French site Journal du Gamer claims to have a source close to Valve who says the sequel is well underway, features RPG elements, and likely arriving after 2013. Stay up to date by subscribing to GameSpot news! Read the original article on Journal du Gamer Read the original article on International Business Times
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53 Responses to “GS News – Half-Life 3 open world with post-2013 release?”

  • MheljeanProductions:

    In the end of the world

  • datgarguy:

    If Half-Life 3 is anything like this guy is explaining, I will not buy it… No matter how much I want to know who Gman is. Valve wouldn’t turn their goldmine into a shitty, worthless RPG. It wouldn’t make sense.

  • alphafour:

    lol i hope half life 3 doesn’t:
    1) become an open-world game with sidequests (or quests at all)

    that’s just not what half life is about and they would be ruining the game if they did that unless they have some amazing tricks up their sleeves.

    2) get made for consoles

    it will be held back and made “accessible” for the masses.. fuck that!

    3) come out until 2014

    I want a graphical wonder just like HL2 was when it came out.

    I’m not entitled but they owe this much to the Half life name.

  • Raouf Djeffel:

    Hey Folks ! Check out the track I composed as a kind of tribute for Gordon Freeman or just a vision for the next episode, anyway let me know what you think, thank you ! :)
    Rectobiasi – Good Morning Mr Freeman

  • Bboy10011:

    The Orange Box 2 Including: Half Life 3, Portal 3, Team Fortress 3 And Left 4 Dead 3

  • MikeTaBoy:

    Does this come for Xbox360??

  • Gamer True:

    HL3 open world rpgstile bitch please this is shit

  • rocketman6100:

    i read some where VALVe will announce half life 3 at E3 2013, 11 june, i freakin’ hope this wasnt a joke

  • rocketman6100:

    dont worry it will come out some day, I’m sure

  • argottobob:

    I think based on half life 2′s release, we should expect a good year or so of delay between when they announce the game, and its release.

    So if they announce it this year at e3, then I would be it would come out next fall…. Here is to hoping it is actually mentioned this year at all.

  • PhoenixKing0617:

    The next Century

  • Chris Barron:

    Valve has been taking so long to make half life 3 because they are going to introduce a whole new engine with this game. They’re basically starting from scratch. This is why Valve hasn’t created anything for a cool minute lol

  • hackerhaters99:

    Valve time says November 2024.

  • koutaa55:

    if they did that, they’d realese it on november 2024. valve dont like to rush things, as you may know.

  • Games25100:

    the game is coming this year, a gaming website in Sweden showed the games for 2013 and on there is half life 3

  • Billybob98Vids:

    Probably around November 2014..
    Either the release or something involving it since it would be HL2′s 10th anniversary.

  • canuckz:

    So 5-6 years between HL1 and HL2
    10 years between HL2 and HL3
    20 years between HL3 and HL4?

  • jclock67:

    there is a app for half life 3 downloaded it is for free

  • TheLoneWanderer78:

    So when do you guys think half life 4 is coming out?

  • Ryan Denziloe:

    How are there so many fucking retards in the comments section who don’t know what ‘post 2013′ means? It doesn’t mean before 2013 you morons.

  • christopher kennedy:

    lol Start of hl3. The game youve all been waiting for.. for years people have been yearning for more half life until now.. and that game will… NOT BE SHOWN TODAY OR ANY OTHER DAY FOR THAT MATTER TO MAKE WAY FOR A NEW GAME CALLED JUSTIN BEIBER SUPER STAR!!! Suddenly mass suicide.

  • franco avendaño:

    now is 2013

  • Nemrod867:

    They are not gonna change stuff, they gonna add new gameplay mechanics, like half life 2 did after half life 1

  • fiddlesticks2012:

    LOl NOPE its 2013

  • MachineFight:

    Type “Half life 3 portal 2 easteregg”
    click first video
    feel your mind gets blown..

  • baiorinshoujo:

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  • awesomedee7:

    Jennifer is a rock star! She brushed that off like it was nothing. You’re awesome Jen!

  • Tyler Block:

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