As the US struggles to avoid a double-dip recession, emerging economies are racing to take advantage of the American market. Indian companies are now expanding their workforces in the US – where unempoyment is on the rise. RT’s Priya Shridar has more. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook
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25 Responses to “Outsourced: India bails out US from jobless crisis”

  • IamB1GZ:

    well thats how the global economy works!

  • Sree Krishna Raja:

    Go INDIA go….

    once Indians worked for their american or european boss,

    now Americans,Europeans are working for Indian boss…

    unemployment in India is 9% which is far less than in USA or Europe…

  • ilivelife90:

    What goes around, comes around… We want a permanent seat in the UNSC now

  • ThePeeBottle:

    btw, i’ve noticed you totally ignored the bradley manning issue.
    you said that the arab spring was inspired by the u.s. and you said that with pride. i agreed. but do you really know what the specific inspiration was? it was wikileaks. it showed the corruption the arab governments have, with many having u.s cooperation.

    so yeah, the u.s inspired them. it was a good thing, like i said. but i ask again, despite the good that it brought, how come wikileaks, assange, and manning are the “enemy”?

  • ThePeeBottle:

    learning the hard way? is there any other way to truly learn? if you ask me, america’s been getting the easy way in/out. but with the rise of the BRICS, and generally everything shifting towards the east, it’s now a different era.

  • InsideOUT37:

    Famous last grass is always greener. If anything, the world is learning the hard way. Russia is a mess..China is a mess and starting to lash out. Europe is about to implode. What fantasy land to you live in anyways. =/

  • ThePeeBottle:

    no they won’t. they didn’t do it before, why would they do it now? my country actually had a good relationship with china before our current president aquino.
    american’s just want people to think there are enemies everywhere. they want to make people around the world as paranoid as they are. they want to make people feel “safe”. at one time, most of the world believed in them. but after getting bitten, the world won’t get fooled anymore. and you’re seeing it.

  • InsideOUT37:

    lol..don’t worry kid..the US will leave and good old China will fill in..Obama will abandon the Phillie’s..he’s weak. As China expands outward locking up key resources to feed that ridiculous inbred population of useless eaters, they will have to invade, rape and conquer ALL their surrounding neighbors..maybe they should..after all..all I keep hearing is how great China is..o_O

  • ThePeeBottle:

    talking about extremists, the “People’s Mujahedin of Iran” or MEK is a labelled as a terrorist org. the u.s even showed their links with saddam hussein. the MEK have been terrorizing iran for quite some time now. conveniently, the u.s wants to drop their label as being a terrorists group. in fact, the u.s have been training them, and recently even got caught funding them.

    why does that seem familiar……..oh right, the us-support of the afghan mujahedin in the 80s. look how that turned out.

  • ThePeeBottle:

    during saddam’s time, suicide bombers, and rampant violence in the street were hardly seen. saddam was a dictator who was brutal to civilians who opposed him, but also brutal to people who were militant jihadis.

    the so-called saddam-alqaeda collaboration to attack the u.s was made up by the u.s government to justify the iraq invasion. even the head of the cia later said they had no evidence that it was true.

    can you provide proof of the contrary? no, that’s why you removed your comment.

  • ThePeeBottle:

    official mission? yeah, every time your government tells you they’re sending your people to enter countries to “fight terror, and to liberate”, you believe it.
    what about the views of the innocent victims? have you ever listened to them?

  • ThePeeBottle:

    facts and history.

  • zorg zarg:

    “whatever elements of islamic jihad in iraq was, they were shunned by saddam”

    Completely untrue. You haven’t done ANY serious research on this.

  • zorg zarg:

    So in other words, you are unable to distinguish the ravings of a mentally unhinged extremist from the official mission and the mainstream views of its participants.

    Why does that seem familiar…..

  • zorg zarg:

    “their crimes outweigh their contributions”

    What moral calculus did you use to arrive at that conclusion? Just wondering.

  • ThePeeBottle:

    paranoid kids like me? i’m paranoid?
    did you hear about the recent news where an american military officer, teaching a military university in norfolk, wanted to engage in a “total war” against muslims? saying they should be nuking places like mecca (like how they’d nuke hiroshima)? and it’s not only the personal opinions of the teacher. he was taught the same “strategy”: to effectively wipe out civilians in a massive scale.
    “not based on prejudice and bloodlust” my ass.

  • ThePeeBottle:

    if the u.s mission was to kill the taliban and al-qaeda, why did they invade iraq then? whatever elements of islamic jihad in iraq was, they were shunned by saddam. when the u.s invaded, they were free.
    “If the theocrats and fanatics had just stayed home”.
    and now, you speak as if the u.s has no responsibility on the issue.

    the u.s shouldn’t have been in that theatre in the first place. why can’t they leave the middle-east (or anywhere else) alone?

  • ThePeeBottle:

    their crimes outweigh their contributions. if you want to look up to them for the good things that they do, while turning a blind-eye to the crimes that they do, well, you’re just going to be stuck there forever.

  • ThePeeBottle:

    i know there are tensions between my country and china. our government might be begging for help aka money which lead to this (which i think frankly aggravated the situation). the only foreign military who are in my country now is the u.s. not all people here think you’re our heroes (you did buy us from the spanish, while saying you “fought” for us).
    but it’s just going to end up the same way years before. u.s bases being removed from the phil.

  • zorg zarg:

    And just so there will be nooo misunderstandings, lol, I don’t necessarily agree with American policy in the Middle East. I certainly disagree with much of it. But their mission is not based on prejudice and bloodlust. They are the most sane actor in that theatre.

    If the theocrats and fanatics had just stayed home when the US went in, instead of rushing to send out suicide bombers, it would have been much better for ordinary Iraqis and Afghans.

  • zorg zarg:

    No I didn’t say they were all the Taliban or al-Qaeda.

    The message I was trying to send you is that the US’s mission is/was to kill the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Those are also the enemies of normal people in the Middle East, too, by the way. Not just the enemies of America.

    Paranoid kids like you talk as if the point of the USA’s mission there is to bomb Muslim villagers for fun.

  • zorg zarg:

    Oh and I will have NO problem if India does in fact “overtake” the US. It seems doubtful – she has such massive demographic problems – but if it comes to pass, that’ll be fine with me. Because India is a pluralistic, secular, federal democracy. On that basis, and despite obvious cultural differences, it’s the one nation on the planet with the most similarity to the USA. Completely unlike Pakistan, or the suffocating regime in China.

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