Omar Usman speaks about the critical need to educate Muslims about personal finance. You can follow him on Twitter @ibnabeeomar Views exp…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 – Learn to use Microsoft Excel to manage your finances.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 Responses to “Personal Finance for Muslims (Omar Usman)”

  • Linda Kadir:

    Start small. Start it now. Every time we get our pay, 10% is not for us.
    Its for the society. Transfer the fund to any organisations or better still
    to family members, friends and siblings in need. Make it a habit. 

  • Fazel Subian:

    The purpose of a religion is a selfish to become a selfless (Muslimeen).
    The purpose is lost, prehistorical traditions & culture remains. Understand
    your re-legion ‘TRUE ESSENCE OF RELIGIONS’ To unite all

  • Kareem Elsayed:

    Masha’Allah awesome talk. So glad someone is talking about this. I am
    waiting for the Muslim Financial Peace course. I was this close to taking
    it at a church instead (still thinking about it).

  • ubuntusince1104:

    Indeed this discourse is missing. While I was an Intermediate CA
    Student(now in IT),I would often think about this. I sometimes feel really
    sad, when someones asks you about Riba(Usury), you say it is haraam, but
    where are the Halaal options. One thing that I did established is that
    patience is key, when dealing with *desires* that you want to fulfill with
    Usury. Instead fulfill your *needs* with halaal. JazzakAllah Khair brother
    Omar for doing this, really looking forward to future talks.

  • LandryattheBayou:

    Inch’Allah brother. Dave Ramsey saved my life. Speak truth and set your
    community free. Much love my brother . . .

  • sawaftar:

    My speakers aren’t plugged in unfortunately, but if the Interest earned on
    your deposit does not exceed inflation, then it is wrong to claim that is
    haram. In such a case your wealth never increased. Someone once told me
    owning stocks is haram, which is what happens when Muslims are reactive and
    do not use logic.

  • Belal Khan:

    Inflation happens where there’s an increased supply of money in the market,
    which happens when the banks borrow money from it’s clients (people like
    you and I) and loan it out to others (multiplying and making new money out
    of nothing) and thus feeding inflation further. Accepting interest from a
    bank is participating in the increase of inflation. Interest, accepting and
    paying is haraam as a default. Only exception I’ve learned about is when
    you borrow money from yourself/property (ie 401k)

  • SpiritualRevolution:

    what’s the best way to get in contact with Omar?

  • Maher B:

    Very important topic for all communities. Dave Ramsey has even packaged his
    course for churches and is presenting it as the foundation for
    institutional fund raising is to get families out of debt first.

  • Ace Buckles:

    Dear Omar Usman, You speak wise words that transcend religion, politics,
    and countries. Soon, more will follow the wise. Peace, Ace :-)

  • SpiritualRevolution:

    cool thanks

  • sawaftar:

    Actually brother, in a global economy, it is not that simple. Please Google
    search, “what causes inflation”.

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