Hosted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, this three-lecture seminar features presentations by Daniel Sanchez, Matthew McCaffrey and Mark …

26 Responses to “Why Economics Matters”

  • Don Stacy:

    The more I learn about economics the more I believe the “labor theory of value” meme was the most destructive economic idea in the history of humankind.

  • RonPaul Revered:

    HAHAHA You are hilarious dude. Maybe you should study Rothbard before Bill Still. I prefer a market standard currency over Bill Still’s democratically controlled currency.

  • Travis Spalding:

    Look up Ayn Rand Social Security Smear Debunked.

  • archivesDave:

    For an alternative solution to this “looking out for # One”, go to youtube and
    search Bill Still’s noted documentary, ‘Secret of Oz’, a REAL eye opener.

  • archivesDave:

    Based on some aspect of a gold standard huh?
    The biggest problem with going back to the gold standard is just the shift of the ‘ruling class One Percenters’….This alternative group would still adhere to their ‘golden rule’:
    “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD, MAKES THE RULES”…btw, Ayn Rand was on the govt
    dole in her latter yrs…(social security)!

  • James Campbell:

    Wow. Mathew lays the law down. Just absolutely outstanding. You, sir, I would love to drink an ale with. Incredible job there; superb articulation.


  • David Klingensmith:

    I just started a petition at The White House We the People Website to abolish the federal reserve. Please sign the position at the following link and forward it to others.­ion/end-federal-reserve/tP771S­Z2
    David Klingensmith

  • shamgar001:

    Makes sense.

  • 70matusz:

    This was a livestream that was then automatically made into a video.

  • shamgar001:

    Why wouldn’t they edit out the beginning before posting?

  • heiden6:

    thanks mate

  • TheSilverbullet99:

    show starts 5:24 thumbs up

  • Sean McCloy:

    Our government was suppose to protect our interest the traitors in DC are working for international interest. They probably are threatened when they get there and probably would suffer some way terrible. I know they relay conversations between attorney client they have to be bc the way they deal with my attorney almost as if they are listening to what I say? They are so big we can’t even identify who they are? We know bilderberg and other societies but other than that we don’t know them.

  • Sean McCloy:

    The people in charge of it all are going to change the rules just before the workers cash in. There is a reason the slackers get caught in their 30 year mortgage. They overspent and they got too much home for their money. If you have debt you should do all you can to clear that debt when you are in debt you are a slave.What was sick was the corporations dismantled by borrowed money by wall street in the 80′s They destroyed one of the best economies on the planet. Like carving up the Mona Lisa?

  • jeffsandychelsea:

    Well clearly, people don’t want to live in dome houses. They value the aesthetic appearance of a traditional home more than the greater safety and efficiency of a dome home. It may be out of ignorance or pure foolish opinion, though I suspect it is a combination of both.

  • Sean McCloy:

    What blows my mind was the homes destroyed in the 1999 OKC tornado were again destroyed by the 5-13 tornado. These homes should have been rebuilt to withstand F5 tornado. It can be done affordably the homes will make it to the other side with little damage. Cars can be sheltered inside the domes if constructed properly. Concrete dome homes cost around the same to build initially but their return is in its efficiency and durability. Maintenance cost are minimal too. I am not into the nonsense.

  • Sean McCloy:

    They are not to destroy quality functioning infrastructure like trolley systems to install interstate systems to provide for suburbs to fuel this dream where oil companies eventually produce their way out of a job by overproduction of oil? We need roads but not for 70 mph transport we need roads for efficient speeds go faster you tear them up faster More resistance to atmosphere costing more fuel. Slap the long distance runners on hotel trains park them airplanes measure worth by joules calorie.

  • Sean McCloy:

    My issue is not with the welfare class but with the so called capitalists that say I can’t get a loan to build a home that would out perform all other homes offered. I believe they are preventing building of said homes bc of all the people that it would cut out of jobs. Politicians saying they will create jobs makes me cringe it is not their place to create jobs the only jobs they create kill people it is war. Everything they do is an expense to us. They are to save money not create jobs.

  • Sean McCloy:

    Sure communism did not work but we have strains of socialism mixed in with capitalism the system is meant to be a good one but we have way too many laws governing us it should not be that way we were meant to have a fixed moral compass inside us. It is why projects don’t work bc those people have not worked for that home. They don’t own it so they are going to destroy it. If they owned it and would suffer from cold or heat after they would not destroy the good home they were given.

  • Sean McCloy:

    We are not in a capitalistic society it is fascists. If you are in line with corporate interest you sidestep laws zoning things are forgiven. You can race with the state police doing over 100mph on active interstates and not be spanked for it. You can drink and drive have them see it and look the other way. We are not represented at a federal level anymore. They get to DC and it is as if they are owned by the wizard. It will cause revolution of some sort. Maybe a quiet riot will do I doubt it.

  • Sean McCloy:

    Tuk tuk camper, prius camper, why? BC the TTC insurance should be no more than $100 a year.P climate control functions when pluged in recharging. P will drive 10 miles on E it will repay fuel saved.You can bet if people made these mainstream they would seek a way to drive cost of keeping them. Zoning R1 very expensive. Mx people come here they quadruple clock their units. 30 people for R1 clearly outside zoning they get away with it the law is not for them it is for us with the deep pockets.

  • Sean McCloy:

    I saved a lot of money I did not have to pay rent I did not have to pay for a car to drive I lived the very definition of a minimalists. I rented a storage unit and would rent a hotel for my 3 days off then I would return to work. I made good money when at work and was able to save tremendous money. I earned a dollar very little went to my lifestyle. I was able to avoid much of what people feel they must have. Today one could really cut out a lot of the useless crap the commute.

  • Sean McCloy:

    I am listening to this it is a lot of BLA BLA basically you have need supply and demand. I don’t want to fill my home with 10 mosin negants if I ca get a 22lr semi auto to do the job. I lived as a trucker for many years. I used bush showers I ate tv dinners I worked and I slept most of my days I listened to radio all day and it was how I entertained myself. I had no daily commute it was every 3 weeks. It is a hard life you have little social connection all phone calls. Very little face time.

  • Sean McCloy:

    I love my prius I know I get to keep $1K for every 10K miles driven compared to a car size that matches the car. Want to know what I would like better than this car? If we had our trolley system established where I would not have to own a car. I would love to do my business like they do in NOLA but I can’t afford the land or the floods. I might like NYC but no legal guns and psycho mayor is not my bag. I want to defend myself if I must legally. I have $52K tied up in my home. I am debt free.

  • Sean McCloy:

    I am not interested in communism I am interested in removing all the grey work in industry. Reducing the paper. I rather flat tax abolish the IRS. If people were on welfare I would hand them tools for farming and have them return something for their pay. Even if they did not eat the food if they were able bodied they had better grow something. Same thing for food stamps I would want them to know just how difficult it is to produce food or if they are good how easy it is.

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