Our lead story: Our lead story today is the US jobs report. The unemployment rate fell to a 6-year low of 5.8% and non-farm payrolls increased by 214000 in October. This marks the 49th consecutive…
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Greg Gottesman is a Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, a leading venture capital firm based in Seattle. Greg currently serves on the boards of 10 private companies, as a board member…
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37 Responses to “[232] How bad is Canadian household debt? Not nearly as bad as Japan”

  • M. Sansucal:

    why is this so american focused, please give some information about Europe

  • David Eagen:

    Edward Harrison, we need more of you on this show. You are the biggest
    reason why I continue to watch. You seem to value knowledge over politics
    and many other nonsense or ideology. Your last show you hosted has shown
    how relaxed and comfortable you are getting in front of the camera. The
    rhythm and flow you showed proves that you can host shows. I hope that
    they use you more often or they will lose you to somewhere else. Maybe
    Boom Bust can expand the show to 1 hour and use you to host more segments
    or co-host. I think that, that would bring the quality up and the viewers.

  • Wisdom Unlimited:

    Looks like things will get worse before improving in 4-5 years 

  • BrutalTruth:

    Oh god.. not more Nick Rowe.. I’m Canadian, he even makes me hate
    Canadians. (Fucking Skip)
    The end of this was really good though, glad i stuck around.. so much good

  • as ad:

    im from vancouver. my parents bought a 4plex for 350k or so 25 years ago.
    sold for 1,050,000 5 years ago. now worth 1,600,000. huge bubble up
    here. easy for me not to buy because i dont like canada anyways

  • ewmism:

    Not a fan of Rowe.. Erin please bring back Jim Rogers. I want to hear him
    express his disdain for the Federal reserve and the banking cartel :-) 

  • 666sigma:

    The Canuck doesn’t know all that much about his own country, does he?

  • Jerran Spearman:

    great show erin

  • Aditya Barthakur:


    CB’s have gone mad. There was, never is and never will be anything like
    budget. It always was, is and will be forward guidance. Thanks to unbacked
    fiat currencies. However, increasing wages is not the option as the base
    money in circulation will increase causing an inflationary environment
    which will cause disinflation as people will still continue to show an
    inability to spend. What we need is currencies backed by tangible asset or
    have money (gold & silver) in circulation. 

  • TOC359:

    Canada is NOT going to raise interest rates, just like the United States
    won’t either. I’m tired of listening to these FINANCIAL MORONS !!

  • seanlaca:

    This show was a blatant political endorsement of raising the minimum wage.
    You couldn’t be anymore obvious.

  • Thiny1991:

    Mad scientist and zombie mixing up…

  • Michael Williams:

    Every single documentary or talk about the student debt,, explains the sad
    story but have no solutions? Just complaining and offer very little
    guidance. For the past 4 yrs World Mentoring Academy has offered courses
    that align with AP/CLEP/DSST/NYU-SCPS/TECEP/ECE …..etc Test Out programs.
    One student earned a Bachelors from a regionally accredited University in 6
    mos for under $5,000(books & test out fees)

  • OG Lincoln:

    the american dream was never meant to be living as a feudal serf in
    indentured servitude until you die an old man the day after you’re ready to
    start your life.

  • MikeJB12:

    Man this is Sad, and Americans ave the guts to say that they live in the
    best contrie in the World …

  • Sydney Chapman:


    Please help me pay for college!

  • hsu hao mavado:


  • Brian Galloway:

    In the USA, there’s no legitimate public interest served by taking away
    consumer protections from student loan borrowers, and capitalizing the
    interest so that the principal amount is constantly growing. Greed is NOT
    in the public interest, in spite of what some people say. 

  • Maryland Wage Garnishments-How to stop Maryland MD wage garnishments:

    Thank you for this information but something we have done is to buy time
    for people by filing a chapter 13 to aid in their cash flow problems but
    doesn’t ultimately solve the problem. For some, this keeps them in their

  • spunkyspunky666:

    If one has a look at the National Center for Education Statistics they cite
    on their 2011-2012 tables (still waiting on the 2013-2014 numbers) that 32%
    of the degrees issued were on Humanities and the Social Sciences. Both sure
    pipelines to unemployment or, even worse, UNDERemployment. Percentage of
    graduates in STEM careers? only 8%!!!! There you have it, ladies and
    gentlemen. If you’re not willing to do the hard work then be ready to cry
    dearly when the time comes to reap what you sow. No sympathy here for lazy
    students who choose easy majors so they can party for 4 years.

  • Derek Thomas Lirio:

    One Trillion dollars. I’ve never seen such incompetence outside the white

  • Derek Thomas Lirio:

    To begin, education is possible, at home on your computer. I, am far more
    educated, than any college graduate I’ve ever met. I know a high school
    valedictorian, who went to college for political science, and was a
    political science teacher, until he recently lost his job. I called him
    recently, and offered him a profit, running a political science website he
    could profit from. I suppose the fact that I never attended college seems
    absurd for him, and so he declined. I told him then, that I wish him much
    luck with his menial labor, helping mom pay the bills. I told him that I
    may be stuck up, having been a poor student in high school, but he, who was
    “a success” in school, is unemployed, and living with mom. 

  • Ran Xie:

    And now our new Prime Minister of Australia wants to bring in this system
    for us…

    He thinks that this is a GOOD idea.

  • Ann Harwood:

    Student Debt, video worth watching and sharing. 

  • Vance D. Gamble:
  • Olga Safu:

    One Trillion Dollars, Student Debt and Higher Education: Greg Gottesman at

    #TEDlistening #Englishpractice 

  • Virginia Advanced Study Strategies:

    Proof that a strong K12 Career Development program is necessary! Watch this
    video and share with parents/students. http://ow.ly/oHEhO

  • William Pfingten:

    how about we make collages free for ever one and changes
    act as sat as a place meant test

  • Bold Beauty:

    This is depressing. 4X the rate of inflation? We are crippling students
    before they even graduate. We’re just hurting ourselves and our economy.

  • Derek Thomas Lirio:

    Careers in the new age, cannot be learned in school. Sure, if you wanna be
    a doctor, even though alot of the course work given is irrelevant to
    medicine, college is still good for credentialing. But for a vast majority
    of other careers, colleges and universities are useless/

  • Ernest Rando:

    I am curious as a percentage how much of tuition was covered by corporate
    taxes in the early half of the 20th century compared to now. I believe one
    of the biggest social contracts broken by banks and corporations is that
    they no longer use their profits to pay taxes that cover the cost of
    education instead they use their profits to influence legislation.

  • Derek Thomas Lirio:

    The banks that profit from student loans, they don’t care too much, about
    what they’re doing to students, because if students can’t afford it, the
    banks will bail them out.

  • Derek Thomas Lirio:

    There are numerous careers, that don’t require accreditation from
    institutes of higher education. Higher education has become a worthless
    experience, with students assuming that upon graduation, they’ll be
    automatically employed. I know, and have known, several individuals who’ve
    attended, and I, someone who barely graduated high school, am doing much
    better, being self educated. Stop believing the same fairy tale they tell
    everyone. Educate yourself, and work for yourself.

  • 92draw:

    I have $116.000 in debt

  • Subhash Sangam:

    Yes online education should be the future to cut the cost, but how many
    recruiting agencies or employers would consider these online degree’s. Have
    to wait and see.

  • Ann Harwood:

    Thank you for sharing, it seems to border on fraud (or a ponzi scheme)
    getting so many students to get easy money that will strangle them for

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