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TradeNext and Derby County Football Club announce new two-year partnership

Sam Rush CEO Derby County FC & Mohsin Jameel CEO TradeNext

(PRWEB UK) 30 July 2014

Derby County is delighted to announce a new two-year partnership with global trading experts, TradeNext.

TradeNext is a fast-growing Forex broker, established in the United Kingdom in 2010. It provides retail investors with competitive spreads and access to thousands of markets worldwide including FX, commodities and indices.

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Over the course of the partnership, TradeNext will work in collaboration with the senior team at Derby County and members of the first-team playing squad to develop and produce a series of short videos, introducing supporters and potential clients to the world of financial trading.

In addition, TradeNext will feature on the Club’s official website,, and have strategies afoot to host an annual seminar, promoting financial and numerical literacy for those who have a potential interest in trading.

Furthermore, the partnership will also present the Club with an opportunity to reach out to the firm’s substantial Indian client base and subsequently provide Derby County with in-depth knowledge and experience in this global market.

Chief Executive Sam Rush commented: “TradeNext is an extremely forward-thinking company and we are delighted to welcome them as our latest ‘Preferred Partner’.

“Throughout the negotiations of the agreement we were extremely impressed with what they had to say and we believe this is a tremendous opportunity for Derby County and TradeNext to work together closely and provide supporters with an insight of financial trading.”

Mohsin Jameel, CEO TradeNext added: “We are very pleased to become at ‘Preferred Partner’ of Derby County. For us this partnership is built on big ambitions, we both have a real determination to grow and be successful in our respective markets.

“We will fully support Derby on field push for promotion, with creative and innovative ideas to widen the appeal of the football club and the world of trading. Off the field, there are real synergies between both parties and I am excited about developing them so that we develop both our fan bases.”

Winner of the ‘Best Financial Services Provider 2014’, TradeNext has built on the experience it has garnered from working in India and the emerging markets and has subsequently expanded its expertise to enhance its client offering.

Their emphasis on continuing innovation is shown through the effort and resources they allocate to research, market analysis, and the study of trends and best practices. This ensures that they not only deliver to customers the best products and solutions, but also provide them with enhancements to their Forex trading through education services.

For more information on TradeNext, visit their website:

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JCDA Announces Jefferson County, WV Selected Above Silicon Valley for Relocation of Northern Virginia Mobile Device Solutions Company Headquarters

Jefferson County, West Virginia (PRWEB) May 09, 2014

Broken Mobile™, a mobile device solutions company founded in Manassas, Virginia, in 2012, has relocated its headquarters to Jefferson County, West Virginia, located just 60 miles from Washington, D.C. The company will bring jobs to the area, many through a distinctive U.S. military veterans training program, in a rapidly advancing telecommunications field.

“This has been an eight-month-long process,” said John Reisenweber, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA). “We worked with the State Development Office and Jim Ruland, Managing Partner of RAI Properties, LLC, to showcase Jefferson County’s business-friendly climate, skilled workforce and opportunities for growth. Patrick Petersen, Founder and CEO of Broken Mobile™ did his due diligence and after considering six states, including California, Broken Mobile™ chose the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. The fact that Jefferson County is competing for IT companies with Silicon Valley and the Golden Triangle of North Carolina says a lot about what we have to offer here.”

“Until Broken Mobile™, no options were available for corporate organizations, government agencies/contractors or educational institutions to comprehensively protect their mobile device assets,” said Petersen. “Broken Mobile™ provides customizable, efficient and cost effective mobile device solutions. We do this by performing all services within the United States and with certified technicians. Moving our operation to the West Coast did not seem to fit our mold. We are not looking to be trendy, rather set a trend. At our new headquarters in Jefferson County, West Virginia, we are within a four-hour radius of the most powerful cities in the United States. There is no reason there could not be an East Coast Silicon Valley and where better to put it than within reach of those cities.”

Broken Mobile™ has found that many of the nation’s mobile devices, including corporations’ ‘fleets’ of thousands of employee cellular phones with proprietary company data, are sent overseas to countries like China for repair. Petersen has concerns that if devices, such as secure government cellular phones, are kept in the United States they are often repaired by under-trained technicians and high-security data is left vulnerable.

Broken Mobile™ has created its own technician certification program, required for all new hires, and open to potential employees. Additionally, Broken Mobile™ has pioneered a unique program to train U.S. military veterans in mobile device repair which prepares them for careers in the field. Once veterans complete the certification program, they will be eligible for employment with Broken Mobile.™ In collaboration with government entities, numerous independent veteran organizations and universities, Broken Mobile™ will provide this program on site at the new Broken Mobile™ office and campus in Burr Plaza. More information on the veterans training program can be found on the Broken Mobile™ website,

By employing those who currently have, or have held, security clearances, such as veterans, coupled with the rigorous training program, Broken Mobile™ can offer significant alternative to risky practices. These advantages will allow Broken Mobile™ to obtain contracts from high-security agencies.

“My father is a Marine and Vietnam veteran so this effort is both personal for me and a privilege to provide a service for a group of men and women who have given so much of themselves for the sake of others,” said Petersen. “Our veterans need careers that enable them to provide for themselves and their families. Broken Mobile™ is proud to reach out to them to give them technical training and a pathway to careers. We believe by offering our training while many of the veterans are transitioning, this will allow Broken Mobile™ to help eliminate the waiting period after transitioning and before training usually begins for our men and women veterans.”

By offering customers no deductibles, credit for unused services, pooled coverage plans and customized protection packages, Broken Mobile™ wants to change the way the nation looks at repairing mobile devices and protection services through its services.

“Besides Broken Mobile™ having a business model that is destined for success, there is something very noble about keeping jobs in the USA, and thus providing opportunity to those who have already proven they have America’s best interests at heart,” said Ruland. “All of us here at RAI Properties are enormously proud to be associated with this undertaking.”

Burr Plaza, which began construction off Route 9 in Kearneysville in 2003, offers the state-of-the-art facilities, security and flex space that Petersen requires. The only shopping/business complex in the Eastern Panhandle with its property management office on site, Burr Plaza also maintains a help desk that is manned 24/7, 365 days of the year. Petersen was impressed by the Burr Plaza staff and their commitment to the success of the complex’s tenants and their willingness to assist with marketing and business development.

Petersen was also attracted to the campus-like feel of the plaza and the amenities it would offer Broken Mobile’s™ employees, including child care, restaurants, service providers and retail establishments, all of which and more Broken Mobile™ will utilize in its employee benefits package.

Broken Mobile™ will hold a job fair at the same location in the next few weeks. Additional information will be announced through local media outlets and may be obtained by emailing hiring(at)broken-mobile(dot)com or calling 571-208-0307 x103.

With a strategic Mid-Atlantic location just 60 miles from Washington, D.C. and ready access to major transportation routes, Jefferson County is ideally situated for business, manufacturing and industry. As one of the fastest growing counties in West Virginia, Jefferson County is a major economic driver in a state that boasts the nation’s fourth lowest cost of doing business, low utility rates and a highly skilled and loyal workforce. While facilitating relocations and start-ups with tax incentives, low-interest loans and fast-track permitting, the JCDA also aggressively supports and promotes existing businesses. More information:, info(at)jcda(dot)net, 304-728-3255.

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Cosmetic Surgery Gives One Orange County Woman The Wedding Of Her Dreams

Before and After Armlift Plastic Surgery by Dr. Kevin Sadati

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 02, 2014

Four little words that mean so much, “will you marry me?” Once the question has been popped, and the ring slipped on the left hand, most women immediately start to think about finding that wedding gown they always fantasized about. However, someone that is unhappy with their appearance, the idea of trying on wedding dresses can be daunting, intimidating and downright frustrating.

This was the case for Debbie, one of Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach patients. Debbie had recently lost more than 200 pounds in preparation for her big day. However, after all that weight loss she found that her body looked nothing like she envisioned. She turned to the expert cosmetic surgeon for help, and soon realized that she could have the gown of her dreams after all.

“I strive to provide my patients with natural-looking results that allow them to feel confident about whom they are on the inside. A woman should feel like the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day, and sometimes cosmetic surgery can help facilitate achieving those dreams,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati.

The patient underwent three cosmetic surgery procedures — a combination breast augmentation, breast lift and arm lift. Within a month Debbie was standing in the fitting room at a bridal salon looking at the reflection of herself as a bride.

“For the first time in many years, I felt pretty, and the dresses fit right and actually looked good,” claimed the patient with excitement. “When I chose my dress, I just stood there in the mirror crying. I wouldn’t have looked like that if it weren’t for Dr. Sadati and his staff! I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for creating such a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime memory!”

A breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the appearance of a woman’s breasts. During this operation, implants are inserted into the breasts in order to increase the size of the breasts and improve the shape. For this particular patient, extreme weight loss left her with depleted breasts and an inferior body shape.

Breast lift surgery, known medically as a mastopexy, is designed to lift the breasts and remove excess skin. In the case of extreme weight loss, excess skin is left sagging on the breasts. Many women opt to have this procedure performed after weight loss or once they have finished breastfeeding their children.

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, removes excess fat and skin in the arms in order to make them appear toned and firm again. This is an important surgery to have performed after extreme weight loss as sagging skin is a side effect of fat removal from the body.

“Cosmetic surgery procedures have the power to not only improve a person’s appearance, but also restore the patient’s confidence in themselves again,” notes Dr. Kevin Sadati.

To find out more information about this patient’s transformative experience, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today.

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Post by Actual Estate Advisor

On August 15, 2006, the US Census Bureau released its annual statistics for numerous communities. The data for San Diego County revealed some considerable shifts from 2000 to 2005 in terms of the total population in San Diego, the percentage of males to females, percentage of men and women at numerous ages, and the racial composition of the County.


Total Population = 2,813,833 (CY 2000) vs. two,824,259 (CY 2005) = .four% boost

Of the total population, there were shifts in the percentage of males to females.

Males = 1,415,097 (CY 2000) vs. 1,400,199 (CY 2005) = 1.1% decline.

Females = 1,398,736 (CY 2000) vs. 1,424,060 (CY 2005) = 1.8% boost.

AGE Modifications

The percentage of men and women at various age also changed in the course of this time period.

Median Age = 33.two years (CY 2000) vs. 34.four years (CY 2005) = 3.6% increase.

Population Under 5 Years of Age = 198,621 (CY 2000) vs. 221,575 (CY 2005) = 11.six% improve.

Population Under 18 Years of Age = two,090,172 (CY 2000) vs. two,067,282 (CY 2005) = 1.1% decline.

Population 65 or Older = 313,750 (CY 2000) vs. 310,836 (CY 2005) = .9% decline.


Of individuals who defined themselves as belonging to one-race, the following statistics had been provided:

Total Number of “1-Race” Individuals = 2,681,866 (CY 2000) vs. 2,730,721 (CY 2005) = 1.8% improve.

People who defined themselves as belonging to 1-race, were further categorized as follows:

White = 1,871,839 (CY 2000) vs. 1,927,166 (CY 2005) = three% enhance.

Black or African American = 161,480 (CY 2000) vs. 140,181 (CY 2005) = 13.2% lower.

American Indian and Alaska Native = 24,337 (CY 2000) vs. 19,902 (CY 2005) = 18.two% decrease

Asian = 249,802 (CY 2000) vs. 295,926 (CY 2005) = 18.5% increase

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander = 13,561 (CY 2000) vs. 12,704 (CY 2005) = 6.3% decline.

Other Race = 360,847 (CY 2000) vs. 334,842 (CY 2005) = 7.two% decline.

Of those people who defined themselves as belonging to “two-races”, the following statistics were provided:

Total, Two -Race Individuals = 131,967 (CY 2000) vs. 93,538 (CY 2005) = 29.1% decline.

Hispanic or Latino (of any race) = 750,965 (CY 2000) vs. 843,901 (CY 2005) = 12.4% enhance.


Total Household Population = two,716,820 (CY 2000) vs. 2,824,259 (CY 2005) = four% increase.

Typical Household Size = 2.73 (CY 2000) vs. two.71 (CY 2005) = .7% decrease.

Typical family members size = 3.29 (CY 2000) vs. 3.33 (CY 2005) = 1.2% increase.


If you are interested in purchasing San Diego real estate, homes, condos or townhouses for sale, then the above data could be helpful to you. The info above can help you comprehend demographic and population shifts that impact provide, demand, and price of genuine estate and houses for sale in San Diego.

San Diego is one particular of the most well-liked locations in the Nation since of its moderate climate. In fact, the year-about typical climate in San Diego is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego genuine estate is also well-liked since of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, mountains and the US-Mexico border. Bordered by Orange County and Riverside County to the north, and the Mexico to the south, San Diego actual estate has hundreds of beachfront properties for sale.

San Diego is the sixth most populated County in the Nation. With this several folks, getting genuine estate in San Diego can be a competitive process based on the supply and demand of real estate and houses for sale at a distinct time.

While interest rates are nonetheless comparatively low and supply reasonably high, buyers at this time may possibly discover San Diego real estate a good worth.

Those who acquire San Diego actual estate get pleasure from year-around excellent weather, easy access to the Mexico border, a thriving job marketplace, and the pleasures of living close to an ocean.

Whether you are interested in boating, fishing, golfing, tennis or other hobbies, residents and guests who own San Diego real estate have access to all these activities and a lot more.

Please go to the Census Bureau’s web internet site for detailed demographic info about San Diego County. The Census Bureau supplies key statistics for a variety of communities in its annual American Community Survey (ACS) report.

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