Patrick Dixon ranked one of world’s 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers 50 2005) Great events change peop…
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  • Ben Bensen:

    Your Children Don’t Know Who You Are: a dark song about management. Listen and leave a comment. Thanks.

  • holyfriar:

    Dear Doctor can you give me a couple of hints on how to manage new young employees and older employees who have been there more than 10 years.

  • georginapeak:

    you are an infectious speaker, I just wanted to get the gist of your thoughts on this topic and ended up watching the whole thing in spite of pressing deadlines. I found your last point on technology interesting as I fear people are losing the ability to communicate without technology, very worrying for future relationships on a corporate and political level. Although technology allows for fast widespread communication its difficult to involve people on a personal level.

  • pjvdixon:

    Great – enjoy all the other videos on my pjvdixon channel on leadership and motivation.

  • pjvdixon:

    Thank you for your encouragement – LOADS more leadership videos on this pjvdixon channel and also articles etc on my main globalchange and dot and com site.

  • Jack John:

    Can you talk about sustainable economy and business modal.

    Jack John

  • Jimmy James:

    It wasn’t that there was too much movement. I had the same feeling – it was that the level of zooming in on the doctor was too much and, therefore, gave me a bit of motion-sickness. I couldn’t view full-screen because it did make me a bit queasy. If the videographer zoomed out a bit more it would have made a world of difference. It’s a tough call: you want to be able to “feel” passion but if you zoom out you miss that “being there” emotional connection between you and the EXCELLENT speaker.

  • Jimmy James:

    I think you need to set an example. Your family, children, clan, associates, etc. are only going to be as good, hard-working, thoughtful and understanding (and much more that I can’t think of right now :-) ) as you put forth. Managers/leaders *must* talk to their people (sounds like a no-brainer but I’ve seen it time after time), *listen* to their people, include the appropriate personnel early in projects, etc., TRUST their employees (otherwise, why did you hire them?) and MACRO-Manage! Oy…

  • Jimmy James:

    I loved this! It reaffirmed some of my thoughts and beliefs, changed what I *thought* I knew, inspired me to be more in many, many different ways and areas, and made me think much more about what I am doing, what I will/should do. I will, and need to, continue learning from great persons such as the doctor. Thank you so much for this. I believe this should be viewed by everyone and anyone!

  • pjvdixon:

    Really delighted that you found it helpful. What do you want to learn more about?

  • Linda H:

    So glad i found this…I have so much to learn when it comes to leadership and business…And looking forward to this learning opportunity….PFC Hale , Linda C. USAR

  • migdad ali:

    great info , i have a question, as project manager how can you use effective leadership to handle problems caused by the temporary nature of the project and to motivate the team to achieve the goals of the project , since its temporary? thanks your consideration will be highly appreciated

  • migdad ali:

    great info , i have a question, as project manager how can you use effectibe leadership tohandle problems caused nu the temporary nature of the project and to motivate the team to achieve the goal , since its temporary? thanks your consideration will be highly appreciated

  • pjvdixon:

    What do YOU think great leadership, motivation and management is all about? What skills do YOU think are the most important of all? Your comments will be read by 100s of 1000s of people and I try to reply to every one.

  • pjvdixon:

    What do YOU think makes a successful event? What’s the worst horror story YOU have of a truly awful event? What are the things that make you MOST annoyed at conferences? How can conference organisers do things better?

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  • pjvdixon:

    Thanks - glad you liked the video.

  • Danielle Walton:

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  • Milkey Love:

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  • Scott Epp:

    Nice motivational video… is always a help to those who need it.

  • simysimss:

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  • pjvdixon:

    Glad you found it helpful.

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