Genedata Screener Now Supports Streamlined Collaboration among Pharmas and CROs

Basel, Switzerland (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced that the Genedata Screener® platform supports data- and result-sharing with Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Genedata Screener provides a framework for systematic import, processing, and end-result propagation for all types of screening experiments, making it ideal for different collaboration models and partner ecosystems among pharmaceutical companies and CROs. As used by Roche, Genedata Screener is a comprehensive software solution supporting global operations, leveraged as a collaboration platform to help expedite drug discovery, reduce data analysis costs, and lower overhead for pharmaceutical R&D.

Web-based and cloud-compatible, Genedata Screener can be used as a data analysis and exchange platform. Installed at a CRO site, on-site or in the cloud, it enables a pharma’s CRO partner to easily exchange data with the pharma’s Screener instance. The system’s inherent business logic allows pharmas to maintain consistent workflows with their company-specific business rules for results regardless of the CRO doing the analysis.

Secure and Consistent Platform for Collaborative Research Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

Pharmaceutical companies – both large and small – are using collaborative research to help replenish therapeutic pipelines and advance innovation. Such collaborative research models provide access to specific technologies, streamline operations, lower costs, and accelerate drug discovery. Outsourcing screening and the corresponding data analysis to CROs is a valuable research model and business strategy for many leading pharmaceutical companies. This model increases flexibility for drug discovery and draws from a broader expertise for improved results.

Successful collaborative research with external partners requires all parties to have complete insight into the data produced by an experiment, the data analysis methods applied, and the rationale for decision making (e.g. specific artifact corrections or decisions on hit calling and compound progression). Having both in-house and external researchers using the same consistent methodology and standardized processing of results is critical for maintaining research integrity. Genedata Screener creates a framework for a successful collaboration paradigm as it provides a platform for sharing business rules and analysis methodologies as well as strict control of access, (re-)analysis, and modification permissions. Furthermore, all steps and modifications are tracked along the process, yielding a full audit trail across different functions and organizations.

Enabling CROs to collaborate with in-house scientists, Genedata Screener not only extends the lab bench, it also supports a variety of collaboration models (i.e. multi-sided and peer-to-peer). It helps pharmaceutical companies go beyond commodity screening with end-to-end data sharing and analysis, which can transfer raw data and results between two instances of Screener. Additional platform features include:

Automated Data Exchange for long-term collaboration spanning several projects. Results are synchronized through different Genedata Screener instances to easily collect and centralize project data and compound results.
IP Protection as the collaboration server is a Genedata Screener instance that requires precise definition of project access and information content per project.
Large Dataset Analysis – even in the cloud – to enable cost-effective and streamlined management and delivery of data analysis.

“Genedata Screener, used as a modern collaboration platform, continues to support evolving R&D needs without organizations making additional technology investments,” noted Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “And, the beauty of this industry-leading low TCO is that it also accelerates the pace of novel drug discovery.”

About Genedata

Genedata transforms data into intelligence with a portfolio of advanced software solutions, which make research data accessible and understandable and research processes more efficient. These solutions are used worldwide by leading pharmaceutical, industrial, and agricultural biotechnology companies as well as academic research organizations. Genedata innovations enable scientific discovery that fights disease and improves health and quality of life worldwide. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland, and has offices in Germany, Japan, and the US. Follow Us on LinkedIn.

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