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CBE Companies is Expanding in the Cedar Valley

CBE Corporate Headquarters, 1309 Technology Parkway, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Cedar Falls, Iowa (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

CBE Companies (CBE), a newly formed business process outsourcing (BPO) company, announced that it is actively recruiting for over 120 new positions in Waterloo and Cedar Falls. The company also announced that it is closing its West Des Moines operations later this year. Both are part of a larger strategic plan positioning CBE for expansion in the Cedar Valley due to growth with the company’s current client base, as well a re-structured business model to include an array of BPO solutions.

Chairman and CEO Tom Penaluna said, “While the decision to close the West Des Moines operational site was very difficult, our strategic plan positions CBE to become so much more than it is today, which is very exciting. We are entering the marketplace with innovative solutions that solve specific business challenges for our current and future clients. Therefore, the talent we need continues to evolve. This presents tremendous opportunity for current and future CBE employees.”

This is not CBE’s first expansion in the Cedar Valley. CBE was formed in 1933 and has maintained its corporate headquarters in the area ever since. Just ten years ago, CBE employed 150 individuals in the Cedar Valley. Today, that number is nearly 600. Because the company has realized a rich talent pool in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls market, it is able to retain and add jobs as needed. Penaluna said, “CBE is in a growth expansion. Closing the West Des Moines office positions us better to reduce costs while utilizing surplus space in other existing offices in Iowa and Kansas. We continue to be impressed with the quality of job candidates in the Cedar Valley area where the bulk of our immediate expansion will take place.”

Through its subsidiary, CBE Group, the organization is consistently recognized as a top five Employer of Choice in the Cedar Valley. It has also been recognized by WorkplaceDynamics as one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces. Senior Vice President of Human Resources Mary Phillips said, “We are proud to offer a workplace that employees say feels like family. Our employees benefit from an innovative culture, advancement opportunities, personal and professional training and development, as well as a competitive benefits package.”

Interested candidates can find complete job descriptions and apply online at

About CBE Companies

CBE Companies was formed in 2013 in an effort to expand in the marketplace and emerge as a BPO organization. Today, CBE Companies is the parent company of CBE Group, CBE Customer Solutions, and Argent Account Acquisitions. The mission of CBE Companies is to make its customers better through a focus on the deepest understanding of its customers’ business, innovative solutions that provide clear value in solving specific business challenges, and a unique culture and investment in employee engagement.


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Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy Assists Student of Esthetics Kianna Lee to Launch her Own Spray Tanning Business Ruby Sunkissed Tan

Kianna Lee from Ruby Sunkissed Tan

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has just announced the successful certification of their student Kianna Lee. Kianna is presently studying esthetics after her short stints as an X-Ray technician and marketing professional. Since the last few years, several professionals from other fields have decided to become a part of this growing business field to build a rewarding career. The Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has now become the leading choice for the best possible hands-on training support to become an airbrush tanning expert. This Southern California based institution is owned and operated by one of the most proficient spray tanning experts in the country Simone Emmons. Simone’s knowledge, skill, and compassionate nature has made her the most trusted mentor for any aspiring spray tanning technician or business owner.

Kianna has now started her new business Ruby Sunkissed Tan, serving Los Angeles cities such as West Hills, Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Calabasas, Woodland Hills and surrounding areas. She also intends to travel beyond California to places like Las Vegas, Miami, and Atlanta to offer mobile tanning services. Discussing her decision to start a spray tanning business, Kianna says, “I am a previous medical X-Ray Technician graduate & also did Marketing for some time. I am presently studying esthetics and decided to do spray tanning to allow my own schedule in the warm seasons.” She has thanked Simone and her academy for all the support in building her career as a professional spray tanning expert.” There is no way Ruby Sunkissed Tan could ever leave a client unsatisfied with the unique spray tanning techniques taught by Simone! Thank You Simone, from Ruby Sunkissed Tan”, she said.

For Hollywood style airbrush tanning services from Kianna, please call (213) 293-9867

or visit

Many aspiring airbrush tanning professionals like Kianna prefer the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy over other training institutions because of the high quality training offered by Simone. In addition to teaching the art of sunless tanning, Simone also helps all her students with the necessary marketing guidance. Most of the training centers only offer a 3-4 hour long training sessions and require the purchase of machine and solutions in order to receive the training. However, the students of the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy receive in depth training on all aspects of spray tanning including equipment, solutions, protective equipment, ventilation, OSHA regulations, and so much more. The academy also negotiated discounts with several different distributors who offer student discounts on machines, solutions and supplies.

About Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy:

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is located in Los Angeles, California and offers an extensive Airbrush Tanning Certification program to anyone who wishes to learn the art and business of spray tanning. Simone Emmons, the creator of the spray tanning training program has been a professional, licensed spray tanning technician and teacher and has helped numerous entrepreneurs from Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Arizona, South Carolina, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, California, Canada and the Island of Hawaii and Trinidad start a business in Airbrush Tanning. The spray tanning program is unique because it provides hands-on and private spray tanning training to individuals who want to start an Airbrush Tanning Business. According to Emmons, this spray tanning program gives individuals a leading edge in starting an Airbrush Tanning business immediately after finishing with the training. Students have the option to choose from a full day course of 10-12 hours or two half day courses of 5-6 hours a day or through live video conferencing. The academy is also launching a website soon so students can learn Airbrush Tanning Online. Many tanning training institutions only educate students on their own equipment and products they sell, however Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy does not sell any of their own products and provides training and education on all equipment and good products in the airbrush tanning industry.

Individuals interested in learning and starting a career in airbrush tanning should visit the website at or for more detailed information about the airbrush tanning classes visit


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7 Tips for Small Business Owners to Avoid Financial Disaster from Sunovis Financial

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

Successful business owners offer a great service or product and superior customer service. However, great products and customer service won’t help if financial planning is not in order. And gaining access to capital, such as a fast Micro loan from Sunovis Financial, will be made more difficult if the finances are in disarray.

So what should a business owner do to take control and what to avoid? Sunovis Financial offers some tips on what to avoid:

1. Poor Record Keeping and Administration

Small business owners are often not good record or bookkeepers! Many business owners had the great business concept, saw the need in the market and knew how to implement the idea. “They are not the type of personalities who jump out of bed in the morning and say “Great, it’s payroll tax and paperwork day today,” says Terry Robinson, President of Sunovis Financial. “They are usually the type of personalities who think about their customers, big ideas or how to improve their product.”

Tip 1 is that business owners cannot avoid bookkeeping! Sadly, too many small businesses fly by the seat of their pants and could have avoided problems by reviewing the business numbers. Businesses must know what money is coming in, where it is going and how much is going out, and have a good handle on inventory (if the business deals with inventory.) Either hire an in-house bookkeeper or engage one in your community to get control of your financial situation.

2. Not Watching Your Bank Balance

Tip 2 involves watching that bank balance. Many small business owners don’t do this, and then rude surprises could occur such as bounced checks. That can affect the credit score, incur fees and even hurt your relations with suppliers who had to deal with insufficient funds. By having better bookkeeping, businesses will be able to better watch and manage the bank account situation. And come tax time, the task will be easier, too! Internet banking can be an easy way to check that account daily.

3. Poor Cash and Credit Management Practices

Tip 3 builds on Tip 1 and 2. Cash management practices to avoid financial ruin include:

a) Hold good insurance on your premises and inventory. Don’t let a fire or flood take you down.

b) Those doing ‘business-to-business’ sales may be faced with having to sell on credit. If so then be disciplined in chasing up any outstanding payments. Don’t be embarrassed about for what is due to you. Chase as hard as possible because the business has its own debts to pay!

c) Likewise, businesses that are granted a period of credit granted must pay on time.

d) Know the monthly expenses, and plan accordingly with incoming or anticipated revenues. Having a handle on that bookkeeping with do wonders.

4. No Cost Controls

No cost controls could spell disaster. Business owners need to compare prices and specifications. Have set limits on what the business will not pay, and always be on the lookout for a good deal.

5. Spending Without Forethought

Tip 5 addresses the need to consider every expenditure within the budget (see Tip 7) and financial situation. Early phases of a business require money for structure, inventory and start up but consider carefully each item. As the business grows, don’t overreach but scale up thoughtfully. Consider the use of a short-term Micro loan if the business generates cash flow but could use an infusion of capital to go to the next step.

6. Depending On a Small Number of Customers

A business should never rest on its laurels. Marketing, promotion, product development and growing the client base are important for all businesses. Don’t depend on a small number of clients. Don’t be held hostage. Consider social media for some outreach.

7. Not Having a Budget

One good financial practice is to have a budget, which is Tip 7. A budget works well with the first tips above, to see the big financial picture and then plan into the future for it. A budget can also help business owners with Tip 5 before making any large or unnecessary purchases.

Financial problems can usually be avoided or mitigated by taking basic planning steps and then implementing them.

Sunovis Financial assists small business owners with SBA loans and non-bank Micro loans. The company mission is to rebuild the U.S. economy, one business and one loan at a time.

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REMI Advises San Diego Sellers to Seek “Flash Sale”

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider released a statement urging home sellers in the San Diego area to explore the possibilities of selling their homes through a “flash sale,” a recent trend in the area of home sales with extremely quick turnaround. REMI advised that properties of all types, whether San Diego rentals on the beach or homes further inland and downtown, could be hot commodities in the stretched market, and prepared sellers could reap benefits by encouraging quick sales.

REMI’s statement was prompted by a report in the Fox 5 San Diego detailing the emerging trend of “flash sales.” The term “flash sale” is a colloquial, loose definition of a sale that moves extremely quickly; on some occasions as quickly as 24 hours after initial market listing. The hyper-acceleration in home sales in the San Diego area is due to a number of factors, but the primary reasons can be attributed to an influx of foreign buyers with cash at the ready, and a market whose inventory has been stretched drum-tight in the last few quarters. Buyers of all stripes are aware that demand greatly exceeds supply. This means they’re more willing than ever to make an offer on a given property quickly, with some international buyers even willing to do so sight unseen. While this can cause some headaches for home buyers and investors in the area, it’s great news for home sellers who are seeing their property values skyrocket.

San Diego is one of the best real estate markets in the nation for sellers right now, but REMI reminds home sellers that these pristine market conditions won’t last forever. A “flash sale” could help sellers capitalize on the market, as emotions tend to influence buyers’ decisions and drive prices higher. There are a few ways to set the scene for a quick sale, but two important keys are marketing the property to the right client base – foreign investors seem to be the surest option – and scheduling well-run, well-timed open houses to entice local buyers. By involving both local and foreign potential buyers and allowing the market to set the rest of the conditions, sellers in San Diego could come out way ahead.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider advised San Diego home sellers on possible strategies for encouraging a “flash sale,” or a sale with an extremely quick turnaround from listing to offer. REMI advised that sellers strive for quick sales, which can help drive up offer prices.

About the Real Estate Marketing Insider:

The Real Estate Marketing Insider is an online newsletter providing real estate news, analysis, and forecasts. REMI can be found at

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Ayusa Looking for American Families to Host Exchange Students in Texas

Left to right: Ayusa exchange student Michelle Maehler, with Lisa Atkins and her daughters Amelia and Allison

(PRWEB) April 02, 2013

Ayusa International, a 30-year-old non-profit organization that promotes global learning and leadership through cultural exchange and leadership programs for high school students, is looking for American families in Texas interested in hosting an exchange student for the 2013-2014 school year.

Ayusa is specifically looking for Texas host families in the following communities:

    San Antonio
    Houston, Austin, Dallas
    Northeast Texas: Tyler, Longview/Marshall, Clarkesville, Mount Pleasant, Greenville, Paris and Texarkana, Nacogdoches/Lufkin area, Jacksonville and Palestine

“While growing up, my parents hosted exchange students, and my siblings and I developed a wonderfully broad view of our world and the many cultures in it – exactly what I wanted to offer my daughters,” says host Lisa Atkins, an Ayusa host parent in San Antonio. “Our student, Michelle Maehler from Germany, has been a delight: we all love to discuss the similarities and differences in our respective cultures, and the girls have had loads of fun baking desserts out of Michelle’s German cookbook. The bonus we’ve received this year is that my daughters now feel like they have an older sister; that in itself is reason enough to host an exchange student.”

Ayusa welcomes all interested families who would like to host an international exchange student including families without children, empty nesters, military families, retirees, and single people. Ayusa families come from all over the U.S., including both rural and urban communities. Host families provide three meals a day and a bedroom (either private or shared). Each student is supported by a professionally trained local representative from Ayusa who works with the family, student and local school for the entire program.

How to Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Texas families interested in hosting an exchange student with Ayusa can follow three simple steps.

    Step One: View information online about Ayusa students including their age, country of origin, hobbies, and essays to their future host families, to decide which student will be a good fit for your family.

    Step Two: Complete your Ayusa online hosting application. You will be provided a list of questions about your family and local high school, asked for five references, and requested to sign a program agreement. An Ayusa representative can help you complete the application, answer any questions, and connect you with other host families in your community.

    Step Three: Once your application is submitted, an Ayusa representative will work with you to complete the additional hosting requirements – a criminal background check and in-home interview with an Ayusa representative. Once you are an approved host family, you may login to select your student. Your Ayusa representative can also help you find a student to match your family’s interests and activities.

Ayusa’s exchange students are 15-18 years old and come from more than 60 countries around the world, including Brazil, Japan, Germany, Ecuador, France, Peru, Morocco, China, and Spain. All students are fully insured, bring their own spending money, and are proficient in English.

“Host families in Texas are known for their Southern hospitality and love sharing the rich history and lore of the Lone Star State with international students,” said Connie Coutu, Ayusa regional manager in Texas. “Hosting an exchange student also provides Texas families the chance to learn about other cultures around the globe, without ever leaving their local community. If you’ve ever thought about sharing your America with an international student, don’t hesitate – please give us a call to start building an international friendship that will last a lifetime!”

According to The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), more than 27,000 international high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 years old studied in the U.S. during 2011-2012 as part of U.S. government-sponsored international exchange programs. Ayusa has been a member CSIET for more than 25 years – since its foundation. CSIET evaluates U.S.-based high school exchange programs so that students, families and schools can identify reputable inbound and outbound exchange organizations.

Ayusa is a 501(c)3, and an official U.S. Department of State designated Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor. Families interested in learning more about hosting a foreign exchange student can visit or call 1-888-552-9872.

About Ayusa

Ayusa International ( is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 to promote global learning and leadership through cultural exchange and leadership programs for high school students from the U.S. and around the world. In addition, Ayusa administers multiple high profile grant programs funded by the U.S. Department of State and other organizations. Ayusa is a sister company of Intrax, a family of organizations that provide a lifetime of high-quality educational, work and volunteer programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax is headquartered in San Francisco with offices on four continents.


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South African Airways enhances on-board experience

South African Airways Airbus A340 Aircraft

Johannesburg, South Africa (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

South African Airways (SAA) has announced three product enhancements that are set to delight customers flying on the award-winning South African national flag carrier.

SAA is a premium brand proud to associate with other quality and established premium brands to offer customers a world-class service when travelling.

From 1 April 2013, SAA customers will be able to flip through the pages of a newly designed onboard magazine, Sawubona, and enjoy sipping on one of the world’s finest champagnes, Taittinger, as well as select cuisine from a menu designed by Chef Benny Masekwameng, Executive Chef of Tsogo Sun.

SAA appointed Ndalo Media as the publisher of its onboard magazine, Sawubona, and tasked the publisher to produce a bold publication that will unearth positive South African stories and share them with the world. SAA is confident that the fresh, warm design and editorial approach sets Sawubona apart from other inflight magazine.

Through the introduction of one of the world’s finest champagnes, Taittinger, it is evident that SAA only offers the best of the best to customers travelling business class on international and long-haul regional flights. The excellent champagne from Reims, France, will also be enjoyed by customers visiting SAA’s Premium and Cycad lounges.

SAA also has the pleasure of collaborating with Tsogo Sun’s Executive Chef, Benny Masekwameng to create a delectable new menu set to delight travellers’ taste buds. SAA is proud to showcase and expose quintessentially South African cuisine by partnering with established hotel group Tsogo Sun in this regard.

All these partnerships are aligned with SAA’s mandate to bring the world to Africa and to take Africa to the world.

About SAA

South African Airways (SAA) is the leading carrier in Africa, serving 26 destinations across the continent, as well as major destinations within South Africa and internationally from its Johannesburg hub. It is a member of the largest international airline network, Star Alliance. SAA’s core business is the provision of passenger airline and cargo transport services together with related services, which are provided through SAA and its four wholly owned subsidiaries: SAA Technical; Mango its low cost carrier; Air Chefs, the catering entity of SAA and South African Travel Centre (SATC). SAA is the winner of the ‘Best Airline in Africa’ Award in the regional category for ten consecutive years and the winner of ‘Service Excellence Africa’ for three consecutive years. Mango and SAA hold the number one and number two successive spots as South Africa’s most on time airlines.


For more information contact:

SAA Group Corporate Affairs

Dileseng Koetle

Head: Group Communication

Tel: +27 11 978 2298

Mobile: +27 83 400 0041


Kabelo Ledwaba

Communication Manager (External)

Tel: +27 11 978 2760

Mobile: +27 83 414 4720

Email: KabeloLedwaba(at)flysaa(dot)com



Twitter: @flysaa

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