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3 Responses to “International Business – Lecture 18”

  • Jan Doedens:

    I am sorry to say the Burmese government has oil, and it provided the
    contracts to US oil firm companies instead of the Chinese, and offered the
    West incentives similar what Vietnam offered in the 1980s. These Chinese
    are being progressively pushed out, as the Chinese have “abused” the
    relationship. The Burmese government shrewdly implemented this shift to get
    the best bang for buck – as Western oil companies pay more for the oil. As
    an incentive industrial development will be “allowed” in joint ventures,
    however with the military junta’s family and friends much like certain more
    developed countries in South East Asia.

  • Pheakdey Phoung:

    Dear professor, do you have other lecture 19 20 … available now?

  • Krassimir Petrov:

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