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19 Responses to “The Limit Definition of Derivatives! — Calculus! —”

  • Urso Chico:

    Great teaching ! Super cool

  • jackpics:

    A lot of things “should” be free. Unfortunately, such a system does not work. Do you expect this tutor to create an intricate website and use his expertise for free? Are you planning to work for free? I mean, whatever you’re doing for work “should” be free.

  • barplyer:

    Yep which kinda sucks. A lot of profs told that having a degree doesn’t really mean shit now. Cause a lot of people are having them. Employers are more concerned at your working experience from co-op placements etc in order to get a job. And most employers don’t give a shit about your marks anyways.
    When we have 4 months off, most students work during the time to get their tuition and books get paid off. And then you would had to rely on loans or your RESP to pay for your rent.

  • JB3DProductions:

    It’s only too expensive because government pushes up the price of tuition through student loans, basic supply and demand. Tuition never used to cost this much, and if you did want to go, you could work off your tuition with part time work, by the time you graduated your tuition was paid. And back then, you didn’t need a degree to get a good job, but now because the market is being flooded with degree holders, even degrees are becoming worthless, again, supply and demand.

  • barplyer:

    Try Patrickjmt or Khan Academy instead. They are free.
    Actually there’s starting to be a huge competition between them to see which one is better.
    Patrickjmt is better in my opinion. He only spends a few minutes explaining everything in a nutshell instead of spending 20 minutes explaining it.

  • barplyer:

    He’s talking about tuition. In fact tuition is actually the cause of many people not going to school because it’s too expensive. Plus these days you can’t get a decent job without a degree.

  • JB3DProductions:

    Education is not free, you can’t just enslave someone to teach you. It takes time and energy to teach someone. He can charge for the time and energy need to teach. If you don’t want to pay someone to teach, go teach yourself.

  • ThatTutorGuy:

    Sorry about the audio, see description above.  I just made this video free on the site.

  • TheEternalTimeTravel:

    Not cool :-(
    Education should be free! I blame the money hungry capitalist!

  • Monica Muniz:

    I just want to take a second and say Thank you for being a genius.

  • Michael Ghirmay:

    I like it, but in half way the audio cut out…

  • ThatTutorGuy:

    sorry, I messed up exporting the file for youtube. The full version (with sound) is on our website, but behind pay wall. I’ll fix youtube vids over T-day weekend

  • Mike Cho:

    I was watching so intently… until the audio muted out at 11:28. NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!

  • jessiicax0:

    audio went mute at 11:28 never heard a word after that

  • Adam:

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