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Key Air Partners With Asset Insight, Inc. to Provide Optimal Aircraft Management Solutions

Oxford, CT (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Key Air, a leading national provider of best-in-class aircraft management and worldwide executive jet charter services recently partnered with Asset Insight, Inc., developers of the Asset Grading System Process™, to provide asset optimization solutions for Key Air clients in order to protect and enhance their aircraft’s financial performance.

Asset Insight’s proprietary Grading System Process evaluates and simplifies complex technical data into standardized, actionable, financial figures – the “Asset Insight Index” –creating a simple-to-understand, uniform, and objective method by which to grade and financially value an aircraft with respect to its optimal maintenance condition. The Asset Insight Index serves as a “credit score” for assets. The better the aircraft’s maintenance condition, the better its Index.

Key Air’s partnership with Asset Insight can also greatly benefit an aircraft owner should the owner wish to consider upgrading their asset, as the Index provides insight as to how the aircraft is currently positioned in the market.

“Key Air provides significant asset management service and expertise to our aircraft owners, in addition to being a proven aircraft management and charter company,” stated Greg Kinsella, Key Air President and CEO. “Partnering with Asset Insight provides Key Air and our aircraft owners with a more quantitative approach to the asset management responsibilities we take seriously. Key Air is proud to be the first aircraft management company to offer this significant level of asset management service to our aircraft owners.”

“Key Air’s extensive focus on asset management will provide its managed aircraft clients the ability to make better-informed decisions, thereby offering them the opportunity to optimize their aircraft’s value,” said Tony Kioussis, President of Asset Insight, Inc. “An aircraft’s maintenance condition is a major component of its value. Asset Insight’s services enable anyone holding, or planning to hold, an ownership interest in an aircraft the ability to assess more accurately the value of the asset through a better understanding of the aircraft’s maintenance condition and how it compares to other aircraft of comparable make/model and age, especially those competitive models listed for sale.”

In continuing its commitment to excellence with providing robust customized aircraft management solutions, Key Air is proud to offer the latest innovations to managing their clients’ assets to fully optimize the aircraft’s value.

About Key Air

Established in 1985, Key Air’s expertise and reputation for providing safety, reliability and exceptional customer service enabled its expansion from a regional operation to its current national status. Custom, tailored-fit aircraft management solutions and boutique style services exemplify Key Air’s commitment to individualized care. Its successful remote aircraft management model extends to seven base locations nationwide. Key Air manages an impressive charter fleet of modern midsize to ultra long range aircraft all meticulously maintained to offer clients a broad range of solutions to meet their travel needs. Committed to the safety and security of its clients, Key Air garners several prestigious safety accreditations, including Industry Audit Standard registration from the Air Charter Safety Foundation, International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) and continued Platinum operator status by ARG/US.

For more information about Key Air and our offerings, visit us at or call at 888.539.2471.

About Asset Insight

Asset Insight, Inc. ( provides asset evaluation and financial optimization services. The Asset Insight Index and related analyses derived by the company’s “Asset Grading System Standard” (Patent Pending) provide the ability to translate the asset’s technical condition into easy-to-understand, actionable financial information. Asset Insight is independent of any manufacturer, appraisal firm, financial services firm, or technical services facility, enabling it to provide an unbiased view of an asset’s condition with respect to its technical status and related financial exposure.



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Optimus Advisory Group Launches Three Tactical ETF Investment Strategies that Access Eight Asset Classes, as well as Low Volatility ETFs

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Optimus Advisory Group ( is proud to announce the launch of three new tactical strategies. These new strategies help us expand beyond our current offerings of Long-Short and Short-Only liquid alternative investment strategies.

All three strategies are long-only, fully diversified and rules-based. Each strategy has its own unique combination of decision making tools.

Optimus REV Multi-Strategy:

Seeks to provide investors with the capital appreciation normally associated with a diversified mix of stocks and bonds, while using active management and downside risk protection techniques. This long-only ETF model can vary its equity investments from 10% to 90% of the portfolio, depending upon three separate factors:

Rotation: Utilizes a combination of core strategic & overweighting/underweighting of key holdings.

Economic: Uses a composite of economic indicators to determine which assets to be invested in during varying economic climates.

Volatility: Uses volatility as a tool for selecting which assets to be invested in at any given time.

Possible ETF investment categories for REV include:

Low Volatility Equities (US, International & Emerging Markets), US Large, Mid & Small Cap Equities, High Yield Bonds, Emerging Markets Debt & Intermediate-Term Bonds.

Optimus Eight Baskets Rotation Strategy:

The Eight Baskets Rotation Strategy allocates client assets among eight asset classes: U.S. Stocks, Foreign Stocks, U.S. Bonds, Foreign Bonds, Cash/Short-Term Bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Commodities and Precious Metals. Client assets are invested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that represent the baskets in varying percentages. The strategy utilizes a combination of core strategic & rotational overweighting/underweighting of key holdings.

Optimus Eight Baskets Tactical Strategy:

This strategy already has a 10-year live track record among our private client base, but has been launched as a Separately Managed Account (SMA) now available to the public. The Eight Baskets Tactical Strategy allocates client assets among eight asset classes: U.S. Stocks; Foreign Stocks, U.S. Bonds, Foreign Bonds, Cash/Short-Term Bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Commodities and Precious Metals. Client assets are invested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and actively-managed Mutual Funds that represent the baskets in varying percentages. The strategy has a broad mandate and may use any combination of technical, economic, rotation & volatility measures. The percent allocation to each basket varies considerably.

For more information about the new strategies, please visit the Investment Strategies page There (under the “Multi-Strategy” & “Rotation” tabs) you will find factsheets for each strategy that include detailed descriptions as well as the live and backtested performance numbers. All strategies offer daily liquidity.

Optimus Advisory Group manages several SMAs designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle while maintaining a low-correlation to traditional market indices. Our SMAs are available via Placemark’s UMA platform at the following custodians:

TD Ameritrade




Optimus Advisory Group

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Asset Constructing: A Discussion with Matt Unrath on Economic Security Economists claim America is two years past the worst recession since the Wonderful Depression, but the slow recovery has continued to sow widespread hardship. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and a flurry of new information are calling attention to the pervasive poverty and growing inequality that are markers of the post-recession economy. To make sense of what this data tells us about how households are actually doing post-recession and how we may well design a lot more successful public policies, the New America Foundation convened a panel of specialists to weigh in with their take. In this interview, Matt Unrath, the Director of the National Family Economic Security Plan at Wider Opportunities for Females, discusses WOW’s efforts to capture family wellbeing by making Simple Economic Security Tables (Very best), which indexes family spending budget items and projects the essential earnings that families would have to earn in order to cover those costs. He also offers policy prescriptions to boost the wellbeing of economically insecure households. In this video, Rachel Black talks with Matt Unrath about Economic Security.
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