Outsourcing jobs MP Kellie Leitch on RBC replacing Canadian staff with temporary foreign workers.
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RBC outsourcing jobs Canada’s largest bank is replacing some of its Canadian employees with foreign workers. Kathy Tomlinson reports.
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  • Jez Smith:

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  • Jez Smith:

    If you don’t have enough time for your family because your work is demanding a great time from you then it’s time that you outsource. Outsource to the Philippines.You just don’t get a time for your family but you got to cut your costs as well as you got to get brilliant people to work for you.

  • HEpennypacker420:

    canada is going down the shitter, fast.

  • zzL0RDEnglish:

    Temporary Foreign Workers Program is a joke.

  • randy szymkowski:

    RBC CEO Gord Nixon makes $11,851,900 a year. That’s more than the CEO of Walmart.

  • George Lewis:

    this happen everywhere in world

  • Jez Smith:

    ” Save thousands of dollars in your online business by hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant. Type in YOUTUBE search ” How to outsource to the Philippines” by Jez Smith. Watch the Video to find out how.”

  • Rick Melo:

    The “rules are very clear – you can’t displace canadian workers”. I have news for the Government – this has been happening now for years!!!!!

  • John Zhou:

    Indian guys ocupy canada, iGate,Tata….., 5750 explorer avenue, mississauga.

  • dougat:

    Check out the Kitchener/Waterloo news paper to see how Manulife treated 2 of their hardest working employees! They treated them like slaves from the past and then hoofed them out!

  • Grossly Insubordinate:

    I have taken out my money from RBC and put it in a Credit Union Bank.. I always knew this for years and would tell others to watch out for these South Asian coming to Canada soo easily.. I have worked in HR for 7 years and I can tell you this much if you’re White or Black you will never get a good proper job with Private Sector company.. cause you are consider a future Grossly Insubordinate employee who might ask for your rights and/or form a Union..

  • Rodster La:

    Pull everything out of RBC. Show them we won’t deal with this BS no more.

  • randy szymkowski:

    Gord Nixon makes $11,851,900 a year.

  • randy szymkowski:

    Use people from India that get virtual slave labour wages. Yeah, they’re going to save money so good old Gordie Nixon can get a bonus on top of the millions he already earns. These corporate governance Nabobs are only concerned with lining their own pockets. Don’t these fractional reserve bankers make enough lending the same money a multiple number of times over? Talk about scamming. The only people making money at the banks are the assholes at the top.

  • b coolio:

    yeah right rbc is “helping them” find positions…when they let you go they say you have 60 days to look on internal job postings, after that…see ya…..I am ex RBC and no my job wasn’t outsourced :-)

  • YamaKorg:

    You’re right! Canadians are far too passive.

  • loung tran:

    Funny how you people noticed this now look at candian tire, walmart , Tim hortons, mc dicks etc this Bern happening for awhile

  • angel830:

    You’re kidding right… The federal government is a right wing government who wil use and abuse anyone including you so that large corporations can succeed. Outsourcing is not the first company to be outsourcing… the government allows it. Fairness and equality is NOT on the agenda of the PC party…exploitation, dicatatorship IS on the agenda. By any means necessary. The government knows people are idiots and fools and the onlything they will do is blame people from india…and not them.

  • Daniel A.:

    This is Disgusting.
    I was a client of RBC for 15 years… and today I closed my account!
    Shame on you RBC.

  • DavidSilverNews:

    I never had a problem with RBC before this, but now I do

  • logun24x7:

    This is BullShit….I don’t think I want to support a company that doesn’t support Canadian workers. How the hell are we going to get this economy running again where the rich are killing domestic jobs to save a buck, just to make the 1% richer……Hello 1%, eventually the peasants pick up their pitch forks and torches and storm the Castle

  • robbcrx:

    The Banks hold the government hostage ! Those who have the most money win ! Dispicable !

  • sweiland75:

    Canada for sale.

  • dougat:

    RBC, MFC, IBM they are all the same rotten dirty apples! Let’s start a Canadian Credit Union that can be run honestly by the real people and not the ivory tower boozers and crack heads!

  • crayonplane:

    I hope the report was more extensive than this. Displacing Canadians?!? How about displacing National Security, outsourcing banking IT jobs to be a foreign owned company… one thing is certain if it does constitute a security threat, the government and the CBC will be the last to know it, as well the prevalence of this practice or am I supposed to be believing this is a first.

  • rexx15:

    The sad thing is that the actual employe train him! WTF!

  • Seventizz:

    Disgusting. Why not just outsource upper management? It’s one thing to outsource out of Canada – it’s quite another to do it on our own turf. IGate needs to leave Canada and RBC needs to be penalized. Hopefully Canadians pull their accounts out of RBC in DROVES.

  • Joe:

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