Quicken helps you organize and manage your personal finances so you can get a complete picture of your finances – and stay on top. …

7 Responses to “Quicken Benefits – How to Manage Your Personal Finances with Quicken”

  • Brenda Townsend:

    I am very much impressed, and I have been persuaded to use these services
    in starting a new business. O.will recommend to anyone..

  • JOHN Bessler:

    I am amazed at how well Intuits Quicken Personal Financial Planning
    software has organized my expenses and income into graphs, financial
    statements I just connect my bank account to download my checking account
    which Quicken then analyzes and I make modifications. It is an eye opener
    of what your spend your money with colorful graphs.

  • orangevst:

    Number 1 personal financial software for windows users. – Essentials for
    Mac is just a washout version of it, hate it.

  • easybeat:

    I still use Quicken 2000!! – great software, I can keep track of every
    penny. Killed off in the UK and I can’t find anything (software or on-line)
    that comes anywhere near matching it. Just hope it keeps working. I’d be
    lost without it. People say versions not as good now.

  • smithlee07:

    Hey Quicken why dont you greedy money minded fix the bugs once and for all
    ??? Or do you just plan on releasing Quicken year after year with fuck all
    changes and introducing more bugs on purpose to keep getting customers to
    buy your shitty software ??

  • James DeBee:

    Where is the captioning or closed captioning for this video? I could not
    understand what she saying…… 330 million hard of hearing and deaf
    people in the U.S. could not understand this video without captioning. I
    have an information for adding the captioning service for Quicken company.
    please contact me at

  • Todd:

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