Speaker: Professor Paul Dolan Chair: Howard Davies This event was recorded on 8 February 2011 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building In Absolute Begi…
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Presented by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. at the “Economics for High School Students” seminar. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama; 20 November 2009. …
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33 Responses to “Absolute beginners: behavioural economics and human happiness”

  • Alexandra White:

    Does anyone have the source data for the Relatively Rewarding/Pleasurable
    slide he shows at 26:09, I would really like to look into this more but
    unfortunately all I have to go on is “German data”.

  • Peter Bradshaw:

    I studied behavior modification in college and find it creepy that these
    men in the policy formation loop are trying to manipulate people. But then
    commercial interests have been using these techniques since time
    immemorial. Possibly they need to find out how industry has used these

  • Tantsa Da Vayte:

    can we see slights too?

  • Lucas elvira linares:

    Brilliant talk

  • booksandstuff:


  • Racing Channel:

    well said sir!!

  • connacura:


  • Isaac Weber:

    Great lecture, thank you Paul.

  • Edward Dodson:

    The absence of governmental intervention in economic affairs does not yield
    free markets. As Adam Smith advised, we need law — enforced by government
    – prevent the creation of monopolies and cartels. Just law must also
    prevent the creation of rentier privilege (i.e., the ability of
    non-producers to claim what others produce because of privilege enjoyed
    under law). The solution was best offered by the political economist Henry
    George: the public collection of the rent of land combined with the
    elimination of the taxation of income earned by producing goods and
    providing services. Henry George’s insight is to recognize that nature is
    the source of individual wealth but is the societal commons from which
    individual wealth is produced.

  • Matt Hoyte:

    This should be called – “rewriting history to fit far right wing economic

    The rise of the middle class coincided with the rise of unions and the
    highest tax rates in history purely out of coincidence I suppose. 

  • SaulOhio:

    I keep linking people to this video because it makes such a great argument,
    explains the real issues so clearly.

    But some people never seem to be convinced. Such an irrefutable argument,
    yet they remain stubbornly ignorant.

  • h3um:

    This guy is the best speaker of the all time!

  • Emily Gong:

    This was very interesting. However, he says that people shouldn’t be drones
    and what “they” want us to be. But he wants us to follow people who they
    believe are right. They happen to predict the economy in a few years. Isn’t
    that like the weather. Sometimes it’s right, but sometimes you need to hear
    someone else’s forecast and pick which one you trust. He is only giving he
    side of what he wants us to follow. He said incentives influence people.
    How many people’s real incentives are to find the truth?

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    Applying Economics to American History | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

  • Corey Micallef:

    This guy has dumbed down the concept so much that he leaves out all the
    grips people have with an unregulated capitalist system and says all
    government can do is redistribute wealth or pick winners. Regulation is all
    about setting rules businesses have to obey while competing with each
    other, it’s as simple as that. For example, a regulation might say you
    cannot use asbestos in construction, it might be a cheaper option and
    quicker to install, but it’s dangerous, therefore you cannot use it.
    Setting a minimum wage is just saying if you employ someone and their job
    is worth less than this very low amount to you, then either don’t hire them
    and do without, or find someway for their work to be more valuable to you
    and a minimum wage sets a benchmark for others to set a value for their
    labour to sell to their employer. And this guy criticizing unions, come on,
    they are the most capitalist thing there is, they are a way for people to
    get employees to use the simple supply and demand system to get a better
    deal, isn’t that what capitalism is all about, providing a good or service
    compensated by an amount dictated by supply and demand.

  • Lindsay Barron:

    Awesome video that puts many things we take for granted into
    perspective…. “it never occurred to anyone that you could live in a
    society in which your labour was so productive, thanks to the capital
    goods at your disposal, that you could work and your kids wouldn’t have to”

  • Bryan D:

    He definitely read Atlas Shrugged.

  • Useong Kim:

    A great lecture!

  • heyzeus zerotwothree:

    I love the learnliberty edited video of this :D Lol

  • madnbadjoe:

    i Always wonder if ppl like you believe their own bs

  • Mohammad Khalid:

    Must Watch !!

  • TheHomoludens:

    Lol, maybe they just invented the dialectic method (later to become
    “Hegelianism”) as a tool for mass control. And that ideology has a lot of
    non-jewish disciples, too…

  • wildCATcanACT:

    Can I get a link of your citations for this? I would really like to look
    into this further.

  • pipem4n:

    “Statism is Dead” by Molyneux. W kwestii lichwy – bardzo chętnie pożyczę od
    ciebie dowolną ilość gotówki na 30 lat bez procentu. Put your money where
    your mouth is, jak mawiają Amerykanie, nie strzęp języka po próżnicy, gdyż
    pożyteczną rzeczą dla społeczeństwa jest gdy głupiec i jego kasa pójdą
    różnymi drogami. W każdej innej kwestii, którą poruszyłeś tutaj – nie wiem
    kto ci tak beret zrył ale moje szczere kondolencje, coś okropnego.

  • Brendon Holt:

    Tom kicks ass

  • zephyr2046:

    Go to a real 3rd world country. There are such things as sweat shops. They
    are called maquiladora factories. american workers are not exploited as
    much. Its fine if you just want to make maximum profits, have things made
    in china.

  • SaulOhio:

    Since the cost of living will be reduced to practically nothing, any
    reduction in wages will be accompanied by an even greater fall in the wage
    level that should properly be considered subsistence. Real wages will

  • BSHS1982:

    If you say labor should be paid equally…then all products must be equal
    in price, too. Huh? If you can’t make a distinction between the value of an
    engineer and a bus driver then you obviously can’t see a distinction in
    value between an apple off a tree and an Apple Iphone. C’mon man…your
    dream world of equality is absurd. Nothing is ever equal. Especially not in
    humans. We all have different worths…which means we all have different
    monetary value.

  • Drummerzac88:

    Like if Mr. Felice brought you here.

  • sequorconstitution:

    If it’s alright, I’m going to share this on my facebook :)

  • MyDormantSoul:

    Now we must come out of the closet to the mainstream. We will infiltrate
    this once liberal culture and turn it into truly free one. Libertarianism
    is a beautiful thing.

  • NR:

    are the winners every time?Those ideologies are based on DEBT from USURY
    because they take from the nation and its government their sole privilege
    of issuing their own currency to oil their economy.Every time a dollar is
    issued,either by the FED (private bank owned by a consortium of private Jew
    banks),or other,smaller,private banks (partial reserve system!),there comes
    with it,DEBT which the nation must pay to the ones (Jews) who usurped the
    nations’s money issuing privilege (1913 in America).

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