Major General Albert “Bert” N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: Pentagon NOT hit by a plane WTC 7 brought down by explosives Media in America …
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  • Brutus Cassius:

    Serious? I’d say we’re a wee bit past that. We’d be completely justified in storming Washington DC & tearing the entire corrupt, despicable system down to the ground. But we still wouldn’t have purged our country of the whole lot of scum that’s infected it for a century & which is truly responsible for shit like 9/11. For that we’d have to also storm the HQ’s the CIA, NSA, & Federal Reserve, & those of the CFR & Trilateral Commission to finish it all off. THEN we’d have done something about it.

  • irvinevans28:

    is it time to peacefully protest in front of the white house yet?

  • Jamey Barclay:


  • John Milligan:

    And of course they had nothing to do with the ’93′ attempt in which they were all captured, no no no ! muslims had nothing to do with 911.

  • ME123Insanity:

    We don’t know if that was something to do with 9/11… it could’ve just been one of there black projects.

  • Finn Schultz-Andersen:

    Are you sure that Flight 93 was not the airplane/drone that was supposed to hit building 7? -after all that was the building that came down with no reason.

  • govis fishy:

    Its to bad people are only starting to recently wake up.. We are too late. Nothing can be done now.

  • govis fishy:

    barry Soetoro, AKA, Obama, has only merely started his second term, yet he has spent more than double what all previous presidents have spent combined. When Obama took office the debt was just over 6 Trillion.. Now it is in excess of 16 trillion!! You can’t spend this kind of money on your own self, it would be impossible.. What are they planning? I mean unless they really spend billions of dollars developing tires, and what not. I mean 350+ billion spent developing 1 Jet prototype, Common..

  • GirlvetsRule:

    Soo….is he still alive?

  • Johnny Dare:

    This is misinformation. Many of the photographs you see of the hole don’t show the first floor of the Pentagon which did have a hole consistent with an aircraft collision. All you see is a small hole in the second story. You may wonder how this guy is still alive and why he would put himself in this position. The answer is clear. He is pushing a discredited theory so when you bring this up, people won’t believe you and categorize you as another “conspiracy theorist”. It’s simple CoIntelPro.

  • MrMrBilko:

    This gentleman would wipe his ass with bill oreily if interviewed on the subject on fox news. If we allowed America to be taken over by scumbag criminals like these zionists, then doesn`t that make us all criminal self serving whores to allow this to happen. Infact I apologise to honest whores for the comparison.

  • Simtu:

    The most funny thing is the date – 9/11. If you were using our date system it would be 11/9 and wouldn’t be odd. But in USA you use mm/dd/yy.. and now think about which number they’ve told you to call a gazillion times since you were a little kid if you had an emergency – 9-1-1. And now, when politicians say 20 times a day 9/11 and you’ve heard “call 9-1-1″ a million times, your brain makes it sound like something most frightening. It’s all mentalist tricks.

  • rmnmrt009:


    I blame all Black woman for 9/11, I even blame them for the war that we have/had/has.

    Also with the new one coming with NORTH KOREA.

    They want to be Queen.

  • Jamey Barclay:


  • Jamey Barclay:

    TOTAL pathetic childish delusion 

  • Jamey Barclay:


  • yod sun:

    The CIA and the FBI are CRIMINALS and the President of USA and members of Congress are CRIMINALS as well, as long as they let CIA and FBI continue the Electronic Harassment and Scientific Experiments on American citizens and people around the world. They can take me to court if this statement is wrong. GO AHEAD CIA and FBI and AMERICAN GOVERNMENT make your choice!

  • young man:

    false flag operationd by zionist.

  • judas brute:

    i always wondered how someone who had only flown a simulator, could fly a real jumbo jet at 550 MPH give or take into a 7 floor or so building on his first try, when he was probably nervous as could be

  • Annie Wyers:

    AE911Truth nor Dr Judy Wood speak to “specific devices, patents, inventions” that explain all the phenomena of WTC1, WTC2, WTC7, Toasted Cars & Missing Material on 9/11.

    In a normal investigation you start with those “closest to the crime”:

    1) Helicopters/E4B’s with Tesla 1917 Invention of “Electric Arc Aircraft”

    2) Hurricane Erin/Nikola Tesla invention, device and patent for “Resonant Rise”

    3) WTC1 & 2 were nearly empty, 138 Elevators are missing

  • texxxicano:

    wise and true words

  • OperationMockingbird:

    Flight 93′s drone the only plane not to reach its target. The drone — scheduled to strike the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. — was scrapped due to a delay of Jason Dahl’s Flight 93 lasting forty one minutes by an air traffic controller at Newark Liberty International Airport. This unforeseen delay caused the premature destruction of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania while the plane reported to be Flight 93 landed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was its drone.

  • OperationMockingbird:

    Instead of landing the planes to safety after the Boeing “uninterruptible” autopilot anti-hijacking demonstration, the Canadians that had control of the planes during “uninterruptible” autopilot anti-hijacking demonstration swapped the decoys (the passenger planes) for drones. Three of four drones reached their targets being the Twin Towers and the US Navy Command Center in the Pentagon while Flight 11, 175 and 77 were remotely disposed of over Warning Area 386 (W-386) airspace.

  • OperationMockingbird:

    The 9/11 hijackings were double hijackings. The nineteen hijackers (orginally twenty — Zacharias Moussaoui missed his flight; five assigned to each flight) on board four planes were part of simulated hijackings where Boeing Canada demonstrated its “uninterruptible” autopilot anti-hijacking system to the United States. They were present to physically hijack the planes then the autopilot is activated remotely and lands the planes safely to a predetermined location ending the demonstration.

  • Albury Smith:

    So you’ve examined all of the data on the FDR recovered inside the Pentagon and concluded that the NTSB doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Flying Cessnas, doing 1080s on snowboards, hang gliding, and figure skating are not quite the same as steering a Boeing airliner after someone else handled the takeoff and got it to cruising altitude. Hani Hanjour was not a completely trained commercial pilot, but what he did wasn’t all that remarkable; his and his three friends’ choice of hobbies was.

  • Jack:

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