In this video I talk about the 3 economic systems that appeared in Europe during the 19th Century. They are Capitalism, Socialism and Communism. These are th…
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25 Responses to “Economics: Capitalism, Socialism & Communism Explained”

  • koteshwar rao:

    dude your a dumb ass ! u cant even talk without staggering , not to mention
    while looking at your notes

  • Willard Hall:

    Defund Obama Care! 

  • Patrick Luy:

    Okey… I’m confused. If communism would mean no need for a government, why
    do many of the communist countries today like North Korea have tight
    government control? 

  • Ken Johnston:

    So wrong about this. Won’t waste any more of my time beyond typing

  • CyanDreamSeller:

    Better Learn topic before u say something about… yours work is poor.

  • Thiago Pereira:

    “1% while the other 90%” #juststop 

  • Andy Ng:

    Socialism & Communism are better than Capitalism but unfortunately, those
    leaders of those communist countries abuses them ….that means they are
    not carrying out true socialism or communism. See how capitalism had done
    to us today …. inequality … poor gets poorer and rich get richer …
    only few people own large portion of the whole world’s money (eg.
    resources) … so many suffer hunger and died while only a few hold up the
    resource for themselves but not used (so finally wasted)… Capitalist
    always deprive the workers (as can be seen there are many strikes and
    protests on fighting against on the wages) ……The businessman (Bankers)
    are ruling our government and us ….

  • dumdumbacha:

    irritatating presentation as your accent is so poor that you irritate

  • Comrade Peter:

    The best is capitalism :) ,but socialism and communism is also good,in
    theory,all can work,but each time, the interests of a particular group,is
    in the front of these ideologies,look at Soviet Union,was not really a
    communist state,look at US,this is state capitalism, theories of these
    ideologies is very good,only some leaders not :(

    I like this video,very good mister Abraham Darwish,you’re not a partisan of
    capitalism,socialism or communism,you explained pretty good what each means ;) 

  • Joseph Wroblewski:

    im guessing you do not (or did not) get taught in an american school
    because you seem to know what your talking about on this subject, good

  • Jason Carpenter:

    There is no need to argue with this guy, he defeats himself. He
    simultaneously states that the US is failing because it is capitalistic,
    but thriving because it socialistic. 

  • dumdumbacha:

    you are a pathetic person, your english is so poor that you are unable to
    make us understand the differece

  • Nullfactory:

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    It’s a wonder we’ve come so far in this society with out high school
    students like yourself attempting to show us where we went wrong….on
    youtube, invented by a capitalist. 

  • Cam Southall:

    Why cant they all be combined? Lol

  • qpalzm eihb:

    waste of time

  • rafucho ojeda:

    i think socialism just want the control of the taxes but not the control of
    the means of production which it certain for the comunist philosophy.

  • ManavBhatt:

    This guy does not know what he is talking about.

  • Perrty Ballonz:

    What this guy doesn’t understand is in America we aren’t pure Capitalists
    we have special care for the old and food stamps for the starving 

  • Lucien EADG:

    Stupid american kid explaining things he obviously doesn’t get.

  • Prolet Arian:

    Socialism is when the means of production are controlled by *the workers*.
    NOT the government, for that would be State-Capitalism. Stop looking in
    dictionaries for political definitions.

    Look up: *Socialization* versus *Nationalization*. Socialization is what
    happens in actual Socialism, hence the word *social*.

    All factories/farms/businesses/restaurants etc. would be run using direct
    democracy and without bosses.

    Wealth is not “distributed equally” among all citizens. While you cannot be
    obscenely rich, you also cannot be below the poverty line. Everyone has
    their basic needs provided for (IF, and only IF they cannot provide for
    themselves, if you have enough money to pay for everything you need, you
    pay for it yourself).

    All public services such as education (including post-secondary),
    healthcare, transportation, etc. are paid for through taxes. This increases
    the amount of skilled workers, the amount of scientists, the amount of
    money people are spending, leading to better and better living conditions
    and quality of life for everyone overall.

    The economy is run by the workers, for the workers, with no private
    property, and no bosses. The only thing the government does is collect tax
    money to fund social services and infrastructure. The military is 100%
    voluntary, and used only for defense.

    Now, that’s State Socialism. You can also have Socialism without government
    but that’s a story for another time. See: *Revolutionary Catalonia*.

    This is directly opposite to Capitalism in which if you are born poor you
    fucking stay poor because you are paid starvation wages. In the utopian
    system of laissez faire capitalism, “Job Creators”, as a result of trying
    to make a larger profit, pay their workers lower wages, and in turn end up
    not making a larger profit because their workers can’t afford to buy the
    products they are making, which leads to lower wages and less goods until
    the entire society collapses because of the parasites feeding off of the
    working class. Much like we’re seeing in the modern USA. (Which was pretty
    darn socialist back in the 50/60′s. So, if you’re wondering why the USA is
    going to shit, it’s because of lack of regulations on big business/wall
    street. See: *Inequality For All* by *Robert Reich*.

    Acquisition becomes an addiction and if you’re making 10 million dollars
    annually you are very loathe to give it up, especially when you’ve been
    taught that people are poor because they are weak and don’t deserve to
    survive, when actually it’s you who is keeping them down by stealing
    everything they earn.

  • akumie2:

    The problem is the capitalist system where people waste over 10 years of
    studying and then we cant remember half the stuff we learn other then basic
    math(geography, reading and writting
    Sure it helps to figure out what you want to become after the random
    classes we must take, (science, history,, religion…) and we learn social
    skills and make friends but do we really need 10 years when all you really
    need is 2-3 years to learn different job skills, reading, writting and
    basic math/geography then perhaps another 2-3 years university to learn in
    depth whatever you want to become?

    After when we get a job we waste another 50+ years to get paper and metal
    objects (papper bills and coins) that someone said was worth something
    because people dont want to offer services in exchange for other services
    they need
    If people would offer services for food then we would know the basics of
    many things and the stupid people would die out

    Overpopulation solved

  • Verushca Labuschagne:

    It’s okay

  • Katerina Dimitrova:

    Im sorry but burgeousie is not the middle class lol It’s the ruling class
    owning the means of production. And it’s not das Capital but Kapital do
    your research before posting videos

  • agun17:

    I suggest a capitalist economy were the people have enough empathy to help
    each other out voluntarily.
    If socialism is reached through a democratic process, then why does the
    wealth have to be forcefully transferred? If the majority wanted socialism,
    they would donate money to the unemployed and charities that help those in
    need of help.

  • Cari del Caribe:

    gee….painful to listen to

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