Certificate: www.fdu.edu/personalfinance This presentation discusses the basics of personal finance and planning, for the short and long term. The talk is gi…

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7 Responses to “Personal Finance – Part 6 of 12”

  • Clane Kaluna:

    Haha. Hi Ramit, I think I came across that same book and I am pretty sure I
    found the advice in there to be very useful. I’ve been recommending that
    same book to all of my friends who have noticed I no longer break out in a
    cold sweat whenever the words finances, savings and retirement crosses the
    table. Thanks Ramit.

  • curiouszaru:

    Thank you for the good tips! I would like know how old do you consider
    “young”? It would be helpful if I could know that.

  • sublime90:

    my work doesnt match anything that goes into the 401 i should stop that and
    open and IRA. im still reading through ramits book.

  • curiouszaru:

    I’ve heard that most retirement accounts are tax deferred. But if your bank
    says you will be taxed, probably you will be taxed, I think!

  • King23:

    Your bank does not know what they are talking about

  • Alex Bartell:

    “…you pay no taxes on the earnings.” Ramit, I was at my bank and I asked
    questions about the Roth IRA they offer. They said that you are* taxed on
    the interest earned. Is there a difference between the Roth IRA that a
    company would offer vs. one that a bank would? I feel like it is a yes. I
    wouldn’t know the difference due to my age.

  • Ken Chau:

    i got about $270 in my 401K account, I lost my job recently. During my
    employment, i never setup an IRA account. Since i cant set up an IRA
    without any income, nor I want to take a penalty from the early
    distribution. Should i just leave the money with the company ?

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