It’s a myth that only the rich can be debt-free. The truth is that anyone can become debt-free. True debt reduction is plain common sense and hard work. Debt…
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RT’s Laura Smith talks to free banking advocate, a Conservative MP, Steve Baker. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!…

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  • craftchick674:

    Everything you told is the truth. We changed our live 14 years ago nearly the same way. Bought a 33 squaremeter home, got a job near by, so could live 10 years without a car. No television, no radio, so all the catastrophic things in the world had endet that day.
    Today we make with a small income way more money than we need and save every month around 1.000.-€
    It`s not hard, when people decide, just to do it.

  • Steve Peterson:

    Awesome video thank you!!

  • XboobtubeX:

    we are never truly debt free because the local and federal govt. continue to have their hands in our back pocket. If you live in a state where they tax your property, you never really own it.

  • bummer1961:

    We haven’t had a credit card for about 20 years.At a young age I got hurt at work and after crawling out of that debt we paid them off and never looked back.We have bought 2 homes without ever getting a bank loan.I just borrowed from myself out of the 401k and paid myself back with interest.Every day living expenses is all cash which forces us to budget every thing we do.But the biggest reward is the peace of mind.

  • firehawk71:

    Best way to get out of dept is transfer your high rate intrest rate balances to a new 0 percent promotion card for 12 months. Get as many new 0 percent offers or even 2, 3, 7 percent as you can and work on those and repeat until dept free.

  • Mario Doiron:

    excellent advice, thanks for sharing your personal experience.

  • Paul Mcleod:

    This apples to all countries.
    Read the website below.
    yourstrawman com

  • Borderless Autumn:

    You don’t. You use the land you own to provide for you so that you don’t have to make a living… you just live. So instead of working for 80 hours a week for someone else, you simply work for yourself and your family so all their needs are covered by your work and the productivity of your land. A dollar is as much an indicator of one’s wealth as a college degree is an indicator of intelligence.


    I apologize for the ridiculous spelling errors. My fat fingers on my phone are at fault. Lol


    Just came across your channel via OBXSOLWND. I have been following Save for years and have seen him twice at events. I’ll be honest here, I still have to be reminded Bd thus video did just that. Thank you so much. Question for you WS, which state do you live in and can you explain your homesteading experience fur me?

  • 1Jeweledrose:

    Working Daves plan right now. My only problem is I get off track and spend more than I should around the holidays. Trying to make that change every year is hard for me. Daves plan works. I have a friend that sent me a book. It takes hard work and to be very disciplined. Hope to yell DEBT FREE on Daves radio station in the near future.

  • kgp5150911:

    this is great advice i just made my poster and put it on the door of the bedroom.and the dinner money for tonight went to my visa and i made a great home made dinner insted. thanks

  • 43Saturne:

    How do you make a living on the homestead

  • 44musher:

    Good advice, I think a lot of people who watch your channel wonder how it is you got to the point where you can live your lifestyle. Debt reduction is certainly a component, but can you also give us some insight on income? Do you folks provide your own food, and sell some as well? Just curious on how you fund the outgoing not being critical.

  • Martin W:

    Thanks for the video My wife and I are also on that treadmill to get rid of debt. The video was a good reminder and a conformation to do all we can do to be debt free.
    What do you recommend to do for income when you are out on a homestead like yours?

  • MultiOutdoorman:

    Good advice.
    Not only debt but aggressive management of all the household income and outgoings. Cell phone contracts cable tv and broadband internet packages need scaling DOwn and even scrapping.
    For us the best savings came from grocery shopping eating out and comfort buying.
    Energy bills can be reduced with a little effort too.

  • Mark Duell:

    My wife and I have followed Dave’s program. We are on step 6. Right now it seems like we are @ a stand still. Without extra income coming in and the prices of everything going up it seems we have stalled. We have a house that was built in 1896 and we have been remodeling it room by room. I realize in order to sell it, the remodeling will have to be completed. Just trying to be patient.

  • CJ Berg:

    Downloaded the sample to my Kindle to start reading as we reserve a copy from our local library. Thanks much!

  • smedheat:

    Getting out of debt is so important. As the video points out, the first step is to reduce spending. I track and categorize every dime I spend. Still broke, but at least I know where my money is going and I can plan the appropriate changes as I start bringing more income in as well.

  • Gary Strokos:

    Interesting that you put this video up. Coincidently, my fiancé and I came to a realization we needed help and heard about Ramsey and went to library to get “the complete money makeover”. I have read it and we are starting with our emergency fund. Your video just inspired me more that it can happen just have continuously work toward the end goal. Thanks for the video. Gary

  • JimsEquipmentShed:

    Probably the best thing that could have happened. Moving on is never a bad thing, one door closes, and new one opens. Got to love the deadbeats….. My buddy got out of it after getting robbed one night. He lost more than he made that day. Ended up getting a better job after that, so it was the push he needed.

  • mysciencenow:

    yeah i got fired for not accepting a .20 cent tip apparently i am obliged to accept anything the customers throws at me… yeah i am moving on… its gonna get better

  • mayorphill:

    Dog attack at 5:00

  • JimsEquipmentShed:

    Thats not an easy way to make a living, a friend of mine did it for a couple of years. I didn’t realize that it paid that badly though. I’d move on to something else. Having 0 debt is a pretty nice place to be though, not many people can do that, no matter how much they make a year.

  • mysciencenow:

    pizza delivery

  • Victor Hunt:

    Darren Millar Welsh AM. are you aware ? and listening to this ?

  • Victor Hunt:

    Who speaks on behalf of Wales now ?

  • neon genesis:

    never worry about debt well all soon be dead thats the kids problem.

  • StunnedByStupidity:

    HOW FUCKING GULLIBLE DO YOU HAVE TO BE. This prick ADMITS FROM THE GET GO he’s an Austrian. Now Austrian libertarians have had DICTATORIAL control of the west and most of the world for the last 30 YEARS – ITS ALL THEIR FAULT. You cannot vote for ANY other system.Labour were among the WORST perpetrators of this bat shit insane ideology. Now that prick KNOWS THIS – he’s just hoping that libertarians keep to their antireality bent and just go along with the complete fucking bollocks hes spouting.

  • bobthechipmonk:

    Could be both. The point is, there is a dick in our asses…

  • VictorLepanto:

    Or rather instead it is the reverse.

  • SystemDownfall123:

    It seems inevitable when you look at what history has taught us.

  • cley123:

    Steve is my local M.P and he shows an excellent understanding of the economic ills of the West. The medicine he proposes is certainly not pleasant, but when the patient is about to die the treatment has to be radical. Since the end of WW2 we have come to believe that the world owes us a living. it does not!

  • 4thstuning:

    I’m pleased to hear someone from Britain really understand the problems caused by state interventionism and the banking cartel. Kudo’s to Baker.

  • 4thstuning:

    He was pointing out Greenspan’s hypocrisy, or to be more cynical, Greenspan’s sell out. As for Baker, from what I heard he talks the Austrian line and has a very good grasp of economics and banking.

  • qpae123:

    Our monneys are not made from paper, it is a high tech polimer :) ) plastic, but I believe Japan has that too lol.

  • bobthechipmonk:

    or is it the other way around? ha :)

  • silver john:

    f off

  • mooseNZ:

    This guy is another puppet – he big upped Alan Greenspan

  • Anx- ian:

    Lets have a democratic vote in 2015. By nearly 2018 we will be broke and ruined by this dictatorship none of us got to vote for.

    Vote UKIP EU-2014/GE-2015.

  • dcrnj:

    Maybe if sang this Gangnam style people would listen?

  • OverlordZephyros:

    The most necessary resources would last a VERY long time if they are used intelligently and without a few waste as possible. Obviously the most rare and scarce resources would not be used unless absolutely necessary.

    The Resource Based economy (venus project) the most important factor is the INTELLIGENT use of resources. Today everything is waste, waste, waste and consumerism, that is bad for us.

  • eatme Goog:

    And when resources run out?

  • Nana Na:

    Kick out illegals.
    Close borders.
    Stop wars!

  • Photoscots1:

    More hot air.

  • Jay Stimson:

    If nothing else, paper money will make a great source of dietary fiber.

  • mmmoroi:

    What Steve Baker says is all true beyond doubt. Bank of England is not a ‘wise men’s instition meant for public good, but just a banking cartel meant to preserve/promote banking interest. ‘But if he keeps speaking out this truth, he will probably be exposed to media’s coordinated campaign/attack agains him, as has happened to many conscientious politicians around the world over the past few decades. He must be extremely cautious not to get involved any scandal of any nature.

  • aviomaster:

    University professor of economics Zagreb on Dollar USA dollar printed paper currency without backing of gooods services or gold it is in deep hyperinflation just a question of time when it starts.

  • TheCyberf0x:

    HaHa,still,in almost all cases” the end justifies the means”.If cronyism gets the job done —people only see the results .
    In other words ,if Hitler didn`t spend all that was gained on armaments etc, the system was a success —–yes ? Preferable to bankruptcy and social turmoil .

  • theylive23:

    Anyone else recently had a letter from their building society reminding them about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme that’s supposed to pay out limited compensation to depositors ‘if the bank is unable to meet its financial obligations’ – doesn’t sound too hopeful, does it?

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