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The Staycation Camping Bug – Easy to Catch, Hard to Shake Off

(PRWEB UK) 31 January 2014

A cautious UK public is making the most of a poor financial situation and taking more ‘staycations’ in comparison with pre-recession holiday choices. What began as an enforced necessity, based on shallower pockets and an uncertain future, continues as a well-informed choice.

“There are signs of a more permanent shift in attitudes, with almost half the population (and 70% of staycationers) expecting that they will take more holidays in the UK than they have in the past,” according to online camping portal

UK holidaymakers already recognise camping’s big advantages: “In 2012, some 71 million bed nights were spent in caravans, tents and motorhomes by UK residents. This accommodation category is second only to hotels, and larger than the combined B&B, Guest House and built Self-Catering sectors, by domestic trips/bednights “- source: GBTS (Great British Tourist Survey).

World of Camping Director Clay Cowie commented: “Being based in the southwest, we meet customers planning camping trips in the UK, but also see Staycationers on holiday in Cornwall.

“Many people say that after initially choosing camping as a budget option, they’ve realised how enjoyable it is and it becomes a preference.

“Camping gives families a chance to forget modern gadgets and distractions and enjoy nature and good company in the great British countryside. And for those who won’t be prised away from the laptop or tablet, most campsites offer free Wi-Fi, so breaks can be planned without fear of missing any action from the Winter Olympics or World Cup.”

At the current Euro exchange rate, £1.00 will buy you slightly over €1.20 – considerably lower than the €1.50 peak of 2007. Suggestions of a rally in the UK economy are viewed with some suspicion by a public that’s taken a financial beating in the past few years. While many who haven’t recently been able to afford a foreign holiday may be hoping to take one soon, there is still reluctance to do so.

Ironically, this may help strengthen the UK economy, due to the increased spend of home tourism in combination with a larger influx of European visitors encouraged by the exchange rate. The average 2012 trip length was 4.5 nights and the average spend per trip £159 per person for domestic camping and caravanning breaks.

Luckily, there’s a happy compromise available for those planning a domestic holiday in the short term. Camping equipment purchased for a UK-based staycation can be used again on a future continental holiday, providing a big saving on hotel and gîte costs, and allowing tourists a fully self-contained experience where they can make the most of local fresh food ingredients and landscapes. A small investment in equipment now will enable an extremely inexpensive holiday in a year or two.

After the basics of tent, sleeping bags and camping chairs, extra gear is optional: some campers prefer to be at one with nature, keeping it as basic as possible. Others gradually add items to their kit; tent carpet and footprint groundsheet one year, airbeds and camping furniture the next, and slowly upgrade themselves from campers to glampers.

As families grow or friends tag along, living space can be extended by adding a tent extension, or a motorhome or caravan awning. Campers can also take advantage of the fact that previously costly ‘luxury’ improvements to the camping experience are now very affordable. Coolboxes, fridges and camping stoves are also an investment, as they can be used year after year for hearty campsite feasts at the upfront cost of a couple of family meals out.

Of course, taking a cheaper holiday doesn’t call for a reduction in quality. Those taking it to the extreme and holidaying at home or nearby will instantly free up a large chunk of their budget by lowering petrol costs – the fuel price of transporting the family to a holiday destination within the UK can equate to a whole family day out at a large attraction. And for those needing a proper break from the norm, due to a varied UK geography even a short-range journey can be enough to allow a sense of new exploration, without going to the expense of a major vacation – saving money for going out and having more fun during the stay. are based in Cornwall as an online UK retailer of camping equipment, tents, caravan awnings, portable chairs, folding tables, camping stoves and 3-way fridges.

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Gait Trainer for Toddlers Designed by Easy Walking Now Offered by

Elberton, GA (PRWEB) March 26, 2013, an online e-commerce company that sells rehabilitation and medical supplies, has joined into a distribution agreement with Easy Walking, Incorporated, to offer their Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer to a more comprehensive consumer marketplace. Headquartered in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, Easy Walking is the premier provider of the most unique and innovative sit-to-stand, ambulatory, full and partial weight bearing gait training walkers available on the market today. With a product line that includes solutions for children and adults, their Up n’ Go® and Up n’ Free® mobility devices come in a wide assortment of sizes and styles to suit everybody’s special needs.

As the leading standard in true gait development, the Up n’ Go® is a dynamic partial weight-bearing device specifically designed to improve specific problem areas such as balance, range of motion and lower extremity strength. The Toddler version helps young users develop and sustain proper gait, and assists them in safer sit-to-stand actions, while also allowing ambulation from a variety of positions. Assisted and supported transfer supplements the user’s own lower extremity strength, and enhances a sense of independence. Hands-free steering and support allows for better control, and a wide area of motion for the ankles, knees and hips leads to corrected gait. With support delivered above the user’s center of gravity, the Up n’ Go® not only partially lifts the user’s weight, but it also stabilizes the pelvis and trunk positioning, enabling dynamic balance and improved posture all while being comfortably and safely supported.

Compatible with most wheelchairs, chairs, beds and commodes, the Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer improves rehabilitation for patients with neurological and orthopedic disabilities and disorders. “We are excited to introduce more consumers to the unsurpassed quality and performance of the Up n’ Go® Toddler Gait Trainer from Easy Walking,” said Hulet Smith, OTR/L, MBA and CEO of Rehabmart. “Combining the best attributes of traditional gait trainers with partial weight-bearing lifters, this amazing new device offers the best of both worlds. With a plethora of features to further customize and adjust the Up n’ Go® to your toddler’s own specific requirements or to multiple users, this lightweight and easy-to-use equipment is perfect for use both at home and in facilities such as hospitals, rehab and therapy centers. We are proud to offer this and all of the cutting edge mobility products from Easy Walking to our customers at”


As an Occupational Therapist, the founder of Rehabmart, Hulet Smith, has the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to match the needs of his customers with the very latest innovative products in the field of medical supplies and rehabilitation equipment. As a parent of special needs children, he has a personal interest in finding the best products to improve the lives of those who are disabled and medically challenged. is committed to provide superior customer service, competitive pricing and exceptional product offerings.


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Write-up by Loan borrowing

When debts are becoming unmanageable, there is a require for a source which handles all your debts in an suitable way. Simply because unmanageable debts adversely impact monetary status, credit score and much far more, which additional emerge as hurdle while performing in the economic market place. So, before the situation get worst, avail debt management services.

Availing debt management services is regarded as the 1st step towards leading a debt cost-free life. In present scenario, debt difficulty is becoming faced by majority of the people. Thus by keeping in thoughts such dilemma, most of the monetary firms and other private lenders give debt management services. While availing debt management services, the individual should make positive that he is dealing with reputed financial organization.

The concept of debt management services includes a variety of components such as debt negotiation, debt consolidation and debt counseling etc. In debt consolidation, the lender consolidates all debts either they are personal, credit card or any other debts. And, after merging all debts, the lender makes lump sum payment to creditors on behalf of the person (in debts). Thus, as a result the individual is given with an obligation of producing a single monthly payment to the lender.

In debt negotiation, the business delivering debt management services negotiates with the creditors and appeals them to lessen or waive sum amount of interest or penalty payment. And in debt counseling, the person comes in face to face interaction with credit authorities. In these counseling sessions, they discusses debt difficulty, and credit professional after initializing debt dilemma suggests an proper measure accordingly.

Following are the benefits of availing debt consolidation services, such as:

*Low interest rate

*Saves money

*Debts turn into manageable

*Improves credit score

*No embarrassing calls

Debt management services offer an efficient way to deal with debts. But, along with availing debt management services, the individual ought to try to cut his wasteful expenditure and limit his use of credit cards.

About the Author

As a economic consultant the only driving force of Ann Gibson is to provide proper understanding.He functions for UK Debt Consolidations. To discover debt management assist, debt management services, private debt consolidation loans, loans, unsecured debt consolidationloans, secured loans that greatest suits your need please pay a visit to