The trailer for a new documentary being released by the Acton Institute that focuses on the stories of three entrepreneurs. A study of the call to create wealth and the benefit of business and free markets to society. Check out for information about premieres and related materials. http

29 Responses to “The Call of the Entrepreneur”

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  • jcrawfordiowa:

    I bought this DVD 3 years ago and will present it Feb 22nd at the Ames Public Library.
    I have watched this video more than any other video in my movie collection.
    Being in business has been the most satisfying choice I ever made.
    I have worked hard all my life for other people and have never taken a college class.
    It has been a very tough road we have traveled but are so glad we took the trip. Without the exposer to real life trials we would not have learned life’s greatest lessons.
    John Ames IA

  • startupbuildervideos:

    Not bad, not bad at all. You presented this very wel. I enjoyed watching it, looking forward to more videos from you. I am just getting started with with creating video content and it is not as easy as it looks… well… its not as easy as YOU make it look. Nice work.

  • iTao93:

    where the hell can i watch the film?

  • juliacotic:

    Very creative video.

  • andreeaweed:

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  • goldsilverandiamonds:

    We need our politicians to be PRO-ENTREPRENEUR in ACTIONS and in WORDS, liberals have labled pro-business as a negitive and sadly I think it has taken hold on the stupid and ignorant. But how can being pro-entrepreneur be labled negitively we are talking about risk takers, innovators, and job creators certainly the term entrepreneur is more personal and less threatening to Joe and Jane six pack who do not understand there is a face and family behind business that is typically good, and decent .

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    Very Motivating

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  • ikey76:

    Super inspiring!!

  • michellemotato:

    Good business to start is a University, almost everyone thinks they need to go so its an easy sell. :)

  • Denaeize:

    i am in university right now and i have a year left so i am not going to leave it but i will be my own boss by the time i finish. I’ll start part-time for now.

  • tubub:

    Took the words from my mouth BROTHER! Fuck college I’m starting a business.

  • Clevergamer:

    I wish I realised that before I went to university

  • rickbar123:

    Oh wow. Good old time propaganda. Just like this bullshit vid. In todays world, it’s the tax payer
    that takes the risk and the corporation that keeps the profits.

  • Morrocanprincess:

    I’m a 3rd year and most of the college friends who even graduated 2 years before me, have not yet found that so called high paying job. Trust me, you are not missing out on much as long as you find what works for you, don’t listen to others, the most important thing is DO IT, never wait around thinking what if =)

  • TheGodfather360:

    The name of song used in time: 3:05

  • DiamondsandGemstones:

    Success is only limited from those who limit themselves from success. I encourage everyone to be a visionary! See it and then go make it happen!

  • The3nlightened0ne:

    This video elicited a feeling of purpose that I had lost a long time ago.
    Henceforth, I will change the direction of my life.

  • sayingit2u:

    - Good. The only advice you should consider is from those who are doing it or have recently done it. Make this commitment in your heart for yourself, not for others. Identify with excellence. Getting bothered by other mindsets is self-distracting, you must value your time more and seek opportunity within it. Everyday is jvaluable as the one before it. Hate is a self battle with ignorance. Be more appreciative and optimistic to be more self-empowered. Seek order in your doing.

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  • Glen:

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