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    I am impressed! learned a lot.

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    thank u so much for your videos.i always discuss about ur concepts with many of my friends…Ravi jeedigunta.

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    Good stuff Aziz!

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    Yey! I want that Ipad! You’re awesome days2domination

  • Rob Stephens:

    Funny comment about the LED TV.. I have exactly the same problem which made me laugh. I don’t even own a TV currently (nothing to do with affordability) but I saw my mates 54″ LED TV and couldn’t believe how good it was. DAM YOU CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION!! Ha

  • maverickguy12:

    How long does it take you to upload a 15 minute video??

  • tntman34:

    Thanks man, but I think water should be sold free. 99% of the world is made up of it. Wait, scratch that, ony 1% of the world is made up of freshwater. I’ll just buy a damn machine. >|:(

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  • Amir Hussain:

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    I’m happy there’s people out there making legit videos and aren’t just trying to sell crap or biased to themselves.

    Good job, keep up the good work.

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    I don’t remember learning this in marketing. It’s a near trick to maximize profound though; even if it does involve completely ripping people off.

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