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“Time and tide wait for no man”, goes a much clichéd saying. There are certain matters that need to be done or decided only at a particular period or at the right time. One among these matters is ‘career options ‘.

It is a fact that students need to decide about their career options at the right time and if not done so, they may regret throughout their lives. No doubt, some students choose their career options at the right time. However, do they choose the ‘right’ career option at the ‘right’ time? Teachers and career counselors should ask this important question to students.

A right career choice is nothing but a career that suits a student’s personality, aptitude and interest. It is a fact that many students get confused on matters related to their career. A tenth or twelfth standard is the right time for choosing a career option. It is also very important to note that, it is during this stage that students become very vulnerable to many ‘influences’. The same also goes for matters related to their career choices. Film characters, friends and other elements usually influence students. Some parents also force their children’s to follow a career of their choice. Therefore, parents and students need to understand the fact that career should be made, based on the three mentioned factors so that they can enjoy their job and reap the best benefits from their career choices.

In order to make matters easier, students can take a career assessment test. This particular test will assess a student’s interests, aptitude and personality. Students who take this test must answer several objective type questions and based on the answers, a career counselor will suggest the right career for the students.

Students and parents may still be skeptical about veracity of the career assessment test and the result. However, it is very important to note that a few renowned career-counseling companies are equipped with expert career counselors and these counselors use reliable psychological methods coupled with statistical tools in order to give a precise result.

The career assessment test may suggest a student more than one career choices. Students need to know that the test will reflect a student’s interest, which may be more than one. For example, a student who is interested in preparing various dishes may also be inclined towards music and dance. However, students should know that if you opt for any one of the career options that the test result suggests, they will never regret in the future.

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