…Jim Rogers – thinks you’ll be better off with commodities than stocks, plus Gold could reach 00 in 5 years.

6 Responses to “Jim Rogers – forget Stocks buy Commodities”

  • Joseph La:

    I think Rodgers knows exactly whats going to happen He used to be George
    soros’s partner but they parted company I think Rodgers is very honest
    because he left Soros and Rodgers is continually trying to warn us , SO WE

  • JBanpanmanBNR32:

    Good call. Since this post, Gold almost touched 2000 last year…

  • SidneyBou:

    stops at 3:13 ob my computer

  • Mutwasze:

    I hope SUGAR doesnt got to $2,000 an ounce because that will be the end of
    the world as we know it! GOLD at that amount means every country is in HOCK
    to the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! (who hold entire countries in Hostage…,ie.,
    IRELAND). The better COMMODITIES are the FOODS/AGRICULTURE especially in
    the LATIN AMERIKA countries. Thatz where the real smart money wiill be (re
    his comments at 3:30). Thus, out would even stay outta GOLD and

  • engine2truck6:

    @jhunted7667 Plato vs Aristotle: a few thousand years later, and the world
    of ideas is fighting the same ideological (and at times physical) battles.

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