Determined to speak up about America’s crumbling higher education system, three students at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism r…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Economic Infographics The faith and value of the US Dollar rests on the Government’s ability to repay its debt. “The money in the v…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Scholarslip: A documentary about the student debt crisis”

  • Mazog Orcvul:

    Thank Obama for some of this. He cut 4.8 billion dollars in federal grants. What’s 4.8 billion mean when compared to our debt as a nation? Not a damned thing. What does it mean to college students who need as much “free” money as they can get? Everything. I agree with Poo Dragon Warrior’s statement; it does seem that students are treated financially worse than criminals. My daughter is a freshman this year. She wants to go for a PHD…I shudder to think about the debt at the end of that road.

  • Monica Francis:

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  • bigharold11:

    That blonde chick could be a trophy wife

  • wyoboy01:

    If my wife ever told me to pick between them or my children, I’d tell them (the wife) to get the fuck out of my house.


    note to self don’t take out loans

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  • RinRin4o1:

    I never went to College but I finish High School and I been working for 7 years now and get paid 20,000 a year ($10.00 per hour). I was gonna go to College after I graduated high school but with my lack of knowledge, communication, and writing skill. I choice not to go to College instead I started working at the Mcdonald flipping burger than now I work as Assemble, invoice,glue,warehouse, etc. I want to go to College so peoples don’t make fun of me for having a low educated and low pay :( .

  • saifking35:

    Should have majored in Nursing, Engineering, Accounting

  • CondaCorneri:

    god damn this opened my eyes,,

  • io007a:

    no shit man and why hasn’t detroit atracted new industries with the wealth gained? because of the mentality of the coloured, spend have fun don’t think about the future, investment is a blur for them, why am i a racist when i’m saying that? that’s the truth, even they know it, keep banking on them and you’ll se your country fall apart,and sorry about gramar but english is not my first language.

  • manimgoindowndown:

    If anything most of the recent Arab ad Muslim immigrants who are educated Asian migrants to this country are giving D-block a rebirth. A ton of medical industries growing up there.

  • SKYRULE-49:



    NO CAR,







  • tintinftww:

    Detroit is broke because it depended heavily on a failing industry, not because of the large congregation of minorities. Saying “I’m not being racist” doesn’t excuse all the racist filth in your comments. Based on your atrocious grammar you’re clearly lacking any education, not to mention human decency. You’re the one that shouldn’t be allowed to multiply.

  • Lman Rman:

    Business degrees are of limited value – racking up debt for them is not in my opinion a good idea.

  • 3103angel:

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  • io007a:

    well if they all go to porn they wouldn’t get paid anything, supply and demand genius :) ) anyway porn has long been outsourced cheap pornstars from hungary czech republic are internationaly known, as the black asian population increases more outsourcing is inevitable why pay an asian or black american a lot when u can go to thailand philipines,mexico,nigeria and pay a lot less? even porn is a dying industry in america:))

  • io007a:

    spain and us will be bankrupt because of the many coloured people, see detroit you get a lot of black people toghether everything falls apart, i’m not beeing racist here it’s just gypsies mexicans black people have a very atractive culture,who wants to work and contribute to society when u can steal and make 10 babies and the gov gives u money? if u put 5 coloured children in a classroom of 25, the other 20 children will adopt that way of life too,don’t let coloured multiply in one place.

  • io007a:

    man it depends taxes pay for schools that are badly run and nasicly doesn’t teach u anything, but in america seeing how stupid they are it seems that private schools are not doing a better job, i think here is a case of pure theft and coruption, people who run the private schools have acces to public subsidies and don’t compete anymore, i don’t have another answer but americans are well konwn for beeing uneducated and having very little general culture.

  • tocotronicon:

    Spain isn’t going bankrupt because tuiton is free though. My country actually introduced college tuition a few years ago, then abolished it again a couple years later. Of course my parents pay for my education through taxes. But that is not the same as these exorbitant fees American students face when starting college.

  • ibchris1001:

    That is most ignorant statement. Of course you pay for college, through taxes. Your parents pay for it, your neighbors pay for it. Spain is about to go bankrupt because students can’t work and simply keep going back to college over and over again because it’s “free.” Most European nations are slowly starting to implement fees and tuition because they know the cycle of “free” education can’t last.

  • brian race:

    when theres a depression, sometimes dont do anything is better.

  • brian race:

    college is such a scam. 53% percent of people underemployed, or not working clearly shows a depression. 

  • drearydancer:

    i think many of these people are stupid. college is not always worth the sacrifice.

  • tocotronicon:

    i’m so thankfull we dont have to pay for college in my country.

  • Demonocracyinfo:

    I would like to summon Samuel Jackson to do the voice-over for the upcoming videos.
    It would add value by making more people to actually listen.

  • siamese cat:

    Japan owns $1.1 trillion out of $16 trillions…sigh..

  • everties:

    Yes, that’s how the banks take over…as they are.

  • DesertStateNevada:

    Rinse and repeat, you did it again.

  • Ольга Прокопенко:

    Как граждане этой страны ещё могут спокойно спать по ночам, имея такой сумасшедший долг?

  • dpdvatika:

    what a pathetic clown you are… wake the hell up numbnuts…

  • MysticPotato68:

    No country ever paid back its debts. Debts that can’t be paid back, won’t.

  • David Aldridge:

    is ti that the insurance and banking industries are so heavily regulated that the private part of the equation has been neutered? well… I would agree with that. My point exactly.

  • David Aldridge:

    Insurance companies are not owned by governments. Geico (government Emp Ins Co) is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

    Federal Reserve is not government owned/run. Where do the profit go?

    China has been attacking Western Markets for years. They are pursuing dominance of the world financial markets, e.g., via BRIC.

    these things are obvious – begs the question, what is the tricky point to all of this? Only if a company is owned by 1 person is it considered private?

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  • DesertStateNevada:

    No more like youre way too ignorant to realize how things work in the world. Theres debt/capita, which is the entire country’s debt divided among the citizens, do your math or stfu

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    no im just mature enough not to fight with a stubborn fool

  • DesertStateNevada:

    So you finally realized you failed, tried to take one last shit and leave. Fail fail fail. If you dont realize debt/capita or just deny it, youre the real fucking idiot full on retard. Have a nice delusional life.

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    lol you are a fucking idiot and a full on retard but you think you are right and im tired of dealing with a self important moron.

  • DesertStateNevada:

    Once again you proved how fuckin ignorant you are, yes you do have gov. debt everybody does you illogical fool. Doesnt matter what payments you have left from the bank, you also have gov. debt which is divided among the population. Maybe you need to get your facts straight, or learn about a subject before you make yourself seem like an idiot.

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    that debt is interested just like a loan from a bank and that is why some people say we could be “ruled” by china because they could call in thier debt and one of two things could happen us could somehow pay/go to war or submit to china. Individuals debt has absolutely nothing to do with government debt. so ya again you are a full on retard and need to get your facts straight.

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    government debt is when one of two common things happen. one government spends far more money then the amount of revenue they are bringing in. two governments borrowing money from each other for interest such as china is a wealthy center of the world because of their manufacturing in rare metals that are used in electronics and other bussiness ventures. even more so than the us. that is why the united states borrows trillions of dollars from china.

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    you are seriously a fucking idiot government debt has nothing to do with individual debt in that sense you are saying that because the government debt is high my debt will be high loans and credit lines that cause individual debt are caused by private banking where the bank lends you money for say a house then you have to pay it back with a pretty hefty apr over 15-45 years.

  • DesertStateNevada:

    Do you really think eastern EU countries would be able to pay off any of that debt? If you divide the current EU debt with the population then yes its around $30 000, but seriously dont count on poor nations to be able to pay any of it off.. You could say the western (wealthier) EU nations carry the entire EU debt, which is not the same as dividing it with 501 million.

  • Valakian3590:

    The average debt by European citizen is about 28 000$, which is a lot better that in the U.S. check your facts.

  • DesertStateNevada:

    Sorry retard, the more debt a gov. has, the more debt the individuals of that country has. So ya youre really on a delusional roll, keep going maybe you’ll hit 88MPH

  • CosmosPrivateer:

    So O wise one do you consider the Insurance company’s (health and hazard) to be private? Do you also consider the banks to be private?

    O sure China is coming to gets us any day now.

  • CosmosPrivateer:

    FOOL ????

    You think a piece of paper has value? The only value the dollar has is what labor and resources it took to create it and the value people like you put on it.

    When anyone goes to a bank to borrow money that person in fact creates those dollars/debt. Where do actually think it comes from O wise one? Do actually think your bank calls the Fed and ask for some money to loan you?

    The people that value dollars are the FOOLS. For the dollar is the very vehicle that allows others to rob you.

  • Jack Xin:

    This is overly simplistic and does not take into account the federal reserve. You are a fool to believe that a dollar can be created everyone is tied down by debt. In reality, the creators of the dollar get the value of a dollar when they make a dollar and give it to you in exchange for something worth a dollar, minus the few cents it costs to make the dollar. In essence, the dollar-makers are getting a free ride on the people who value dollars.

  • Xo0pro0ox:

    no it doesn’t retard.. gov debt is the deficit between what the government spends on things like expensive wars for example and the amount of tax revenue received it has nothing to do with individual debt. so ya you are really a full on retard.

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