The classic Schoolhouse Rock song “Tyrannosaurus Debt.” For more information, go to

25 Responses to “Schoolhouse Rock: Money – Tyrannosaurus Debt Music Video”

  • Wakaflockashige:

    Am I the only one bothered by how he pronounces “tyrannosaurus” with a “z”
    rather than an “s”? 

  • Gary D:

    Maybe if I send this to both the Public and directly to the White House
    they will get the picture? Here’s Hoping America. 8-)

  • Joshua Orro:

    I’m in DC right now, however I didn’t see any dinosaurs that eats cash :? 

  • dudetocartman:

    The debt is now 17.3 Trillion bucks. That’s a hell of alot of debt not paid
    off! This debt is way too high. What we need to do is tell the gov. to tax
    the rich, cut spending to the bullshit wars, bring the troops back, cut
    spending on welfare to single mothers that use it to not work, legalize pot
    and tax it high, tax alcohol, spend more for disabled people to work, AND
    most of all, spend it on EDUCATION!

  • Frank Vargas:


  • Stephen Fisher:

    3:17 BILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Mustache:

    LOL the Bill was there.

  • Dejah Turner:

    That dinosaur’s poo must be awesome…just sayin’

  • WHSTChannel14:

    He’s so big now, he definitely HAS to be killed.

  • Mr. Mustache:

    This is a bad way to explain the debt.

  • Crazcompart:

    5 Trillion @ the time (1996) of the making of this later of the Schoolhouse
    Rock (Money subcategory) presentations…How they’ve spent, Spent, SPENT –
    since then!

    — Especially when you consider where much of the capital has gone in the
    last two decades…Sickening, ain’t it?

  • GA Kelly:

    Our REVENUES went from 500 billion to 1 trillion because of Reagan. Who
    educates people? Where do they get their information? It’s spending on both
    sides, what’s your philosophy? 

  • Ken Howell:

    this isn’t an Obama video?

  • Half-Nerd Half-Something Else:

    The silver lining in all of this is that it’s not a carnivore. 

  • Shaded Muse:

    this is Bush-rayguns fault!!!!!!

  • Screamin Mime:

    $5 trilion, ha ha, the good ole days…

  • VolkColopatrion:

    if we owe some debt to ourselves… can it be forgiven?

  • Matt Owens:

    spending it on education is a joke. $’s just a band aid solution. you could
    throw $10b at one major school system pay teachers $10m a year reguardless
    70% of the teachers & staff would just be there for that paycheck. $ is
    only a very small portion of it.

    first priority should be hiring the right teachers & staff with passion who
    want to get things done motivate kids to learn & not skip drop out etc. the
    only thing $ can do is hire compentent teachers & staff ease over crowding
    after school programs & services. otherwise .5 million is better spent on a
    prison ($200 a day per prisoner based on a 2500 bed)


    would’t tyranasuarus debt be like, dead now?
    or at least get diabetes?
    (ik he’s not real but still)

  • AsianSensation Studios:

    Wait we got to 5 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars in just 3

  • Star Gazers' Field Entertainment:

    We need to send this to Obama. 

  • Mezzy113:

    Wait so you mean…national debt is caused by war??!
    You mean, even though corporate profit multiplies during war, and they
    don’t lose money [or lives] during wartime like the American government or
    citizenry, they still don’t cut the nation a ‘patriotic’ discount?? and the
    bill falls on the shoulders of the American people through taxes?? HAHA,
    Nah, man that’s crazy talk…

    War Is A Racket
    By Major General Smedley Butler

  • ML Hayden:

    This is the first time since I’ve been trying to find the movie

  • Endymion766:

    War is expensive but by far the largest portion of our spending is called
    mandatory spending, stuff they have to buy as required by law: medicare,
    social security, welfare. And now add Obamacare to that. Beyond that, we
    have discretionary spending that goes to wars and infrastructure, if
    there’s any money left, which there never is, ergo why we must borrow. No
    sign of slowing. 

  • san man:

    That final shot with Bill – very strong symbolism

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