, online training program introducing investors to the Commodity Futures market. Includes tutorials, research charting & trading so…
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20 Responses to “Why Trade Commodities & Futures.”

  • ducavonslap:

    “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

  • Sachin Mahur:

    thats perfect. penny stocks must be traded with good advices from veterans.
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  • Gary Jordan:

    I keep update with commodity market with video share by Pitguru, but today,
    I find it interesting with this one. Just wonder why they don’t ask for
    sharing such helpful video. Trading commodities is risky so it’s very nice
    from you guys to share with us the knowledge.

  • jayangli:

    @Satori1800 why is leverage such risk? can’t we use stop loss

  • cooldog60:

    @DwarvenMystic If you get a lock limit move your stop loss will be

  • Joseph De Vito:

    @jayangli I agree. stop/loss is the way to go. thanks :)

  • Vladimir Anatolevich:

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  • cooldog60:

    @jayangli In futures they have lock limit moves.

  • Rowena Sander:

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  • Calvin Le:

  • DwarvenMystic:

    nice vid, the BS part of it however is: you CAN’T lose more than your
    initial investment in the futures markets, no broker will let you go that
    far, thanks to margin call ;)

  • ชิษณุพนธ์ สัญนะ:

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  • John McLaughlin, StockCoach:

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  • Kalvar Saad:

    …and don´t drink & trade.

  • Gregory Webb:

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  • Joseph De Vito:

    THANKs for great video:)

  • starchrome14:

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  • cooldog60:

    I get the impression this guy knows nothing about how to make money trading
    futures that is why he is selling software.

  • claret@autos.industrial” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thanks for information!…

  • sprague@advance.ulcerations” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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