The general women’s meeting is a semiannual gathering of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Women ages eight and older gather worldwide to rece…
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18 Responses to “April 2014 General Women’s Meeting”

  • MusicxxRose:

    Lol Spencer throwing in that the party is on his “private island”. The kid
    uses what he has, gotta give him that.

  • Heidi Garcia:

    I hope they recast spencer. I am so not picking up what he is putting down.
    Sorry kid you need some acting classes. 

  • maryfrancesmendoza:

    I really hope they dont recast the role of spencer. That kid is hilarious
    and a dam good little actor. I especially love the scenes with him and
    Nicolas they have a lot of chemistry. That little actor acts better than
    some of the older actors. I feel so sorry for emma cuz she was saddled with
    one of the worst mothers ever. Robin is a total 0. You would think she
    would try to be a better mom than her mom was. KM needs to exit her role
    for good!!!!. And as for the direction they are taking Luke’s role is
    ridiculous and uncalled for. Dont the writers remember the past and what he
    did to Laura? It was disgusting the things he did to Kiki. I hope they dont
    continue with this storyline. 

  • Krista Brewer:

    Right Morgan, the way the dense cops are goin’ about this, the only way to
    find the shooter is if AJ wakes up

  • Melody Turner:

    thank you for posting..

  • TheZa1994:

    I loved seeing Spencer over reacting about where Ben was. That was funny. I
    also loved seeing him act like a drama queen over Emma tearing his heart
    out and stomping on it. Emma should’ve just handed her father the egg, but
    still, i got really disappointed when i saw him yelling at Emma the way he
    did, snatching the egg out of her hand, and breaking it into little pieces.
    I just hope this doesn’t happen again.

  • richard odea:

    NO way! They better not recast spencer he is great little actor and he will
    get better n better as he is on a soap.soaps have turned many into great
    actors cuz of the experience they get to grow on soaps. And he is perfect
    as a little prince .I hope they let him grow up on the show .like Robyn

  • meme luma:

    i thought sabrina was pregnant…where is her belly?!!!!!!!!!

  • MusicxxRose:

    They can’t at least have Robin call Emma? We don’t have to hear her end but
    being without her mom completely is so wrong.

  • Krista Brewer:

    Luke and Kiki; they shouldn’t even have that on TV!

  • Krista Brewer:

    I said this before and I’ll say it again! I REALLY don’t like that kid!

  • Nekia Chambers:

    Ooowww lmaoo!! U just love the new Luck!!! Lol

  • Nekia Chambers:

    I just love GH!!!!

  • Nicole Edwards:

    Luke is tripping me out!!! 

  • Nicholas Bloom:

    patrick do not yell at little emma like that again cuz she might run to her

  • WatchGeneralHospital:
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