EconMovies explain economic concepts through movies. In this episode, I use Star Wars to introduce the concepts of scarcity, choices, self-interest, incentiv…
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12 Responses to “EconMovies 1: Star Wars (Scarcity, Choices, and Exchange)”

  • Crystal Polski:

    Thanks for making these great videos! Glad to see you are doing well with
    your MAEEE degree!

  • Cillendor Edenion:

    Oh my gosh, his voice is panned all the way to the left, and I’m wearing
    headphones. I jumped because I thought there was someone talking to me.

  • Todd Bowles:

    absolutely outstanding. extreamly well done.

  • Michael Kieselbach:

    You are awesome! Keep up the good work! 

  • Shawn Sham:

    wow! this is good. Didn’t really thought that econs and starwars can

  • Amy H:

    Fantastic! Finally, an interesting economics video.

  • Sam Cooper:

    Not really. History doesn’t really show whether the free market is superior
    to central planning. If we just look from an economic aspect, the 5-year
    plans (ignoring the insurmountable toll of human suffering they caused)
    caused faster economic growth than the free market achieved, and central
    planning under FDR did a lot to allieviate unemployment during the Great
    Depression. The history doesn’t tell us that either free-market capitalism
    or central-planning is better, just which will work (maybe) is different
    situations. Also when was the Empire impeding free trade?

  • smithh104:

    I m studing economics and like star wars now even more
    PS :classic trilogy rules!

  • MrJautakis:

    Perfect video to interest today’s students to in learning the basic

  • Jonathan Richmond:

    I got the perfect film for oligopoly — “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”

  • Thomas Tse:

    Nice episode, when will next episode be up?

  • Jeremy Shain:

    I see what you did there, superb idea with connecting movies to Econ.

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