Homes for Rent in Lake Magdalene, FL Now Posted Online by PLB Investment Group

Lake Magdalene, Florida (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Locating available property for rent in populous cities is one struggle for individuals and families with immediate need for housing. One local company is now helping individuals by posting its homes for rent in Lake Magdalene, FL online. The PLB Investment Group created its website at to offer easy access to review the current homes available for rent online. This growing portfolio of homes is designed to provide immediate availability for housing inside the Tampa, FL area.

Renting property now provides one method of housing for many people. Locating properties for rent using real estate agents or other professionals can be one challenge to established or new residents. The credit requirements can be one blockade that could prevent a person from establishing a lease agreement for an available property.

The company owned homes that are published online by the PLB Group are available to rent through a series of new financing programs that are designed for people with less than average credit ratings.

“We own the homes that we rent and sell to consumers,” a source from the PLB Investment Group added. The methods to creatively finance a person with a lower credit rating are proving to be alternatives to landlords or other methods of acquiring a monthly rental contract. Credit issues are a common reason for denial of many rental applications in the U.S.

“Our homes are internally financed and our lease agreements are customized for each individual,” the source added. These updated services were created this year due to the larger than average demand for leased properties in the Southern part of Florida.

The properties listed for rent online are in addition to services that have been designed to help sellers of real estate. The for sale by owner process is one of the most complicated to learn for homeowners searching for a way to sell homes without complications.

A series of services has been launched this year that directly help homeowners experiencing extraordinary circumstances to sell a property without restrictions or blockades. Company application forms now exist on the website that can be completed online and submitted to company housing specialists to expedite consumer services.

About PLB Investment Group

The PLB Investment Group has established is presence in the Tampa, Florida area as an alternative to real estate agents or realtors to complete sale or lease to own transactions. A group of company investors handles all of the buying and selling that takes place in the local area. A redesigned company website is now a source of information for non-realtor transactions to the public. The PLB Investment Group company currently purchases up to 10 properties in the local area each month to expand its growing portfolio of homes available for rent or purchase by consumers.

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