Work4 Releases First Social Job Sharing Solution That Empowers Recruiters with Full Automation, Customization, and Control

San Francisco (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Today, Work4, the #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution, announces the release of its brand-new recruiter productivity solution, Social Job Sharing Recruiter. This powerful solution, which has already been adopted with great success by many of Work4’s Fortune 500 clients, empowers talent acquisition professionals to automatically share jobs across social networks, scale and promote specific hiring initiatives, engage a talent community, and spread a branded recruiting message, while putting control–and time–back into the recruiter’s hands.

With nearly all recruiters now using one or more social networks to find and engage talent, it becomes ever more imperative for employers to find cost-efficient and effective methods for streamlining the process of sharing jobs through social media. This is now mission critical, with 89% of today’s candidates active on social networks, and 81% of job seekers on Facebook expecting companies and brands to post job opportunities there.

Work4 takes efficiency and optimization of social job distribution to the next level by giving recruiters the ability to “set it and forget it,” while retaining complete control over the jobs and messaging shared with friends, followers, and connections through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

“Our main goal is to facilitate a better connection between recruiters and candidates while saving employers time and resources,” said Work4 CEO Stéphane Le Viet. “By putting powerful automation tools for broadcasting jobs over social networks in recruiters’ hands and then streamlining how they control and customize messages and sharing, we’re able to help companies reach more of the right people with the right jobs in less time and with fewer wasted resources.”

On the macro level, Social Job Sharing Recruiter represents an HR management tool that can give employers global visibility into recruiters’ sharing activities, as well as insight into the performance of individual recruiters’ sharing campaigns and social media channels. On the micro level, this solution gives organizations’ individual recruiters control over the jobs they “own,” from scheduling specific jobs to customizing the messaging and choosing the frequency of posts on each social network.

Already, Work4’s premier clients, including many global Fortune 500 organizations, have seen tremendous success: the solution has already driven an average of 34% of job views and 30% of apply clicks on 10 beta customers’ Facebook Career Sites.

“Although our adventure with Work4 is a relatively young one, we couldn’t be happier with the services so far,” said National Bank of Canada’s Eric Belair, Senior Consultant Talent Attraction and Diversity. “Work4 enables us to easily and automatically distribute and share our various career opportunities across our selected social media platforms. This tool allows us to save time while reaching precisely the right candidates…Work4 has quickly become a key tool in our recruitment strategies.”

Social Job Sharing Recruiter is a revolutionary social recruiting tool because it provides recruiters with a single, easy-to-use platform for managing their job distribution across social networks, while eliminating the factors that often limit successful implementation of a social recruiting strategy, such as time, ease of adoption, or incompatibility with existing technology.

This solution integrates with existing talent management systems, so recruiters can continue using familiar tools without having to invest in or train on new technology. Jobs imported from an applicant tracking system are pushed to the chosen social networks with natural language and rotating text; however, recruiters have the ability to create custom, branded calls to action, which makes Social Job Sharing Recruiter a great tool for strengthening employer branding. Increased brand awareness, in turn, can help bring in more potential candidates, which has the potential to increase the number of completed job applications and speed the hiring process.

Social Job Sharing Recruiter can also be embedded in a corporate career site while working in tandem with other Work4 offerings, in order to bring candidates back to a custom branded Facebook Career Site and help recruiters monitor progress and campaign effectiveness with analytics.

Said Le Viet, “From simplifying the recruiter’s process to expanding the reach of job shares, to increasing job views and brand awareness, Social Job Sharing Recruiter promises to help recruiters tap into the power of social networks to better connect with the right candidates.”

For more information, download Work4‘s latest whitepaper, “The Science of Social Job Sharing: How to Effortlessly Tap Your Social Network for Referrals and Passive Candidates.”

About Work4

Work4 powers social recruiting by making everyone a recruiter and everyone a candidate. 

We help thousands of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, find, engage, and hire top talent with our all-in-one recruiting solution for Facebook. Work4 allows employers to reach candidates through a Facebook Career Site and on mobile devices, take advantage social networks to drive employee referrals, and target Facebook’s 1 billion users with intelligent recruiting ads. Work4 brings cost-effective, efficient sourcing and hiring to the world’s top companies by leveraging the reach and scope of the world’s largest and most powerful social network. 

Established in 2010 and backed by top tier investors such as Matrix Partners and Yuri Milner, Work4 has offices in San Francisco and Paris. For more information, please visit our website (, Facebook Page (, or Twitter account (@work4labs).

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