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Software-Defined Radio Market to Reach $ 56.3 Billion in 2019; Military Sector Experiencing Highest Growth

(PRWEB) March 10, 2015

Wellesley, Mass., March 10, 2015 – BCC Research ( reveals in its new report on software-defined radios (SDRs), the market poses a promising future across all industry sectors. Between 2014 and 2019, the SDR market size will grow from $ 47.7 billion to $ 56.3 billion across the military and public safety communications sectors.

SDR is considered an important part of the wireless communications technology evolution and finds applications in satellite, transportation, commercial, government and public safety, and military industry segments. SDRs offer military and public safety communication systems a much higher degree of flexibility and upgradeability. With the use of SDRs, military and public safety communication systems no longer need to rely on hardware changes to implement a more sophisticated feature.

The military sector is a large SDR market segment that is experiencing high growth. An increasing number of armies and public safety organizations throughout the world use SDR solutions to meet their communications requirements. “A key market driver is the fact that SDRs enable different military units to communicate regardless of the frequency band or waveform that each particular unit employs for its communication requirements,” says BCC Research analyst Leonidas Sivridis.

In the cellular world, the market drivers for using SDRs tend to differ. There are fewer existing waveforms than military waveforms, and these waveforms are less spectrally diverse. In addition, commercial mobile operators are generally resistant to change. Most current cellular base stations, however, meet the wireless innovation forum’s SDR definition.

In SDR-enabled systems, key components of a radio that have traditionally been implemented in hardware are enforced in software. It has been an active research topic since the early 1990s, and the military has been at the forefront of this research.

Software-Defined Radio: Technologies and Global Markets presents the forecasts for the SDR and cognitive radio markets for 2014 through 2019 on volume and value basis. SDR is an enabling technology that can be used by various market segments. This report investigates the impact cognitive radio will have on each of the markets and forecasts growth in the commercial, government and public safety, and military industries.

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About BCC Research

BCC Research publishes market research reports that make organizations worldwide more profitable with intelligence that drives smart business decisions. These reports cover today’s major industrial and technology sectors, including emerging markets. For more than 40 years we’ve helped customers identify new market opportunities with accurate and reliable data and insight, including market sizing, forecasting, industry overviews, and identification of significant trends and key market participants. We partner with analysts who are experts in specific areas of industry and technology, providing unbiased measurements and assessments of global markets. Recently selected as the world’s greatest market research company, BCC Research is a unit of Eli Global, LLC. Visit our website at Contact us: (+1) 781-489-7301 (U.S. Eastern Time), or email

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Colorado Installs World’s Highest Zip Line at Royal Gorge Bridge &amp Park

World’s Highest Zip Line Ride will debut 2012 at Royal Gorge Bridge &amp Park, Colorado.

Canon City, Colorado (PRWEB) February 04, 2012

Rocky Mountain high brings on new meaning for Colorado, Spring 2012, as the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Canon City, house to one of the world’s highest suspension bridges, and hosting over 25 million visitors because 1929, installs its newest thrill seeker attraction, the Soaring Eagle Zip Line racing 1,400 feet over granite walls a thousand feet high.

The Soaring Eagle is beneath construction now according to Mike Bandera, Vice-President and Common Manager, and will be prepared for the public as early as the finish of April 2012. “We can hardly wait,” said Bandera. “We identified the excellent thrill ride that enhances the excellent experiences of the Royal Gorge Bridge &amp Park, and it is household-friendly.”

Sitting on the North side of the Royal Gorge Bridge, The Soaring Eagle Zip Line will be perched on a 1,000 foot granite wall. Two zip lines carrying two riders every single zip 700 feet over canyon walls from 1,000 to 800 feet above the Arkansas River, and then zip back at roughly 35 miles per hour. In contrast to a typical canopy type zip line tour, riders are secured into a “chair” that offers guests freedom of movement for the arms and legs.    

“It’s sister attraction, the Royal Rush Skycoaster, has had tremendous achievement at the park and has not only been a excellent organization decision, but an incredibly well-known venue with our guests, and the Soaring Eagle will be just a thrilling and common,” mentioned Bandera.    The Royal Rush has proven to be an internationally acclaimed thrill ride. Guests swing out from a 100 foot tower, and over the Royal Gorge, about 1,200 feet below. The Royal Rush and The Soaring Eagle are both additional pay attributes in the park.        

Stan Checketts, Soaring Eagle attraction designer, Logan, Utah, has produced numerous rides for the attractions industry safely thrilling more than 1 billion patrons globally. He stated, “the beauty of this ride is the fact that it really is a 1,000 feet up in the air, that in itself provides you a distinct perspective.” Checketts, creator of the Huge Shot on top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, mentioned “it’s the exact same principle as that ride, it is a great ride on the ground, but you put it a thousand feet in the air, and you’ve got a complete new dimension.”

“The gorgeous thing about the Soaring Eagle is you can ride with your date, or your grandchild side by side,” he mentioned. Checketts has installed numerous Soaring Eagles, and this will be the ninth in the world. “There is no doubt in my mind that this is the world’s highest Soaring Eagle!”

The Royal Gorge Bridge &amp Park is a all-natural attraction recognized for it’s majestic Colorado scenery given that 1929 when Canon City built the world’s highest suspension bridge. The attraction just an hour south of Colorado Springs is a single of the premier attractions in Colorado according to attendance records and longevity. The park also houses a single of the world’s steepest Incline Railways,and one particular of the world’s longest single-span Aerial Tram’s.     The park adds a dozen far more rides, shows, and attractions for the tourist season in this mountain setting which begins the last week in April. For much more data go to, or call 888-333-5597.


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