Schiff Report Video blog Oct 12th 2010
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  • TWSceptic:

    I think Schiff ‘haters’ in reality hate themselves. Their lives are so pathetic that out of jealousy and hate towards their own life, the only thing left is to hate on the one person they’d like to be.

  • 1969calvert:

    thanks to peter i see that the banks fucked us so i fucked them back with unsecured.

  • cockshutt570:

    Check Schiff’s record over the last few years he’s been right about far more things than his critics.He’s made a lot of ‘experts’ look foolish

  • uwmbigb:

    I see you in belize bro, loving that reflection in the door behind you. I got no regrets about expatriating. If a man has eyes let him see – we all know its getting very very bad here in the States.

  • WJValente:


  • mcdonaldscalling21:

    ?? huh? lol. What did I say this time? BTW, I have been on both sides of gold for a while now, sorry you didn’t keep up. You are correct thought. At this point in time I am once again all short gold. I played that little dip there a couple of weeks ago if that’s what you’re referring to.

    Sorry I am too nimble for ya. Do I think Gold is in the midst of bubbling? You bet I do. Without a doubt I do. Could I be wrong? Well there’s always a slim chance, lol.

  • winner502:

    schiff rules!
    thanks peter keep going.

  • winner502:

    hey ronald mcdonald.
    you spew crap attack the message not the messenger.
    i wouldnt give snot for your life.
    hows my punch clown.
    hahhaha im rich beeeech.
    thanks for not buying gold muahahhahahaah

  • winner502:

    i wrote in pargaraphs.but google slams it all together.
    also im richh beech .
    i have more money than you.
    think about it .you have a edumacation i wouldnt give a snot ball for.
    also golds going to the moon your welcome.
    im laughing last hows that for grammer.

  • biospharms:

    The great depression isn’t someting made up in Hollywood. It happened and people suffered. Experts like Schiff now say the no matter what we do another great depression is starting. Prepare basic need items buy seeds and a book on how to use them. Know how to collect and filter water. And band together with neighbors. If you have the means to get off shore to a safe tropical country do that. If u need info I’ll help

  • rygi23:

    99% of America says……”Peter, we agree wholeheartedly and admire your honesty in what you’re saying about the collapse of our dollar. We want to put our “wealth” in different places than the dollar, like you’ve been doing for years, so we have something of value when the shit hits the fan.  There’s just one problem……WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. After bullshit taxes steal money from us every payday, what’s left is barely enough to get by”.

  • biospharms:

    Do you read the reports buddy, I got two words for ya…. Corn and cotton! There are ten more I could name buy why?

  • itpduder:

    Where is all that 20% inflation over a year period?

    Hell, where is the 10% inflation?

  • cedricalien:

    I’m kinda glad he lost the race, he wouldn’t be doing vids right now or I’m just being selfish.

  • Bfisher14:

    Your the best Peter. Haters gonna hate

  • biospharms:

    No@zzzzzz246415, 407buddy is just at a certain stage of emotion that causes him to curse in order to show how made he is. Most of us kind of agree we are just past the rude stage. Millions of people are on track to kill this thing by starving it out. Elections don’t work. The little local beaurocrat doesn’t get elected and fights to kill the free market every day. Unfortunatly we are forced to kill it through starvation.

  • zzzzzz522002:

    I have seen some haters’ videos disabled comments.
    This is how they accept public examinations.

  • TheBlitz1:

    Perfect opportunity to buy gold and silver right now, china’s basic benchmark deposit rate has been hiked by 25 basis points (10/19/2010); gold and silver are tanking, but not for long. For those of you who don’t know, a rate hike for lending and borrowing symbolizes a response to their 3% inflation rate, which spurs hot money, and further fuels their real estate bubble, what your seeing is a responsible move to value the yuan, and reign in the real estate speculation.

  • Hotrodluvmut1:

    Don’t worry about the haters Peter. The brighter you shine the light, the faster the roaches scramble…………….keep up the good work. I’ll step on those roaches as they run by!

  • 51czechmate:

    The “Schiff haters” are bums, few and far between and as you say clueless, just ignore them. Your information and understanding of the market and economy and life in general is magnificent and invaluable. Keep on giving it!

  • luckycharmz336:

    Peter, I would really love your advice personally – I have researched thousands of hours and know the United States is doomed, however, I am trying to find out the smartest long term moves for myself and my family. Keep the videos coming

  • commonsense1977:

    God bless the United States of America; and God bless Peter Schiff.

  • ibelucky1:

    Burn the planet up i dont care , i have no children , BUT YOU DO !

    Support the MiniuteMan Project , Jim Gilchrist Government and the corporations are trying to bring in illegals to push wages down for corporate profit.

    Go to the LA RAZA website and look at the corprations backing them , insanity..

    LA is 50 % MEXICAN , and it has 500,000 people on welfare ! Government is feeding this system and the Large corps.


  • ibelucky1:

    In 1983 i worked for Mervyns , i made 10 dollars an hour cleaning at night , apartments were 400 for a 1 bedroom , gas was 1.29 a gallon , i bought a 1978 Z28 with 60,000 miles for 4,300.00 !

    Go try do do it today and make 9 dollars an hour as a corporate wage slave.

    But its ok , as long as the CEO makes 10 million a year , and the Executives make their 1 Million a year , and the share holders in there 401 K split the spread , and make 100 a year is that ??? Game of Stupidity !

  • nick:

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  • hugh:

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    thank you….

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