EconMovies explain economic concepts through movies. In this episode, I use Indiana Jones to introduce the demand, supply, equilibrium, and shifting the curv…
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So I finally got a chance to review Aaron Clarey´s book Bachelor Pad Economics. The book sells itself as the book that contains everything a man needs to man…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Jolita Brilliant:

    haha ur belt buckle is AC/DC youre epic! haha congrats great job w these

  • Mandi Grace:

    I’m taking a macroeconomics class online. Let’s just say, 4 weeks into the
    semester, I wish I would have found these videos 4 weeks ago. Online
    classes mean that you basically have to teach yourself. This hasn’t been
    very easy because economics just doesn’t come easy to me. These videos are
    awesome!! I have a better understanding now!

  • wthdoumean:

    This guy is too good. Makes me wonder why I am paying 9000 grand a year to
    listen to lifeless powerpoint recitations!!

  • mzgemini0006:

    Very interesting and cool to integrate popular movies as examples

  • Dayton Griffin:

    Best econ lesson ever! :D 

  • Megan Grace:

    So much help for my online class!!!!

  • Melanie Castle:

    Fantastic Mr Clifford – Love it!

  • Alexxis Rogers:

    My consumer economics teacher loves these videos and uses these videos in
    class. They help soooooooo much! Thank you so much!

  • Mayda Guardado:

    Jaja, this is so funny (especially the part where Indiana Jones is gaining
    some insight from Mr. Clifford on a Laptop)! But Boy, did I learn from
    this… Thanks a lot. Great way to engage students in Economics.

  • Robertson Darkoh:

    Amazing! Educational and entertaining at the same time, now that’s an
    equilibrium right there.

  • Lamar Alexander:

    These videos are amazing, all of them. The movie series is incredibly

  • The Hopp Tribe:

    I love your videos, Mr. Clifford! I’m taking microeconomics as a winter
    mini one month from now. These vids are helping me prepare. Do you mind
    sharing what video editing software you use? I simply love your style…

  • Charles Spurgeon:

    Professor, you are awesome. There are very few teachers that have passion
    for teaching. Thanks for these kind of videos. I learn more in these videos
    than in my college classes. 

  • Iqra Nadeem:

    Very nice explanation! 

  • TheAmazed5:

    ugly guy so no eye candy

  • DavidMah1998:

    Thanks so much. Your videos are great help.

  • Anna Matsen:

    Excellent! So there’s a guy explaining economics concepts using movies.
    Nice! Here’s one on the production possibilities curve featuring Indiana

  • Syed Ali:

    did you have a sponsership with hp?

  • Rachel Hammond:

    AWESOME Buckle!!!!

  • Connor Clark:

    This video is communist

  • Britt:

    So helpful! Thank you!!

  • Amrita Verma:

    omg! this made me laugh and understand at the same time!! THIS. IS.
    AMAZING! thankyou so much for creating and sharing! 

  • Taric Alani:

    The AC/DC belt was reason alone to like this video.

  • Ryan Daniel:


  • Ryouta Aomine:


  • Jack Shepard:

    Loved the whole thing. The only thing that I thought could be different is
    the part where he goes over the downfalls of becoming the worlds most
    interesting/freaks and being far removed from your peers. With more people
    waking up and understanding the MGTOW movement there will be more
    bachelors/men going their own way, which really would create a life long
    family of friends without each of them being taken off one by one with
    marriage and dating. It seems that he thinks that most MGTOW’s are losers
    and they would not get to that point. In any case, it’s the best book i’ve

  • JC Wilson:

    Aaron is no bachelor, and is no MGTOW.

    He has a Live-in girlfriend, and has a recent video of him dressing up to
    take her to a fancy restaurant just so he can get his dick wet (his words).

  • Ichigo Gyuunyu:

    Who needs to buy a book when you can look at any random marriage and LTR?

  • alex brown:

    Women are more masculine now? I highly doubt it. Women have always been the
    same, they just have the safe environment to act up and show their true

  • Won'tGet FooledAgain:

    Of all the Sandman videos, this is one of my favorites. Very useful.
    Sandman executes these videos articulately and professionally and provides
    MGTOWs with a valuable service. Thank you Sandman.

  • Michael Liyanage:

    You don’t need to be a rich guy to live happily. You just need to be strict
    on yourself and good with money…so many of my friends have blown their
    money and are amazed that I have managed to save a lot more than them. You
    just think to yourself, what have they spent their money on?

    Most young people do not think ahead and just want to live in the moment.
    Men in this society are treated like walking ATMs who must “pay up” or else
    be branded as an asshole for not giving what a woman wants.

    Like Tom Leykis says, I can’t tell you how happy I am to wake up every
    morning and not have someone yell in my ear and tell me what to do. I can
    do what I want, when I want, how I want, where ever I want. Freedom is most
    precious to a man.

    To add. Most of the time when you get into a relationship, most (not all),
    women want to change you and kill your hobbies….if you work on your car
    she feels upset, if you play your guitar in the living room she feels upset
    if you want to play golf with your buddies she feels “neglected”. If you
    start spending more time with her she feels “smothered”. A lose lose

  • Meister Wolf:

    It’s a false promise that you “just” can start your own business. I known
    lots of guys who did it, over and over again and failed. Imho having a
    stable job with steady income is gold for most guys. Don’t get me wrong,
    for some people being independent is a good choice, but selling yourself is
    a talent that is not given to everybody. It’s a bit the false pua-promise
    that with hard work every guy can become a slayer.

    2nd. Woman crave attention is not correct interpreted by the author. They
    crave sexual ego-gratification and pussy-price inflation. It’s us men who
    mistake that behavior for “attention”. If they would want attention they
    would more seek it in constructive ways.

    3th. I didn’t hear much new insights. If that book is 500 pages it’s just
    a rehearsal of things we already know and scraping the surface a bit.

  • kjemma:

    Sandman, maybe you can do a video about women and their constant craving
    for more square feet of floor under their feet? My employer lived in a nice
    downtown huge apartment with all comforts you can think of, together with
    his wife. The apartment is at least 170 square feet, and both their kids
    eventually moved out of the nest. So, a few years ago she convinced him
    that the apartment wasnt good enough for them (read: her), and they bought
    a small mansion 40 minutes drive into the countryside. Big, big house.
    Enormous garden. Since they are well off, but not really rich, they had to
    settle for a house who needed a lot of maintenace. Since then he has spent
    half of his time off work laying new pipes, painting, floor-building,
    roof-improvements, gardenwork – endless tasks to keep up with their (read:
    hers) steady stream of demands and requirements. He said to me just last
    week, that he was so fed up, that if it were up to him, he would have sold
    the mansion, bought a smaller, new house closer to work in a heartbeat. But
    his wife had freaked out when he tried to suggest it. In your favorite
    word: Basically, their marriage would be over, if he forced her – in any
    capacity – to go “back” on the quality of lifestyle she had growned
    accustom to….
    He is therefore a utility to satisfy her, not a whole, independent, free
    human beeing.

  • TheOlzee:

    A lot of “MGTOWs” seem like guys who are naturally useless with women and
    unattractive (for whatever reason) because so much of what is said about
    women by “MGTOWs” would be laughed at by a guy who has the opposite of
    those traits. A guy who gets a lot of sex and literally treats women just
    as “MGTOWs” say they all treat men. But most of what “MGTOWs” say is utter
    one-sided bullshit. And I say that as a MGTOW. You’ll notice there were “”
    when I mentioned “MGTOWs” because most of them are not really men going
    their own way but what I originally said they were. Too many biases going
    on. MGTOWs will never last if it can’t stop these guys jumping on board. My
    main point again though is how women are x and men are z. It’s bullshit.
    Yes, sure some differences but we, as humans are way more similar. You
    probably need a deeper understanding or just more experience to know this. 

  • ExBruinsFan:

    I don’t appreciate the infomercial.

  • Jay Vivero Relph:

    Thank you on the review. All I know about +Aaron Clarey was that sold books
    though advertising on the +Tom Leykis Show. I wouldn’t had known he had a +
    YouTube channel our was more in-depth than what I saw. Now of to Amazon to

  • Yanni Ehm:

    the truth is… in this world we live in.
    women are interchangeable
    and men are disposable… once you learn this you can move on with the
    rest, or the actual beginning of your life. 

  • Gary Maccagnone:

    It’s certainly easier to save money.

  • AlphonsePride:

    I am subscribed to him for a while now, nice to see how the people who tell
    it like it is cross path sometimes.

  • Jaygo Tee:

    Wow Wow Wow.. the Part about alienated is right on the money.. Most guys i
    talk to i never form a real bond with them because they’re too busy with
    the hustle and bustle of work and making money so on their off days they
    can use that hard earned money trying to bait or attract some modern
    hypergamous female. But in the long run, I guess it’s best this way, I
    don’t think i could bare being close to someone, and just sit idly by and
    watch him be a utilitized trick and ingnorant to the game being ran on
    them. Given the Fact that I’m Not a MGTOW or am maybe More MGTOW than Any
    MGTOW, Since I Celibate and possibly Asexual, I find it hard to even
    connect with MGTOW or Mra’s because even though they call themselves MGTOW
    or MRA the fact is Most Men are like addicts, addicted to women. They spend
    most of their times Talking, writing or Posting stuff about women and
    feminism, Which i find very sad and kind of counterproductive.. What the
    hell is the since of going your own way if 24/7 you’re obsessing over
    women? Infact, I think these guys are in more bondage than blue pillers.
    Atleast blue pillers are blissfully ignorant in their captivity,

  • Underworld Dreams:

    I’ve basically noticed that you say ‘basically’ a lot. I’m considering
    making a drinking game out of it. Love the videos tho. Your channel is like
    feminist kryptonite. 

  • Videotest81:

    Aaron Clarey proves any joe can write a book and pass themselves off as an

  • Zack H:

    College degrees nowadays are mostly worthless… unless you’re in one of
    the few ones that are lucrative, you’re better off simply saving time and
    money and going into a good paying trade that is in demand IMO

  • dks13827:

    This video was right on correct !

  • La Legione di Resistenza:

    The part I enjoyed was the jetsetting mgtow lifestyle. Maybe you should do
    a video about that. The other part that was mentioned in regards to having
    interesting lives and not relating to other men or people. I am really
    feeling that at my current full time job. All the women at my job are bunch
    of fat cunts and yet they are the majority and the mangers on the site. The
    men at work at beyond stupid, lazy and completely out of shape. They have
    no ambition to do be better or do better. They’re all controlled by their
    wives and my interactions with them are beyond limited. I can’t talk about
    how I spent my last year traveling around Latin America for 8 months or
    that I have a ‘fuck you’ fund in case things don’t work out between me and
    my employer or that I hate the job. I can’t talk about choices or feeling
    confident in finding something better in life.

    I know that it seems that I am belittling these guys, but I like many of
    you sometime ago, used to envy these types of guys in regards to ‘having it
    all’ a wife, a family, house, cars and other men in their group sharing the
    same stories about their martial struggles and enjoyments. Now, I hate the
    very same people I once looked up to.

    As far as my current job. I might give it one more week, maybe two more
    weeks. I don’t know yet, but I have the choice in deciding what I want to
    do and I don’t have any need to get clearance from Control Tower or Power
    Bitch of a wife or girlfriend. 

  • Scott Kirk:

    sandman , yer media major is a gift to MRA / MGTOW/ MHRA

  • apekillssnake:

    I agree, when men have greater freedom, they will return to a 1940′s type
    treatment of females. Babyboomers concentrated on Materialism and it is
    interesting how Feminism came about after this and the 1950′s via
    advertising and commercialism.
    If you watch 1940′s movies, men had greater-self respect then, they still
    loved women, but knew this was for women’s sake, they were not blinded by
    Especially in city life in the 40′s I think women got treated equally,
    perhaps in those years following the war briefly, during it and before.

  • giga knotts:

    I have like 3 books before I get to his book but I might just skip the
    fountainhead to read Clarey’s book

  • Victor Knight:

    Freedom is indeed precious to a man. However, it tastes *that* much sweeter
    once you realize… nay… once you have truly internalized (usually
    through experience)… that a woman is very likely NOT going to make you
    any happier than you already are. In fact… and this is a VERY REAL
    possibility… she could make your life a living hell, even after she’s

    It is at that point… standing at the top of your impenetrable castle with
    zombies clawing at the walls far below, that you truly appreciate the value
    of FREEDOM. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

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