Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) — Argentina’s failure to pay interest on its bonds is a credit event that will trigger settlement of billion of credit-default swaps, …

9 Responses to “Argentina Default Triggers $1B of Swaps in Debt Drama”

  • Hottides:

    Argentina has been crippled by a succession of bastardized fascist and
    socialism policies for the past 70 years. The best thing that could happen
    would be if its more successful neighbors (Brazil and Chile) would reduce
    Argentina to satellite status and install a government whose economic
    policies mimic those of Brasilia or Santiago. 

  • 00Raheem00:

    This is hilarious, “technical default” lol no, Argentine has defaulted, the
    supposed $500m in a US bank doesnt exist, its been dissolved in bonuses,
    exotic products and derivatives. If the US judge allowed to release the
    money, the bank wouldnt be able to “technically” do it 

  • Chris Goddard:

    British guy here….. HAHA lol serves your fucking right. 

  • Matt De Santis:

    Argentina europa america welsh italians spanidiar franches jewishgerman us
    is mexican indian negross niggas and irish decendents sucks my dick patetic
    nord america y the football is futbol no soccer y yankeniggaland no is
    america is us of norte america fukerm

  • Brandan Cromartie:

    That’s sad. So very sad.

  • Mark Horton:

    The holdouts bought the debt on the cheap knowing the situation. They
    should not get anymore than the others settled for, that would still leave
    them with an incredible profit for doing almost nothing.
    The only people entitled to full payment are those who lent believing that
    they would be repaid. They have agreed not to accept full payment, knowing
    the hardship it would create.

  • malthus101:

    Poor Argentinians having that c**t as their leader.

  • ♣Intelligence_x♣:

    Argentina, how hard is it to get your shit together..

  • Matt De Santis:

    Us jeluose and hate of the beuty nation euro america america pure for
    italian americo vespussi italian name form italian no irish or english
    bastard plan of destroyed argentinian of criminal porky wiston churchill
    argentina =peron era primer economia of america and tecnologia nazi
    yankeland and churchil jelause of president john peron. Us the final counts
    for your final criminal country argentina brasil chinna russia sud afrika
    vs yankeland the brics + argentina brisca. .:i

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