Sale Sets High Watermark for 2013 Domain Acquisitions

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

Online domains are among the most quickly-appreciating of all commodities, and they are emerging as pivotal forms of currency in today’s increasingly-digital world. As a case in point, the domain name recently sold for a total of almost $ 500,000—a mere fraction of its true worth—making it the single highest dollar domain sale of the year. Now, the team behind the newly-launched has issued a new statement to the press, commenting on the thought process behind its decision to purchase the much-coveted domain. is an industry-leading reputation management and online brand enhancement company, devoted to providing individuals and companies alike with a complete say in how they are portrayed on the Internet. The company purchased the domain from Chuck Pettis, VP of Marketing at MakerBot. Pettis—who is also the founder and president of BrandSolutions, Inc.—sold the domain as part of his transition into more full-time work for MakerBot, a 3D printing company that was launched by his son in 2009, and which Pettis recently sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

As for the buyers, the newly-christened team was formerly known as Reputation Changer—but according to company president Michael Zammuto, the transition from Reputation Changer to made sense on several levels. “This was an ideal opportunity for Mr. Pettis, but also for the Reputation Changer team,” Zammuto observes, in the company’s new statement to the press. “The deal worked out for Chuck because he was ready to shift his entire focus to MakerBot, and it worked out for us because we were prepared to move into a more high-traffic domain.” The gambit has paid off in a big way: Thus far, the new domain has brought the team 300 percent more global monthly searches than its nearest competitor in the online reputation management space. “We now have a huge strategic advantage in this rapidly-growing industry,” Zammuto remarks.

“Essentially, has catapulted itself to become the most visible firm in the online brand enhancement and reputation management industry,” Zammuto continues. The repositioning of Reputation Changer as comes at an ideal time, as more and more high-profile individuals and companies—including Fortune 100 brands, political figures, and celebrities—are coming to recognize the importance of online reputation management.

“Our company posted 600 percent growth in 2012, and now is on track to achieve 1000 percent growth by the end of 2013,” Zammuto says. “Much of this growth stems from the fact that online reputation management itself is becoming so important, and so hotly in-demand, with more and more big corporations and national governments seeking to control the way they are presented on the Web. Our company has proven its ability to create brand equity and to help our clients shape the way they are portrayed on the Internet.”

Zammuto also notes that the higher visibility that the company has, through the domain, will “continue to solidify online reputation management as a central marketing and PR concern among all organizations and public figures.”

The domain name was owned by Chuck Pettis since 1995, and he used the domain as the homepage for his own branding services firm, BrandSolutions, Inc. He listed the domain last February, for $ 500,000; the domain was ultimately acquired for a discount, but the final sale—more than $ 400,000—still qualifies it as the biggest domain purchase of the year to date. Though was initially being sold for millions of dollars, Pettis’ recent sale of MakerBot, for $ 400 million, made him willing to part ways with the domain for a small fraction of its real worth.

ABOUT: is widely recognized as the foremost online reputation management and brand enhancement firm in the world, working with individuals and organizations alike and assisting them in establishing their online authority and credibility. Heralded as the #1 online reputation management agency by and honored as a Red Herring Top 100 Company in 2013, continues to innovate new reputation management techniques and technologies from its offices in Philadelphia. The company is equally devoted to pioneering reputation defense strategies, PR management techniques, and the development of cutting-edge technologies. The ultimate mission of is to establish each client’s personal or corporate brand as a brand of choice.

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