Warren Clarke, Barbara Marten, Amanda Abbington, Martin Freeman, Hugo Speer Producers: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) (in association with) Strand Pr…

The United States debt limit explained. A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. The watch our follow…
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  • OrlopRat42:

    good film but the ending was disappointing. The fact that Dresner was
    revealed to be an MI-5 agent was completely unbelievable, and the lawyers
    being eaten by the Megashark was a bit much. I liked the part about the
    crystal skulls though.

  • resculptit:

    The REAL crooks get away to rob, steal, and murder another day…

  • john wells:

    Enjoyed it a lot, thanks very much.

  • resculptit:

    A Fun, Nervous movie. But I can’t see how this lawyer just didn’t or won’t
    just say, “I’m married now and I just had a baby.” It just doesn’t make
    ANY sense at all. He can’t be a good lawyer – or even a Half-Ass lawyer
    acting like this. He is the Highest Caliber of Coward if he can’t even
    brag about being a father and married ? And here he is defending Murderers
    ?? It just doesn’t stack up.

  • royston macadam:

    Or lap Rat42 your off your fucking trolly, good effort though!

  • Wikitoria Smith:

    Cleverly done movie. Thank you

  • royston macadam:

    Norbert calm down bucko!

  • Bill Baltic:

    Really very good.

  • mytoolz4eva:

    Was good seeing Nina at her younger days…

  • SuperBlueboy61:

    Full of hidden messages,typical bbc!!!!!

  • Sanjay Joseph:

    Great movie. Interesting plot.

  • Steve J:

    Nice…thank you 

  • mytoolz4eva:

    Loved it…

  • B Yohhanes:

    Nice movie. 

  • darrencornell1:

    an enjoyable movie fanx v moooooch


    Loved it .

  • scotty grant:

    good movie .. cheers for the upload.

  • Vivienne Sharma:

    lol loved it, i was glued from start to finish! Thank you for uploading x


  • Aria Seymour:

    Queen Amanda. 

  • nong561:

    Great little film. R.I.P Warren Clarke, who died today.

  • Rachel Castle:

    Thankyou so much for this film! Thoroughly enjoyed watching :) 

  • craig scothern:

    What boring tripe.

  • Horror Overload:

    not bad x

  • IETCHX69:

    What an amazing bit of cine.ALL OF IT.

  • joed596:

    thank you :-) 

  • Phil Sheridan:

    Tax the rich! Or stop the wars… It would clear that debt pretty quickly.

  • Damien Golding:

    So many people here saying how household and government debt can’t be
    compared. Yeh, being able to control the money supply, tax income, etc.
    does make it a little different, but at heart it is still similar.
    This video doesn’t have to perfectly portray what it all means. I think the
    important thing this video has achieved is creating a video that the
    average person can relate to because there are many out there who are
    either ignorant or uneducated about government debt and other political

  • adfhadfvb:

    Amusing Video. Too bad debt for a monetary sovereign government and debt
    for a house hold are apples and oranges. I missed that part where they
    explained how they are actually not comparable in any way. Government
    spending is adding net financial assets.

  • BeanzTrader Mapleleafnj:

    This is old but great …… 

  • Affinity Mortgage:

    Smile. Laugh. This really has been happening… http://youtu.be/Li0no7O9zmE

  • Nate Brown:

    Interesting dramatization about our debt crisis. I agree it is something we
    as a country need to take MUCH more seriously but this video fails us on a
    few levels.

    1) National debt is NOT similar to household debt. This analogy is only
    useful if the analogy points out that there are only 196 people alive,
    there are no “banks” but in fact each person alive is their own bank AND
    that each person alive also has their own business. Sometimes borrowing a
    ton of money when a company is in debt is good because you expect that the
    extra money will turn around your business and make you lots of money to
    repay the debt (in this analogy, will bring us out of a recession which
    will mean a lot more income for the US which should mean a lot more tax

    2) The video only vaguely address how to fix the problem nationally. The
    dude that represents America is basically spending most of his money on
    unnecessary things like cars, is that what we’re doing? What areas are we
    wasting money on that scale? Military? Help for the poor and old?

    I feel like pretty much everyone in the US is worried about the debt to
    some degree. Sadly there are no clear answers on what to cut.

    How can we cut 12 trillion dollars from our budget? Or for that matter 1

  • Kurt Lonner:

    Funny and sad at the same time. This is a couple of years old when our
    national debt was only 14 trillion, not the 17.5 trillion it is today.

  • Coin in the Bank:

    America’s Debt Ceiling Limit Explained: DEBT LIMIT – A GUIDE TO AMERICAN
    FEDERAL DEBT MADE EASY. #funnymoney

  • Jason Jung:

    Ah I get it. Our solution is to raise the minimum wage for more spending
    power therefore relying less on government dependency and preventing debt
    to families. And cracking down on Wall Street corruption; that’s important
    to note. Also raising taxes on the upper class and religious institutions
    because their taxes are mere compared to the rest. And maybe cutting the
    defence spending just a teeny bit. Alright, that’s it.

    Maybe incorporate socialized medicine to replace our old, obsolete one. And
    cut down college tuition because it’ll benefit us tremendously in the long
    run. Finally, ending the war on drugs. All of this could result to us
    having a surplus. Naaaah, all of this is just wishful thinking on my part. 

  • RihannaIsIluminati:


  • D Holtman:

    hey I have an idea! lets vote in the red team! that will change it. Right?

  • Colin Brophy:

    Thank you …. LOL, I am laughing all the way to the bank exit LOL

  • Leo Topol:

    Wonderful video to illustrate the disaster that our politicians have


    1/17/14 – 468 Economic geniuses and probably BarackO sheep dislike.

  • Jonnyboystranger DSR:
  • Richy Diago:


  • Nan Jiang:

    Follow up: This guy has just reached $170,000 debt limit again in last
    December. And this time he is asking for raising debt limit automatically
    (an unlimited debt limit).

  • Arlene Braun:

    The United States federal gov’t is a sovereign issuer of its own currency.
    No other entities (corporations, states or local gov’ts, households,
    individuals, etc.) have been imbued with such power based solely on the
    integrity clause in the nature of its existence. It spends and accepts
    payments in fees or obligations due to itself in the same currency that it
    alone has the lawful ability to issue.

    As such, unlike your traditional or ordinary household, it can never be
    insolvent or go bankrupt. The so-called debt is actually a misnomer since,
    in the macroeconomic framework, it is nothing more than the total of
    non-gov’t sector’s savings.

    The premise and conclusion of this video is nothing but bogus and

  • Jacob Gerstenberg:

    This is great! :D 

  • Mike Blain:

    Great video! The metaphor works really well to get the scale of the
    problem. We can’t visualize numbers in trillions!

  • Robs OnBass:

    We raised the debt limit again! Woo, hoo!! :-( 

  • Eric Kramer:

    What’s the point of even HAVING a debt limit if you’re just going to raise
    it again and again?

  • Chris Mason:

    It’s quite simple just keep raising the limit and making minimum payments
    then we can have a surplus again. Duhh!

  • GangastronYTP:

    Is that arwin? 

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