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25 Responses to “Culture in Decline | Episode #2 “Economics 101″ by Peter Joseph”

  • Tom Forge:

    So, according to eh gremlin, most of humanity is “wrong” about what it wants. Our wants, needs, and general desires should be reprogrammed to be in accordance with “science.”

    You are committing the “is/ought” fallacy of moral reasoning. I ask that viewers look up this fallacy and understand that Peter Joseph’s premise is leads to a totalitarian computer system run by those declared “educated” on any one issue.

    Fuck this shit.

  • Khadgar07:

    Dude that fucking gremlin thing…Don’t fucking do that gay shit again.

  • zhrmod:

    I found the so-called humor rather distracting than alienating.

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    With that said, the free market has become price driven and not quality driven.I can buy old tools from the 40′s and 50′s that work better than new stuff today. I believe its not in scarcity of products but LACK of scarcity in the money supply and “private interests” running it (the Fed). Something is wrong agreed, just the solution that fits is the problem. I think people will take advantage of what ever system is in place. The Venus Project is one that has others so complacent it’s inevitable.

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    i tend to read Adam Smith and notice the morals the market should have not the invisible hand. I agree to a point and is why I will not buy Mazda. They had the Wankel Engine which was awesome. The had two options with seals that would last 1M miles or 50k miles. They went with the 50k miles and created a piece of crap. Imagine having to rebuild your entire motor every 50k miles when the inferior Otto motor gets 250k no problem. Or plastics that are not UV stabilized yet used on a dash. RANT OFF!

  • pjtrusci:

    Nice one. *high five*

  • GvimBlade:

    well my point was that scarcity is the reason for a lot of crap we have today, not that games are reality. scarcity can be eliminated if we don’t waste resources to make money like we do today. If robots are designed to last they wouldn’t break all that often. even if they would break, is a big deal to fix them once in a while, compared to how much people have to work today..?

  • GvimBlade:

    it’s possible to come up with a motorbike that doesn’t use gas, problem solved. about the bible.. doesn’t it say something about no haircuts or mixed clothing..? or that a woman has to marry someone who rapes her…? the moral part about no killing, not being an ass etc is a good idea, but it’s not always put into practice even by some of the followers

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    WHO is the question .. and is quickly answered in the Luciferian doctrine where enlightened ones will rule over the masses. At least in the Bible God provides our needs in the end, not the controlled masses for the elite rulers. TVP = NWO when you get down to it .. elite few ruling over the masses. Read Ann Rand’s books with this perspective and the hero’s change;-)

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    Wow, you’re right playing video games IS reality and shows people can live together in harmony. Really? Having a game that provides everything is one thing. The oil-economy should show resources are limited and therefore will become an object of desire/need/greed. I know The Venus Project (like to keep the Lucifer reference in;) assumes a totally robotic society providing for our needs. In the real world someone has to fix the robots when they fail and perform their task until they are fixed.WHO

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    “more X than you’d ever need” is a fallacy. That would take hours to blow apart since you cannot define X. I LOVE racing motocross. It uses gas, tears up mother earth and is fun as heck. In your system will I have all the MX bikes I want, all the race gas, all the beautifully watered tracks? Or will I NOT be allowed to ride motocross since YOU do not think I should destroy mother earth? As for the Bible being “outdated bullshit” you obviously have never read it all or you would say different.

  • GvimBlade:

    For people who think greed is inherent.. i’m just gonna use a familiar example for me – video games.. when you have to collect stuff in an online game, people do become greedy, try to scam each other, sell virtual good for real money, but if you play on pvp server where everyone is provided with stuff no one cares anymore, because you got plenty and it’s all about fun… anyone feel like bullshitting about how my example is irrelevant because video games aren’t the same as reality?

  • GvimBlade:

    “you will always have..” why? “Venus Utopian box” it’s not utopia, since it’s not perfect, it’s just better “greed that destroys all the systems” TVP involves eliminating reasons for greed (imagine having more X than you’d ever need.. would you want more or show off how much of it you have?) and… assuming you’re referring to the bible.. good part of it is outdated bullshit, good part of which is overlooked by it’s own followers.. and they don’t even put most of the good bits into practice…

  • Sean Finnerty:

    “Humans have never had any true freedom” -Larry the Logic Gremlin

    Aside from the ridiculous use of animation and the overly pandemic argument you are making, this one sentence deflates your entire reason for changing human society–if there is no human free will then you trying to educate humans to make different choices are intrinsically futile but then again you have choice but make these videos since you too have no free will not make the videos.

  • cvsWebDesigns:

    Irony is people will be people in any system of “economics”. You will always have an elite ruling over the masses, telling them how they must live. Like you are doing here. We must live in your Venus Utopian box without regard to greed that destroys all the systems. Unfortunately the only teachings I have read that work with ALL mankind were written about 2000 years ago, yes a book that is dismissed by PJ. Isn’t Venus the morning star, like Lucifer? Just sayin’

  • rickfaw:

    Nobody seems to remeber the “Trickle Down” theory that ended up be regular grade piss by the time it got to the masses. Empty promises from rich men have proved all my life to be lies and more lies every election that get proven during the service of the liar. Such an outright farce rubbed in the faces of the world and Americans seem to uphold those who screw them hardest as if Gods. Preferring war/death to truth and investigation. Accepting poverty as their lot in life relieves pressure etc.

  • rickfaw:

    Pete if you want complete attention of the masses you have to wear camoflauge and grow a beard,,catch a live animal with your hands for $40 and let your children pass gas on each other simultaneously. Then you’ll get them to get their shotguns and shoot someone completely uninvolved with anything. I showed the religious part of Zeitgeist to a woman and she said she was headed home to shoot herself. You cannot help the helpless who dont want help. They’re culted beyond reason. Cognitively gone.

  • leszczu91:

    but at least we are getting ever so closer to hitting a critical mass. more and more people are now aware of what’s going on. more and more people start to think for themselves and seems like media is using ever more desperate measures to keep us dumb but it yields less results than ever. over last 5-6 years I see that even these stubborn people are starting to realize something ain’t right.we are getting there sir. now it’s only a matter of time before ‘shit hits the fan’ I am waiting for this

  • packleader1215:

    Bob is dead

  • newmethodology:

    It’s time to say ┌∩┐ ►_◄ ┌∩┐ to banks and debt based money.

  • Robert Mann:

    It’s hard enough to believe that he read “the entire Harvard macroeconomic curriculum,” but when he says that the staple of that curriculum is Ludwig Von Mises and FA Hayek that is not doing him any favors either… He is a little closer with Keynes, but that was 70 years ago. It is like saying that Darwin is the central figure in most Biology PhD textbooks. I do not believe that he read those books… None of this proves him wrong, but it does make me suspicious.

  • Ben Angel:

    Although still at an infantry stage there are some extremely promising developments regards solar energy. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for wind power, at the moment. However there are an increasing number of very interesting alternatives.

  • Ben Angel:

    Yes, it’s true that the economy is a vast interwoven amalgamation of every type of trade and transaction humans can imagine. Whilst many of these are very commendable, money is far more of a controlling device than many seem to realise. Even for the few that control others with money – it is still a controlling device. We are being controlled by an artificial commodity. We need a new system that benefits everybody and takes are hearts back closer to nature.

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