Episode 2 of Foreign Exchange. Shark Alarm. Enjoy.
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The Sentinel s03e20 Foreign Exchange Ellison and Sandburg are joined by Megan Connor, a visiting police officer from Australia. When the federal mint is targ…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

5 Responses to “Foreign Exchange- Episode 2”

  • Beauty Cakes:

    Thank you so much for uploading my favorite Tv show ! it bring back
    memories. I Can’t wait for more episodes. good job ;*

  • suki1615:

    Why the hell couldn’t they just say that Hannah was sick?

  • MrSimplesimon1987:

    I have all 26 episodes i got from a friend in trade. I will be uploading
    all 26 episodes. Episode 3 has a little problem with an audio dropout near
    the end. Apart from that all the episodes are in good quality. Episode 3
    will be up later today or sometime tomorrow. :)

  • chriso1222:

    This is GREAT Where did you manage to find this because it’s indeed a rare
    find One might think it has been forgotten to have a re-run here in

  • The Sentinel TV Show:

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