REMI Advises San Diego Sellers to Seek “Flash Sale”

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The Real Estate Marketing Insider released a statement urging home sellers in the San Diego area to explore the possibilities of selling their homes through a “flash sale,” a recent trend in the area of home sales with extremely quick turnaround. REMI advised that properties of all types, whether San Diego rentals on the beach or homes further inland and downtown, could be hot commodities in the stretched market, and prepared sellers could reap benefits by encouraging quick sales.

REMI’s statement was prompted by a report in the Fox 5 San Diego detailing the emerging trend of “flash sales.” The term “flash sale” is a colloquial, loose definition of a sale that moves extremely quickly; on some occasions as quickly as 24 hours after initial market listing. The hyper-acceleration in home sales in the San Diego area is due to a number of factors, but the primary reasons can be attributed to an influx of foreign buyers with cash at the ready, and a market whose inventory has been stretched drum-tight in the last few quarters. Buyers of all stripes are aware that demand greatly exceeds supply. This means they’re more willing than ever to make an offer on a given property quickly, with some international buyers even willing to do so sight unseen. While this can cause some headaches for home buyers and investors in the area, it’s great news for home sellers who are seeing their property values skyrocket.

San Diego is one of the best real estate markets in the nation for sellers right now, but REMI reminds home sellers that these pristine market conditions won’t last forever. A “flash sale” could help sellers capitalize on the market, as emotions tend to influence buyers’ decisions and drive prices higher. There are a few ways to set the scene for a quick sale, but two important keys are marketing the property to the right client base – foreign investors seem to be the surest option – and scheduling well-run, well-timed open houses to entice local buyers. By involving both local and foreign potential buyers and allowing the market to set the rest of the conditions, sellers in San Diego could come out way ahead.

The Real Estate Marketing Insider advised San Diego home sellers on possible strategies for encouraging a “flash sale,” or a sale with an extremely quick turnaround from listing to offer. REMI advised that sellers strive for quick sales, which can help drive up offer prices.

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