Message from the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, to the Australian Army following the announcement on Thursday, 13 June 2013 of civilia…
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TODAY: With her decision, Connie makes enemies; Silas intends to go to any length to get the truth. GH General Hospital 8-7-13 HD ~ FULL EPISODE ~ Have An Aw…
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51 Responses to “Chief of Army message regarding unacceptable behaviour”

  • Fokker TISM:

    Fuck you too.

  • gruntywunty1:

    Another nice intelligent comment…

  • Fokker TISM:

    Fcuk you

  • zhen sern seow:

    is it just me or this guy seems like a really undiscriminating aussies (which ofcourse is fantastic). no offence but my last trip to gold coast wasn’t quite pleasant

  • Sxunk Stinx:

    Im not an Aussie. If it was not for the ANZAC Australian and New Zealand and those within NATO forces your yogurt eating goat milking ass would be speaking German. silly girlyman.

  • lovestory952:

    hey shit skinned ass monkeys tell us y you worthless sub human things hate the Australian military so much its a simple question even dirty inbred family like you lot could understand

  • lovestory952:

    hey shit lips come on tell us y you and your worthless family hate the Australian military so much there must be a reason y you worthless sub human things hate them because you post negative comments on all the Australian military videos

  • lovestory952:

    come on fuck face tell us y you and your worthless family hate the Australian military so much there must be a reason because you worthless people post negative comments on all the Australian military videos

  • denelian1:

    makes me wish i was an Aussie…

  • australbanian8:

    Your ugly-faced race of freckled fukkas are being propped up by minorities, cuntbag. Because you fags can never make it on your own, dipshit.

  • australbanian8:

    We Albanians have a saying, fuck-face. Go into battle willing death and you will come out alive, mudda fukka.

    Aussie’s go into battle willing surrender and you come out with your testicles bamboo-whacked by the Imperial Japanese Army, cunt-face.

  • australbanian8:

    Since when did Australia have an unblemished war record, cuntbag?

    Your dogs don’t have an army, faggot. You have a clubfoot army.

  • Sxunk Stinx:

    listen up your bad mouthed mother fucker. You have totally missed the point due to you being a fuckwit. You dont need to read books to know God. Maybe you need some time up on the front line. When people are shooting at ya mate you tend to find something to belive in Digga. I dont belive in religion I belive in God. Try and wrap your numbskull around that. Tosser. Have a great day and may the loving lights of heaven shine down upon thee.

  • gruntywunty1:

    It’s a concerning point but a valid one at that….

  • roguedrones:

    ….I like this guy…..

  • wattlebough:

    When you’re a minority ethnic group in your own country you lose government and control of the destiny of your people. Just like the Angles and Saxons were governed by the Normans, and the Australian aborigines are governed by whites. Eventually people want to govern themselves, just like the Chechens in southern russia, the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Pashtos and Punjabis of Pakistan, and the Bangladeshis.  It may take a hundred more years, but Multi-cultural countries always break up.

  • malcolm fiets:

    BIg Respect to him, good to see at least some parts of Australian life have matured in the last few years.

  • Steven Stowik:

    Do you even blink bro?

  • Lulu Respall-Turner:

    Great speech, great man, I salute you.

  • Gerald Parker:

    I would think that God or Jesus, the spirits who are in charge of heaven, are the ones that open and close those doors, not the fucking people. I mean damn!, you people are so fucked up with religion, it’s probably just that damn fucked up book, the so called Bible that is. You right wingers are a disgrace! Fuck all religions and beliefs!

  • Dgdaan Oogn:

    If ALL and ONLY Black countries in 1965 let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries and encouraged the non-Blacks to assimilate. Then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that’s not done by accident. It’s obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA genocide.

    This is what’s been done to my people, White people. It’s genocide.

  • zombiekiller117:

    “get with the times you whiny little whore”
    Ok, so your objection is not that there’s anything wrong with having a White Australia, your objection is only that it is not ‘fashionable’ or ‘trendy’ to say so at this present time.
    Men of character speak the truth even when it’s not ‘trendy’
    Spineless wimps repeat what’s fashonable
    The attempt to destroy, in whole or in part, EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
    ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  • gruntywunty1:

    world war 1 happened 99 years ago….ww2 happened more than 60 years ago…get with the times you whiny little whore. In addition to that…the Anzacs fought for freedom. The men might have believed in a white Australia but that’s not why they fought you dense mother fucker.

  • amyanda:

    the birth certificate makes no sense….

  • JGolfnGuy:

    I loved the old lulu I do not like the new lulu I can’t bilive lulu qwite

  • JGolfnGuy:

    I love kiki michal

  • 412markie:

    It’s good that Michael knows the truth that they’re not related. But it’s also better that it came now than 4 or 5 months later. So yeah GH is still very very interesting. =GREATNESS.

  • Devilwoman086:

    I miss crazy Kate.  She was more fun.

  • Devilwoman086:

    Why is Ava’s tongue always hanging out of her mouth?

  • North Poll:

    I don’t watch GH but seeing John McBain as a doctor is tripping me out.

  • TVwatcher814:

    Even since Carly got a hair cut, she just looks stupid. Worse haircut in soap history.

  • Stacy Shapiro:

    not sure i agree i’ve always known starr as starr with blond hair. i don’t think i like this character better and also i did like ava in the beginning but what a fucking bitch i can’t stand her now and im still wondering why she doesnt want silas to know hes the father. she obviously loved him. im guessing it has somehing to do with the quartermane money and the plot she has going on with her brother

  • Stacy Shapiro:

    well i think she does too for no other reason than thats her cousins love interest and you just don’t do that. I mean my god everyone has slept with everyone on this show…No one has any morals!!!

  • Stacy Shapiro:

    God morgan is so ugly to me now….he’s so pathetic

  • lstarsabb:

    Really Sonny because Connie didn’t keep your secret you take that as i’m going to go to Olivia instead what are 4?

  • cursemark3:

    Liz is so dumb choosing aj or Nick but then again she never really made smart choices

  • cursemark3:

    Liz such a dummy, she choose aj over Nick worst choice but then she never been really smart

  • MsDanilea:

    I feel like Olivia needs to get over Sonny. If any relationship she has been in the fall back guy always seems to be Sonny. Find her somebody else please.

  • Shaun Edwards:

    The last couple of eppys of GH have been GREAT!!! The performances are top notch, from JE’s Tracy, whose sarcasm was at a pinnacle point today and MW’s Ava, she brings SOOO much to this show as the first real ‘bitch’ w/ potential, who isn’t a random psycho like Dr(s). Lisa & Obrecht. I actually like KA’s Kiki wayyy better than Starr and the brunette hair is really suits her. The show is back on fire again after a dull May/June. I can’t wait for ALL the secrets to get exposed & the fallout..WOW!

  • MsLuvmusic81:

    Tracy is hilarious but I always hated how she treats AJ

  • Jinx Dragon:

    OMG did that slap actually happen???!! LOL!! Lizzy better run!! :)

  • susie fehr:

    YES morgen YES you are creepy!!!!

  • merlintaint:

    I freakin love Tracy!!

  • passionateformusic:

    Lmao. I know right. It seems SO forced. smh

  • joycelyn EDWARDS:

    ca u please up load today show i am nt getting it

  • MissKhaysee:

    AJ and Elizabeth have 0% chemistry. Watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

  • theoneandonly98:

    I 100% agree with you…people are giving a pass for hooking up with his brother girlfriend behind his back…Micheal should have NEVER kissed his brother girlfriend in the first place.

  • tom:

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