David McWilliams, Irish economist, gives us our first lesson in punk economics. Writer/Director: David McWilliams http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/ Producer/Edi…

Speaker(s): Professor Peter Hall Chair: Professor David Soskice Recorded on 14 March 2013 in New Theatre, East Building. This presentation explores the origi…

31 Responses to “Punk Economics 1: The European Debt Crisis”

  • realomon:

    populistic bullshit

  • David Klingensmith:

    I just started a petition at The White House We the People Website to abolish the federal reserve. Please sign the position at the following link and forward it to others.
    David Klingensmith

  • ahmed osama:


  • Astavakra1981:

    Economics is not an science and it never will be. And the nobel prize for economics is not a real Nobel-prize, because Alfred Nobel never created one. The so called nobel prize for economics was created by the Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish centralbank) in 1968, to give economics an air or scientific credibility.

  • paganom10:

    Nonsense. The crux of austerity is not that countries can’t pay their debts, it’s that they won’t. It means that broken countries which spend too much on lavish government programs and are horribly mismanaged by corrupt bureaucrats need to be reformed.

  • carultch:

    Why does everyone think that it is a violent crime to be a banker?

  • rotoscoop:

    Doing the same thing over and over again not a definition of stupidity, it’s an example of it.

  • delarhuc:

    Come on man! Prods and Catholics… you just lost ten ounces of respect from me with that shite. Why do you have to mention that? Plus, you make it sound like politics was unaware and fell into this… it was a plan!!!

  • Tobasm:

    this guy has too many prejudices.. not balanced…

  • flowerchild69:

    You forgot to take your medicine. 

  • DnBastard:

    multiculturalism is enforced by white people, ever been in a 3rd world country?
    Open your eyes dipshit.


    “Multiculturalism” is a program that is FORCED upon EVERY & ONLY White countries.
    “Multiculturalism” is a program to turn EVERY White country into a non-White country.
    This IS geNOcide. WHITE geNOcide.
    If you are White, and you object to your own geNOcide, you are called a RACIST!
    Well guess what, my people, White people, are catching on very quickly to the following two things:
    1 — Multiculturalism is a code for White geNOcide.
    2 — Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

  • Ben Bensen:

    If you like economics and music, listen to Help The Rich and Adam Smith. Just click on the pic to the left.

  • Ben Bensen:

    If you like economics and music, listen to Help The Rich and Adam Smith. Just click on the pic to the left.

  • Ben Bensen:

    If you like economics and music, listen to Help The Rich and Adam Smith. Just click on the pic to the left.

  • Ben Bensen:

    If you like economics and music, listen to Help The Rich and Adam Smith. Just click to the left.

  • hambog15:

    Good video but very politically motivated

  • d. irving:

    6:25 – “somebody has got to spend! And if the government doesn’t spend, who will?”
    The pinnacle of broken economics…

    We’ve had the separation of church and state; I hope we someday see the separation of economy and state.

  • TheNoncube:

    LoL again most of this is just garbage. Very few actual economic principles are talked in this video and a lot of just plan nonsense. Blaming Germany for not wanting to bailout other countries that where not responsible like Germany. No talk on the social state that demands massive government spending and in turn requires government to borrow. Again there is almost no real economics in the video.

  • Ja0Ro:

    If only someone think about what causes the bussiness cycles in the first place. Maybe the governments are trying to remove the very thing they created.

    If I have a debt, how it is gonna help me to get more debt? The sugestions of this video are flawed as is the keynesian economy.

    How about spending only that much I can afford, it used to work pretty well, but now it seems like revolutionary idea.

  • ben ur:

    in summary, europe sould do like the US and increase the debt limits each time they reach it..

  • Rrumiiii:

    that was really impressive. i am going to watch it again!!

  • niceonebrotha:


  • str8sk8t:

    Another proof of this is Iceland who bailed out citizens and imprisoned bankers! and another example of the european debt crisis is America now!

  • aecoulson:

    Peter Hall is an outstanding, erudite scholar.

  • Jay Stimson:

    The big picture: /watch?v=1IeT2nmLOnw
    You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

  • Max:

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