to treating Alzheimer’s, Dr. Nicholas Kozauer, clinical lead for the Food and Drug Administration’s Division of Neurology Products, will address the need for a regulatory framework for pre-dementia clinical trials. In March, Kozauer published a compelling piece in the New England Journal of Medicine on the need for innovative approaches in trial design and selection as the drug-development community turns its sights on the early stages of the disease.

The session is chaired by Meryl Comer, president of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative, which just launched a $ 100,000 Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge to look at gender-based differences in Alzheimer’s. George Vradenburg, chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer’s, will discuss plans to use the G-8 to develop an international approach to address Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Below are the two other June 26 sessions focused on Alzheimer’s treatment and care:

Advancing Alzheimer’s Innovation: Patient Advocacy, Caregiver Support and Health Care System Impact at 1:45 p.m.

New initiatives are responding to the growing stress on caregivers and the need to help individuals remain independent for as long as possible. Robert Feeney, senior director of evidence-based reimbursement for Sanofi, will lead a panel of experts discussing the initiatives that prepare society for the proper care of Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. The forum will address best practices in delivery of care, whether in institutions or at home.

Advancing Alzheimer’s Innovation: Clinical Development Successes and Challenges at 4 p.m.

Only about 8 percent of drugs that treat diseases—including Alzheimer’s—affecting the central nervous system enter clinical trials and the U.S. market. Innovative approaches to clinical design are needed to advance the success rate of drugs that treat Alzheimer’s. Sperling, discussing the current landscape of Alzheimer’s clinical trials and lessons learned from past trials, will join executives from Eisai Inc., and Merck & Co., to address the challenges encountered in clinical development and recommendations in design to improve the success of clinical trials.

ABOUT DIA: DIA is a neutral, global, professional and member-driven association of nearly 18,000 professionals involved in the discovery, development and life cycle management of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and related health care products. Through our international educational offerings and myriad networking opportunities, DIA provides a global forum for knowledge exchange that fosters the innovation of products, technologies and services to improve health and well-being worldwide. Headquarters are in Horsham, Pa., USA, with offices in Basel, Switzerland; Tokyo, Japan; Mumbai, India; Beijing, China; Washington, D.C.; and Latin America. Visit our website at and follow DIA at: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest.



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Statement from Fix the Debt Small Business Leaders

(PRWEB) May 04, 2013

Members of the Campaign to Fix the Debt small business coalition – including the National Small Business Association, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Minority Business Roundtable, and Women Impacting Public Policy – reacted to the April jobs report.

“On Friday, the federal government released the April jobs report. Private-sector employers added 176,000 jobs in April, of which more than 40 percent were created by small businesses, according to initial estimates,” the organizations said in a statement. “While this growth in small business employment is encouraging, Washington has an opportunity to create even more new jobs – if our leaders can simply address our nation’s fiscal dysfunction.”

“Announcing a plan to shrink the deficit and put the debt on a downward trajectory as a share of the economy would provide greater confidence to our nation’s small businesses, and, as a result, provide the assurance essential for businesses to make the investments that allow for success,” continued the groups, who are part of a non-partisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path.

“Most importantly it would spur an increase in opportunities for small businesses to hire more workers and contribute to a stronger economy. We stand with the Campaign to Fix the Debt in its efforts to let our elected leaders know that inaction is no longer an option. For the sake of America’s small businessmen and -women, it’s time to fix the debt.”

The Campaign to Fix the Debt is composed of individuals from different social, economic and political perspectives who are united by a common belief that America’s growing federal debt threatens the future of the country and must be addressed.

The National Small Business Administration (NSBA) advocates on behalf of America’s entrepreneurs. A staunchly nonpartisan organization, NSBA’s 65,000 members represent every state and every industry in the U.S.

The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is the only national not-for-profit advocacy organization dedicated to expanding the economic opportunities and advancements of LGBT business community.

The Minority Business RoundTable (MBRT), a registered non-profit corporation, is a national membership organization for CEOs of African-American-, Hispanic-American-, Asian-American-, and Native-American-owned top-tier businesses, representing a variety of trades and industries.

The Voice for Women in Business in our Nation’s Capital, Women Impacting Public Policy, Inc. (WIPP) is a national nonpartisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women and minorities in business in the legislative processes of our nation, creating economic opportunities and building bridges and alliances to other small business organizations.

# # #

For more information on the Campaign to Fix the Debt, please visit

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UK Business Leaders Fear Email Attachments Damage Business

Cloud Direct

Bath, UK (PRWEB UK) 1 October 2012

1 October 2012: 40% of business leaders fear that a mistake with email attachments could lose clients, according to the report: Fatal Attachments, published by Cloud Direct™ today. 54% of businesses say that a serious mistake would damage their business’ reputation, with 8% confirming they have already lost a client or sale as a result of email attachment errors.

The study also found that 36% of employees in the UK admit to wasting up to 10 minutes each day, or 43 hours a year, as a result of the hazards of email attachments, with 8% wasting on average between 10 and 30 minutes on a daily basis.

The study of over 230 UK business professionals found that the top five hazards of email attachments are:

1.    Files too large to send 50%

2.    Receiving an email without an attachment 48%

3.    Forgetting to attach a document 44%

4.    Not being able to open an attachment 38%

5.    Not being able to access an attachment on a mobile device 31%

Geoff Dowell, time management expert and executive coach at Dowell Consulting said: “Many people find themselves in high pressured work environments where they have to prioritise urgent tasks. Sharing information is simple in theory but it can actually be the time constraints that cause high levels of stress. Utilising new technologies to tackle a problem such as this can make our lives easier and our work life more efficient. Taking such small steps can often have a big impact on improving a company’s development.”

Will Rowley, technical engineer at Cloud Direct explains: “ email attachments clearly cause businesses multiple problems, but companies are not addressing the issue. Having efficient access to files anywhere, anytime in a secure environment is now possible and can save businesses time and money. With our new solution, Cloud Direct : ABC, we’re offering businesses a simple tool that makes sharing files both easy and secure and eliminates the perils of attaching files to emails.”

Cloud Direct : ABC is a business tool that eliminates the hassle of email attachments by enabling companies to access files at any time and on any device including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac’s. The solution simplifies the way companies share information whilst ensuring documents are secure and only available to the right people.

Files are synchronised in real time across all their computers and all their critical files are backed up giving central access to restore and access those files offering a complete solution to access, backup and collaborate on files.

Notes to editor:

The industry survey was undertaken by Cloud Direct : ABC in September 2012.
230 business professionals were interviewed
A full list of the survey results is available in the Fatal Attachments report published by Cloud Direct : ABC. Please find the report here.


About On Direct

On Direct has a 15 year history of providing cloud services to business. It only uses cloud-based solutions as it believes in the efficiency and effectiveness these bring to customers. The company delivers solutions that are enterprise-class yet affordable for even the smallest business. These solutions are then wrapped in multi award-winning service.

On Direct provides services across its four brands:

‘Backup Direct’ – Protecting business data in the cloud. Fully automated and secure online backup with disaster recovery.
‘Voice Direct’ – Providing telephone systems to UK business using the latest feature-rich power of VoIP systems.
‘Coms Direct’ – Providing managed connectivity to UK business which is highly secure and available.
‘Cloud Direct’ – Enabling businesses to work in the cloud. A range of hosted services, collaboration and virtual environments.

Each solution is secured from end-to-end, with 24x7x365 UK based support included, so customers can trust every aspect. On Direct makes things easier for the user and more profitable for the business.

Media Contact:

Champion Communications

+44 207 637 2587


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Marketing Experts and Leaders from Top Performing Automotive Dealership Groups Share Successful Digital Sales and Marketing Techniques

Wayne Ussery, Jim Ellis Automotive

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Marketing expert Phil Sura of UnityWorks Media, and three of the most effective dealership leaders in the country, Wayne Ussery, Internet Director for the Jim Ellis Group, Lonnie Decker, chief marketing officer for The Auto Gallery, Potamkin Automotive Group, and Kevin Mize, dealer principal for O’Hare Honda and O’Hare Hyundai, are sharing their expertise with automotive dealers and managers.

As Internet sales and marketing directors, Ussery and Decker do a tremendous job driving unique visitors/visits and conversion rates, selling units and making their dealer groups some the highest performers in the country.

Mize believes that the Internet and a strong digital focus are a requirement for success and he saw the importance of transforming his operation to a digital focused dealership out of necessity, as his dealerships are not located on an automotive row.

Phil Sura and these dealership leaders are sharing their expertise with dealers and managers who will have the opportunity to take away specific concepts that can be implemented at their dealership that will help them to drive stronger results!

What will dealers and managers learn and what action items will they take back to the dealership?

Learn about driving unique visitor count to the website.
Learn how to drive visibility with both organic and SEM focuses. Learn about the role mobile can play.
Learn how to leverage video to drive website conversion and organic search results.    
Learn about processes to get the entire sales team involved with embracing the digital space.

Phil Sura started the automotive division of UnityWorks Media, a web video company supporting over 1,500 automotive dealers. UnityWorks Media is recognized as the video pioneer in the automotive space. Sura previously worked as a general manager for one of the top 100 Ford dealerships and spent 13 years with Pat Ryan and Associates. Sura has been a regular contributor to Digital Dealer magazine and always receives top scores when he speaks at Digital Dealer Conferences. His Best of the Best panel discussions provide a chance for the audience to hear from some of the top producers in the nation.

Lonnie Decker is the chief marketing officer for The Auto Gallery, Potamkin Automotive Group, selling Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche and Audi in Los Angeles. Decker is also the general manager for the Lamborghini operation, which allows him to test digital concepts at one location before rolling them out across all dealerships. He started his career selling cars and has also worked for Mercedes Benz Corporate. In his current position, Decker’s focused approach has accomplished the following: monthly unique visitors went from 9,000 to 60,000, profits doubled and sales increased 150 percent.

Kevin Mize is the dealer principal for O’Hare Honda and O’Hare Hyundai. He is the past Chairman for the Chicago Auto Trade Association and currently serves on an E-Business subcommittee for Acura and Honda USA, which focuses on identifying e-commerce initiatives that are producing results. Mize has embraced digital technology by using traditional media (radio) to drive customers to his website and leverages video to drive both organic searches with Google and website conversion. He thrives on testing the newest ideas from a digital perspective to see which ones produce great results and his team does a great job of vetting new concepts, calling for references and tracking results. Mize doesn’t rely on anyone to figure out the Internet – he’s a student of it!

Wayne Ussery started the Internet team for the Jim Ellis Group 14 years ago. Since that time they have moved from zero to over 675 Internet sales monthly. Ussery accomplished this by driving 100,000 unique visitors to the website each month while managing SEO. He is very progressive with utilizing video applications to drive organic search and website conversion. Ussery does a tremendous job tracking metrics so that he can evaluate which initiatives are producing results. The Jim Ellis Group is recognized as one of the strongest e-commerce dealer groups in the nation.

Phil Sura will be moderating a panel discussion with Lonnie Decker, Kevin Mize and Wayne Ussery for dealers and managers on successful digital sales and marketing techniques at the 13th Digital Dealer® Conference & Exposition, October 23-25, at The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV.    For more information about Phil Sura’s dealer panel and other speakers, visit:


Dealer Communications is the leading multi-media information source for franchised automotive dealers and managers. Connecting with franchised automotive dealers and managers over ten million times per year, Dealer Communications publishes the monthly print and online editions of Dealer magazine and Digital Dealer magazine. Online weekly newsletters include Dealer; Digital Dealer; Dealer Fixed Operations; Dealer Pre-Owned; Dealer F&I, and Dealer Sales and Marketing. Dealer Communications also offers the Digital Dealer Webinar Series, with online presentations throughout the year. To see all that Dealer Communications offers, visit:

Dealer Communications also owns and operates the Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition, the premier educational conference and expo dedicated to Internet and technology solutions for automotive professionals. Digital Dealer events deliver the largest array of speakers, peer to peer opportunities, and exhibit hall offerings – all carefully designed to impart cutting edge business strategies. With an audience of the industry’s most progressive dealers and managers and the most innovative conference format, Digital Dealer provides the ultimate learning and networking environment.

The 13th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition will be held October 23-25, at The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. There will be new Digital Dealer Learning Labs, Digital Dealer Innovation Hours, a new Digital Dealer Peer Networking Roundtables dinner, more than 100 workshops, over 100 specialized technology solutions providers, and many more exciting new benefits. For more information, visit:

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Social Media Expert Kathryn Rose Will Join Nationally Recognized Speakers and Leaders at the Sixth Annual Massachusetts Conference for Females

Kathryn Rose Social Media Keynote Speaker

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 06, 2011

Social media professional and author, Kathryn Rose, will participate in this year’s Massachusetts Conference for Females Modest Business Bootcamp, along with speakers and leaders from a wide range of fields, which includes personal finance, business and entrepreneurship, wellness, function/balance and more. The Massachusetts Conference for Females features nationally recognized authorities such as Martha Beck, Mika Brezinski, Joe Scarborough and Tory Johnson and offers connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill creating for the more than 7000 attendees. The 2011 Conference will be held on December 7th and 8th at the Boston Convention &amp Exhibition Center.

“I’m thrilled to have been asked to participate in this potent conference which has created such a positive impact on the thousands of girls who attend every year,” mentioned Ms. Rose. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about the numerous positive aspects of social media and how, as company owners, it is increasingly becoming an indispensable catalyst for good results.”

The workshop, held as part of the Spark and Hustle Modest Business Bootcamp, entitled “Social Media: The No Cost Equalizer for Small Organization” will provide participants views on social media and suggestions and strategies for good results.

About Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose owner of Kathryn Rose Consulting is a social media keynote speaker, strategist, and trainer with clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporations, to tiny enterprise owners and entrepreneurs. Ms. Rose is the author of six books on social media advertising, which includes The Step by Step Guides to: Twitter, Facebook, Seo/Video Advertising and Linkedin for Company and The Parent’s and Grandparent’s Guides to Facebook. She is a sought right after speaker and trainer on using social media for maximum on the web visibility and utilizing on the internet marketing and advertising and social media tools to create referral networks and to boost sales.

About the Massachusetts Conference for Women

The Massachusetts Conference for Girls provides connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill constructing for thousands of women every year. The 2011 Conference will be held December 8, 2011 at the Boston Convention &amp Exhibition Center

Given that the very first conference in 2005, this annual 1-day occasion has grown to attract more than 6,000 attendees and impact thousands of lives. Dozens of expert speakers lead workshops and seminars on the troubles that matter most to ladies, such as private finance, business and entrepreneurship, wellness, perform/life balance and far more. The Conference provides amazing opportunities for company networking, specialist development and individual growth.

About Spark &amp Hustle

The Massachusetts Conference for Women’s Spark &amp Hustle Tiny Organization Boot Camp will feature solo presenters, panel discussions, interactive exercises and structured networking.

Tory Johnson, founder of Spark &amp Hustle will lead a line-up of authorities and modest business owners who’ll open their playbooks to share the actual-globe tactics and methods that work. You’ll leave with fresh ideas and new contacts—what we call “BBFs” (enterprise very best buddies)—who’ll aid fuel your continued modest organization achievement.


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