The General Atomics Avenger (formerly Predator C) is a developmental unmanned combat air vehicle built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for the United…

8-12-14 – Rush Limbaugh wasted no time Tuesday using the death of actor Robin Williams to further his own political beliefs. During his radio show, the host used an anonymously-sourced article…
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49 Responses to “US Air force STEALTH UAV armed with LASER GUN named General Atomics Avenger”

  • Will Hawkins:

    US Air force STEALTH UAV armed with LASER GUN named General Atomics Avenger

  • Zumper Zumpster:

    laser gun my ass.

  • War machine:

    US Air force STEALTH UAV armed with LASER GUN named General Atomics Avenger

  • damnright4:

    Drone killings violate International and American law on political and
    targeted assassinations….. Intelligence used in drone target selection is
    notoriously unreliable…. Killing (by computer command) an unknown person
    3000 miles away is morally reprehensible…Such killings, especially of
    innocent civilians (ie collateral damage) FUELS REVENGE and therefore
    TERRORISM…Drones make killing more abstract, impersonal, and antiseptic,
    so they make killing more “convenient” and war more likely, and must be
    opposed.. Only certain war- profiteering corporations benefit from war. We
    the people do not.

  • James Maceroni:

    Question. Why would any nation that was going to attack us on such a big
    scale not frist nuke out our satilites making your big hero war game not so
    cool and as eazy as you make it look. ?

  • James Navarrete:

    Cool looking UAV

  • smohed sh:

    Everyone knows that no one win the any war with only HARDWARE no matter how
    fancy they are.
    you need a believed soldiers that can carry on to win the war

    the winning is about faith
    Iraq, Afghanistan is examples 

  • simials:

    Coming to slaughter a wedding party near you!

  • TheHm3:

    -.- this is stupid. These predator drones are about clumsy as hell. They
    get shot down easy as fuck, why would they ever use this in replacement to
    say the F-22 or F-35? The Boeing FA/XX is gonna be a proper replacement for
    those planes. But Drones are the future as it allows proper maneuvering and
    might actually cost less than the costly F-35 and F-22s. Big loss with both
    of those planes. 

  • SuperTomcatAce:

    The RQ-170 wasn’t shot down, it crash landed. The fact that you brought up
    the F-117 being shot down in Serbia is hilarious. Serbia got lucky because
    the F-117′s stealth out line was broken, therefore making it vulnerable.
    Otherwise known as LUCK. If stealth really is bullshit, explain to me the
    T-50, J-20, J-31, KF-X etc?

  • Jake Goodman:

    Ive got a solution to the defense budget/dependent economy problem. Why
    dont we just build drone vehicles? We have an excess of contemporary
    vehicles, everyone keeps their jobs, and our militaryforces become bigger.
    Everyone wins and the gov. Pumps $ into the economy. 

  • kalooha BELFAHIM:

    How to invade and slaughter more… It make me think of the Nazi killing
    machines but here it’s the US killing machines! Different time same

  • Stand4Liberty:

    F U China, FU Russia, FU Iran, and FU North Korea we are so F’n far ahead
    you that you don’t stand a chance!

  • Kyllein MacKellerann:

    Coward’s weaponry. The threat of losing your own life is one of the most
    effective ways of PREVENTING combat. This removes that inhibition. It
    also allows “secret” warfare, where the public is not informed.
    Bad news all the way around.

  • Barrie Wright:

    has any body notice how the UAV just nocket a Russian S-300 anti-aircraft
    tank out so easily and no return fire from the tank ? to easy.

  • Mike Roberts:

    Kept waiting for the narrator to say “Would you like to know more?”

  • Munther G-mail:

    i don’t know who you fooling. but her in Arabia we think quite differently.
    this may scare some Norwegian man and his girlfriend. her we believe in
    Allah.he is more powerful 

  • Aleksey M:

    in 747with difficulty put a laser, what the hell it is got into a drone?

  • Galova:

    this shit is good for next pirate raid to kill children and pregnant women
    in some distant part of the world to take away everything they have. oil,
    gas, valuable metals maybe, or just because america owners need land to
    build yet another military base there. doesn’t matter. makes it some
    motherfucker playing 3d shooter sitting his ass in conditioned air and
    drinking hot chocolate while innocents die in agony.

  • John Henry Reaves:

    These things are so good … that Iran and others can bring them down
    without firing a shot!

    That is the problem with remote control.

  • SemperFido9915:

    Is this a joke? Has anyone actually heard of General Atomics before? It
    sure sounds like a very elaborate video game hoax to me.

  • Kevin Vargas:

    The only thing that will survive the NWO is the Military.

    EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO CHANGE like it or not

  • Jason Gregg:

    drones with laser guns. who else saw this coming ;) 

  • Sensei:

    They are now recruiting gamers, not soldiers… WTF

  • Paranoia:

    can also build something useful you americans?

  • FlutterBOSS:

    I usually agree with Rush, but I think this is nonsensical.

    I’ve seen plenty of optimistic liberals, and I’m hard pressed to find a
    conservative optimistic about the future. I know Rush needs to say
    something for his job, but I think this is just creative news instead of
    reporting it.

    Robin Williams’ suicide is the first celebrity death in a long time that I
    am genuinely saddened by. I knew he struggled with depression and drug use,
    but for some reason I just never thought he would die. It’s a complex

  • gspendlove:

    Well, I think everybody knows that Rush doesn’t understand depression. If
    he feels bad, what does he do? Pops a few Oxycontin and a few Valium and
    maybe some Vicodin, eats three or four Ding-Dongs and a couple bags of
    potato chips and a few Big Macs and a couple of Whoppers and some KFC and a
    few Snickers bars and a large-size Coke and a gallon of ice cream, and then
    gets a quickie divorce from his wife. Simple. But for intelligent people,
    sometimes it takes a little more.

  • untamedlion33:

    If it were as simple as that, im sure theres republicans who would be
    thrilled to sit back and see all the liberals kill themselves. How
    insensitive, Now I don’t agree with liberalism either- But the principal of
    America is that we dont always agree, and by the debate process we come to
    a solution in the middle ground that works best. Mr. Limbough forgets we
    need liberals for this to happen, that is what has driven america to our
    highest achievements. Absolutely, absurd that while he promotes our great
    nation he drags it in the mud at the same time.

  • brian jay:

    what asshole hears about this and thinks I know blame liberals

  • americanman81:

    What a load of horse shit. I’m as conservative as the next guy, but these
    talk radio antics are absolutely ridiculous. 

  • Herps85:

    Sounds like he is just summarizing a Fox News story. 

  • spankula123:

    I’m sure you were all sickened and appalled at what was said about Andrew
    Breitbart while his body was still warm. And good job cutting off the real
    context of what he was saying to protect simple ears from truth.

  • Nathan Knighton:

    I think that Robin Williams was a great person. He did so much more with
    his life in spite of his depression and drug problems than Rush. He made me
    laugh and feel. And to have someone who is such a fly speck on a mound of
    horse shit not only talk trash about him but wait until he’s dead to do it
    just makes my blood boil. So I am sorry if I offended some of you. However
    I do not take back anything I wrote about the useless hack Rush Limbaugh. 

  • Bigg Daddy:

    Leave it to Limbaugh to politicize the death of Robin Williams to the
    idiots who have nothing else in their miserable lives than listen to his
    Robin Williams was a treasure. A multi-talented icon with a heart for
    humanity. The world is a sadder place because of his death…..
    Will the majority of the country mourn over Limbaugh’s death?
    Enough said! 

  • Slap Stick:

    I love how the druggie is blaming liberalism for what Williams did. At
    this point I’m convinced that Limbaugh is gay. He should just come out and
    embrace it…instead of this “I’m so tough and macho” attitude. Its
    embarrassing at this point. And no, I’m not a liberal. 

  • stpaulimdog:

    Sounds to me like he was simply analyzing someone else’s story about Robin
    Williams. It sounded a bit awkward to me. I think he should have just
    tabled that particular story. Here’s a man that has had some of the same
    difficulties with addiction and could have sympathized. That would have
    made more sense to do that.

  • Mark Young:

    Moron. Rush, you’re hopeless. 

  • Tyler Hardwick:

    The issue is most of what he said was obviously a possibility but the fact
    that he attempted to blame “left wingers” and say that this is them is
    insane good god what a dumbfuck

  • Matt Heath:

    I love how there’s always that guy on a video like this who thinks he knows
    everything. +dgonz26868 is that asshole. 

  • Nathan Knighton:

    So let me get this straight. If you have a mental illness that you
    inherited from your parents or even grandparents that will cause you to
    vote democrat and commit suicide, but you can cure your illness by
    registering to vote republican and watching fox news while high on large
    amounts of oxycontin while performing felatio on a cigar. Ok fatty I’m
    convinced. Sign me up.

  • Nathan Knighton:

    As long as Rush gets stoned on oxycontin and watches fox news and puts a
    nice penis sized cigar in his mouth the world is all rainbows and gumdrops.
    I’m not a lefty or a righty because that’s just a ruse to devide and
    conquer our once great country. I will say this though Rush is a hypocrite
    and a worthless hack. I quit listening to him when he refused to comment on
    the OJ Simpson trial. That told me that he has no balls except the ones
    that hit his chin.

  • Ernest Alfinez:

    I can’t help but LAUGH..

    and I will tell you why. This self absorbed, pill popping, prostitute
    patronizing CUNT is actually the moral compass for a very LARGE portion of
    the country. It is supreme comedy to me that people who worship this CUNT
    heard this and were cheering him on and agreeing with his every sentiment.
    So with that being said when you think about why our country is in the
    condition that it is and why people can not collectively look passed there
    differences to change the coarse of our country..well JUST LISTEN TO THIS
    divisive blabber and you’ll know why.

    People in this country LOVE IGNORANCE…they eat it up and live off of it.
    When you have a guy like this controlling large parts of peoples mind set
    its NO WONDER we have fallen apart. F@#$K YOU RUSH… EAT A HOT BOWL OF

  • ITsJustPain:

    Someone needs to slap this fat piece of shit in the mouth. He can’t help
    but turn EVERYTHING into some ridiculous far reaching political hit
    against.. whoever this chubby bastard doesn’t like. If there is a God in
    Heaven this sweaty pig will have a heart attack.

  • sam mallory:

    Nothing new here. $100 he goes out ODing on pills.

  • christian almli:

    What a sad and pathetic little man. To live your entire life in a
    fantastically black and white worldview where every aspect of humanity can
    be broken down into whether you’re a conservative or a liberal. To have
    lived so long and yet be so immensely stupid. In some ways it must probably
    feel very comfortable to be so void of the responsibility to think
    critically, or in the case of this useless heap of soggy fat, to think at

    The day that Robin Williams died the world did indeed become a lot smaller.
    Thankfully, once this disgusting clown is gone it’ll feel a little bigger
    and brighter again. You disgust me Limbaugh. I have a very special bottle
    of wine that will only be opened once you finally choke on your vile tongue
    and die.

  • David Fischstabchen:

    Go fuck yourself, Rush. 

  • G Rider:

    Bunch of losers here commenting. Limbaugh was analyzing from what the
    article says that ‘survivors guilt’ is why Williams killed himself.
    Limbaugh is suggesting that there is a tie between survivors guilt and the
    political left. Which there is….

  • Tim Jones:

    Your first reaction to the suicide of a legendary actor and comedian is to
    blame your political opponents? – shame #notangry #liberal 

  • Trystan McClellan:

    What a load of crock of shit! To those who are defended him. you are A.
    ignorant, B. is into this whole stupid conspiracy that Liberal is taking
    over Hollywood or world which isn’t true, and C. insensitive as fucking
    hell. Its okay if you are an Republican, but if you believe in this as Rush
    Limbaugh did. I say, “Fuck you all!” 

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